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The Schroeder family in 1916, with Teddy aged 2 and newborn Emily. ("Georgia Peaches")

1916 is a year portrayed in flahsbacks in the episode "Under God's Power She Flourishes" and mentioned several other times in the series. Events of the year include:

In Atlantic City[]

In Princeton[]

  • Jimmy-Angela-1916

    Angela tells Jimmy that she is pregnant.

    Jimmy Darmody is admitted to Princeton University thanks to Nucky Thompson's influence. There, he meets waitress Angela Ianotti and they have a relationship. She gets pregnant with their first and only son, Tommy Darmody, late in the year and Jimmy promises to marry her.
  • Gillian visits her son in Princeton, where she gets jealous of Angela. The two get drunk during a party and she flirts with Jimmy's literature teacher, Noel Pearson, until (as per her testimony) he acts unproperly with her. Jimmy is furious and beats his teacher despite knowing that it will get him expelled. He later takes his mother to his room, and under her pressure (who insists that there is nothing wrong with it) he acceeds to have sex with her.

    Jimmy takes Gillian to his dorm room.

  • Jimmy wakes up hours after his mother has left. Ashamed, he leaves college and joins the US Army claiming that his brother died in the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, a story he took from a classmate namedCarruthers. He also claims to be an orphan and notes Angela as her fiancée and only relative, but can't provide her postal address since he ignores it.


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