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Angela Darmody (played by Aleksa Palladino) is a major character is Season 1 and Season 2. She was Jimmy Darmody's wife, and the mother of his son, Tommy.



Angela Darmody, née Ianotti, is a young Italian-American woman. She speaks Italian fluently. She met Jimmy Darmody while he was studying at Princeton in 1916, where she was working as a waitress while living with her aunt. The two began a secret relationship with the connivance of Jimmy's roommate Cal Widdecombe. However, the day after she told him she was pregnant, Jimmy left to join the US Army and fight in World War I. Even though he didn't write to her during the following three years - to the point where she believed he was dead - she managed to make her way to Jimmy's hometown of Atlantic City, get herself recognized as Jimmy's common-law wife, get a house and raise her son Tommy with financial aid from Jimmy's guardian, Atlantic County Treasurer Nucky Thompson, all the while dreaming of becoming a famous painter. When her fiancée returned unexpectedly from the war, however, she gave up her dream in order to play the role of housewife and mother. ("Boardwalk Empire", "Under God's Power She Flourishes", "A Dangerous Maid")

Season 1[]

Boardwalk Empire (pilot)[]

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Angela makes breakfast for her son, Tommy, and common law husband, Jimmy. Jimmy is annoyed by a news story about boxer Jack Dempsey and his reasons for avoiding the draft. Jimmy doubts Dempsey's claims and believes he avoided the draft because he had too much opportunity at home. Angela gives Jimmy a pointed look and he tells her that his acceptance to Princeton was not the same. She urges him to go back to college but he does not think he has the time. She offers to work and he asks what she would do, mentioning that her painting hobby would not provide much income. She asks Jimmy about working with Paddy Ryan and Jimmy is dismissive of the opportunity. He plans to talk to Nucky Thompson about another job but worries about his lack of skills on leaving the military.

Jimmy is unsuccessful in approaching Nucky and decides to make his own opportunity - planning to hijack a load of alcohol that Nucky has sold to New York crime boss Arnold Rothstein and sell it to the Chicago outfit. He does not tell Angela about his plan.

The next day Jimmy takes Angela and Tommy to watch a silent comedy at the cinema. As they walk along the boardwalk afterwards Tommy runs into Dittrich's photography but Angela pulls him out. They are stopped by Agents Eric Sebso and Nelson Van Alden who ask Jimmy to accompany them to their office. Jimmy sends Angela home and goes with the agents. He does not return home after the meeting.

Sheriff Eli Thompson comes to Angela’s apartment and she tells him that Jimmy has been out all night and she assumed he was working for Nucky. Angela is concerned and asks Eli if it could be related to Jimmy being picked up by Van Alden.

Having carried out the hijacking and murdered several of Rothstein's men Jimmy comes home safely and plays with his family.

The Ivory Tower[]

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Angela and Tommy come home to find Jimmy waiting for them, feeling flush after the hijacking. Jimmy wishes them a Merry Christmas and takes Tommy to see the decorations he has bought. Angela points out that it is late January. Jimmy tells her Nucky gave him a bonus and says he did not want to wait until next December. Jimmy gives Tommy the package to unwrap – it is a toy truck. He gives Angela an expensive bracelet. She is concerned about the cost and he asks her to leave their financial worries to him. He reveals his next gift, a vacuum sweeper, which was difficult to obtain. Tommy is frightened by the sound of the vacuum cleaner and Angela takes him to bed.

Jimmy and Angela kiss passionately in their bed. Angela stops Jimmy, telling him it is a bad time and asks if they can do something else. Jimmy suggests intercourse the French way. Angela does not understand but assumes Jimmy means oral sex. She complies with his request after checking that Tommy is asleep. Jimmy tells her that he often fantasised about her while away. Tommy wakes up and calls for Angela. Jimmy jokes about Tommy's timing. Angela asks if Jimmy is hungry and he tells her he needs to go out.

