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Andrew William Mellon, played by James Cromwell, is a recurring character in the third season. He is based on the historical person of the same name. He is the Secretary of the Treasury.



Mellon was appointed Secretary of the Treasury in 1921 by Warren G. Harding. In addition to being a philanthropist, banker and art collector, Mellon cut taxes, enforced Prohibition, and presided over a period of such unprecedented financial prosperity that he was hailed as the greatest Treasury Secretary since Alexander Hamilton.

Season 3[]

Attorney General Harry Daugherty mentions Mellon as the driving force behind accusations of corruption in his administration. ("Resolution")

Mellon is called to declare before a senatorial committee presided by the Senator for New Jersey Walter Edge in February 1923, regarding the poor enforcement of Prohibition in the United States. Mellon does not hide his lack of enthusiasm for the Volstead Act and states that enforcement is underfunded. He points to the large number of arrests by his Treasury Department versus the small number of convictions by the Department of Justice as the problem. When asked if he is accusing the Department of Justice of either incompetence or corruption, Mellon states his belief that "human nature leaves ample room for both."

An aide at the meeting later informs of Mellon's declaration to Gaston Means, who in turn informs to Jess Smith. Smith is shaken by the news that the Senate might investigate Harry Daugherty and by extension himself.


Memorable Quotes[]

"A child's idea of morality."

"There's no cause for a scene, but this gentlemen, is an interloper."

"That's what Democracy gets you, bandits, all fighting for a cut of the loot."


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