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1897 is a year mentioned in the Season 1 episode "Paris Green". It was the year when The Commodore raped Gillian, leaving her pregnant with their son, Jimmy Darmody.



Gillian during May Day, 1897 ("Paris Green")

Gillian Darmody, a 13-year old orphan, participated in the May 1 celebrations as one of King Neptune's pages during an act on the beach. She caught the eye of town boss Louis Kaestner, who asked his underling Nucky Thompson to bring her to his home. According to Nucky, he didn't bother to ask her name, and the event wasn't in the least unusual. ("A Dangerous Maid")

Nucky knew Gillian beforehand and adviced her to be "good" before delivering her to the house ("Margate Sands"). Once there, The Commodore and other men gave her wine until she fell asleep, then carried her to his bedroom. Some unspecified time later, The Commodore entered the room and forced himself over her, placing a hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream. ("What Does the Bee Do?")

Gillian became pregnant as a result of the encounter and Nucky, feeling responsible, decided to look after her and after her son. The Commodore, however, denied his paternity and only gave her a necklace which she sold to pay for a roof. ("The Ivory Tower")

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