At night Jimmy comes home and retrieves cash hidden behind a radiator. Angela wakes up and asks him what he was doing. He tells her he was getting something and asks her to go back to bed. Unbeknownst to Angela, Jimmy is under pressure from Nucky to pay more for his part in the hijacking.

Broadway Limited[]

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While Angela sweeps the floor Jimmy Darmody looks through an album of photographs taken while he was fighting in World War I. His son Tommy is posing in a chair in the photos. Jimmy asks how Angela got Tommy to sit for the photographer. She says the photographer amused Tommy and thought he was a good looking child; Jimmy dismisses the compliment as sales patter. Jimmy watches Tommy playing in the next room. He turns to photographs of Angela with Tommy as an infant. He wonders how Tommy was ever so small and Angela says that Jimmy was away for a long time. Jimmy asks why she is not using the vacuum cleaner he bought and she complains about the noise and the way it scares Tommy. Thinking of inventions, Jimmy brings up a machine gun he used in the war (The Lewis Gun), Angela is dismayed and says they used to talk about books.

Jimmy becomes suspicious that Angela has had an affair with photographer Robert Dittrich after Tommy runs into their store. At home Jimmy finds a photo of Angela posing with her hair held back and her shoulders bare. A survivor of the Hammonton hijacking identifies Jimmy as one of the perpetrators. He is told to leave town by Nucky Thompson.

At home Jimmy hurriedly packs a suitcase while Angela angrily begs him to tell her where he is going and why. Jimmy claims he cannot talk about it and she reminds him that he is a father. He doubts the veracity of this, referring to the photograph he noticed earlier. Tommy is distressed by the argument. Angela says the photograph was intended as a gift for Jimmy but that he did not write to her so she did not know where to send it. She believed Jimmy was dead because he was out of touch for almost two years during the war. Jimmy asks why Tommy is so friendly with the Dittrichs and if Angela had an affair, threatening to kill Robert Dittrich. Angela asks what is wrong with Jimmy and calls the Dittrichs lovely people who befriended Jimmy’s family when he left them alone. Jimmy reminds Angela that his mother was always nearby while retrieving a handgun from atop their dresser. Angela tells Jimmy that he does not understand what it was like for her while he was away and that his sudden return was also a big adjustment. She asks what he expected and he claims he wants normality. Tearful, she reminds him that they had been together for only a short while and hardly knew one another before he left. He drops the money on their table and leaves, telling Angela she knows him better now.

As Jimmy takes the Broadway Limited service to Chicago, Illinois. Angela carries out the Christmas tree Jimmy bought and then uses his other gift, the vacuum cleaner, to clear the dropped needles. Tommy cowers behind the door frame frightened by the vacuum's noise.


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At Angela's apartment Gillian Darmody is visiting Tommy, her grandson. Angela notes that Gillian has told Tommy to use her first name and says that most women are proud to be called grandma. Gillian explains that she doesn’t think she should be referred to as a grandmother while she is still fertile herself. Angela leaves, promising that she will not be out long. Lucky Luciano comes to the apartment while Angela is gone and mistakenly believes that Gillian is Jimmy's wife. Luciano stalks Gillian and the two begin a romantic relationship.

Nights in Ballygran[]

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At her apartment Angela steps over her sleeping son, Tommy. She is annoyed, telling his grandmother Gillian that she should have asked her before giving him whiskey in milk. Gillian believes it is the best thing for an overexcited young boy. She talks about raising Jimmy with help from other showgirls. She shows Angela a magazine and asks if she thinks the cover girl is attractive. Angela says she has little time for movies as she puts on her coat. Gillian says she should go to the cinema tonight and Angela describes her plans for a stroll on the boardwalk with a friend. Gillian worries about the St. Patrick’s Day revelers and Angela promises to take care. Gillian says that Angela could be free if she wanted and goes on to explain that she could take custody of, and raise, Tommy. Angela is offended that Gillian believes she would consider the suggestion and Gillian says she assumed she would be open to the arrangement as a bohemian. Gillian relents and Angela reluctantly leaves her with Tommy.

Later Angela stops outside Dittrich's Photography, glances around and then goes to the door. She smiles at someone as they let her in.

Family Limitation[]

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Jimmy sends an envelope full of cash to Angela with a short note telling her to use it as she sees fit.


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Angela puts on a record in her apartment in Atlantic City. She goes into her bedroom taking a tumbler filled with wine with her. Waiting in the bed is Mary Dittrich. She offers the Chianti to Mary who tells her that she is sweeter than wine and kisses her. Angela wonders what they are going to do and Mary tells her to relax, adding that “he” did not see them together. Angela worries that Nucky is insightful enough to know something is wrong after seeing her. Mary wonders if it matters that Nucky knows about them and Angela explains that Nucky might stop giving her money to care for Tommy. Mary continues to kiss Angela as Angela says that she is dependent on Nucky. Mary asks about Jimmy and Angela reveals that she has received nothing from him. She says she expected him to at least send money for Tommy. Mary says that Angela may have to get a job. Angela asks if Mary has heard from her friend, an art dealer in New York. Mary says that she has not but offers that Robert has a friend, Jonathan, coming to town who works for the Washington Square Gallery in Greenwich Village. She says that he will assess Angela’s work and Angela marvels at the artistic community in Greenwich Village. Mary says that it is everything Angela has heard and kisses her passionately. Mary tracks kisses down Angela’s body moving over her breasts and beyond making Angela gasp in pleasure.

Hold Me in Paradise[]

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Angela touches up a painting of a naked woman and asks her son, Tommy Darmody, for his opinion. He says the woman looks pretty and Angela smiles. Tommy’s grandmother Gillian lets herself into their apartment and tells Angela that her grocery bill is overdue. Angela wonders how much she owes and Gillian says that it amounts to almost 11 dollars. Angela asks if Gillian checked the post and Gillian says that she has also asked the postman but there is nothing for Angela. Gillian suggests that it is time for Angela to get a job. Angela notes that her friend Mary Dittrich said the same thing. Gillian asks if Angela has considered door to door selling for Little Dot and Angela admits that she is unfamiliar with the company. Gillian elucidates that they make perfume and Angela rejects the idea as not for her. Gillian says that bohemian types like Angela don’t wear perfume. Angela says that she has worn perfume but meant the job was not for her. Angela tells Gillian that a Greenwich Village art dealer has agreed to look at her work and that Mary thinks she has a good chance. Gillian is unconvinced and suggests a stenography course.

Jimmy has been writing to her but his letters have been intercepted by Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden. Van Alden eventually forwards on the cash Jimmy has sent but keeps the correspondence.

Belle Femme[]

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Angela Darmody entertains Mary and Robert Dittrich in her apartment. She drinks wine from a tumbler as she shows Robert a picture. She tells him that she painted it in October 1919 and that the model was a vaudeville actress. Mary struggles to uncork a bottle of wine and says that the picture is pretty. Robert puts his arm around Angela’s shoulder to point at the painting, saying that it has a lyrical quality reminiscent of Mary Cassat. Angela shrugs off his arm and asks if his friend the art dealer is visiting soon. Robert says that he is in Paris and Mary interjects that it is the city of light. She breaks the cork in the neck of the bottle. Angela takes the bottle and pushes the cork down into it before drinking from it while Mary laughs. Robert calls her an uncivilised artist, drawing more laughter from Mary. Angela passes the bottle back to Mary who reads the year, 1918, from the label. She notes that this was the year they met Angela and caresses her cheek before kissing her. Robert watches from the settee and finishes his own drink. Mary draws deeply on the bottle and Robert asks her to save some for him. She passes him the bottle and he takes a swig before kissing her. Angela starts to turn away until Mary reaches for her hand. Mary says “come” and then kisses her. Robert joins in and Angela draws back. Robert says that he does not bite but she remains uncertain. He claims that everyone in Paris is doing it. They are interrupted by a knocking at the door.

Jimmy calls out to Angela, announcing himself. She opens the door and takes in his appearance. She lets him in and he asks why the door is locked. She blames a spate of intruders in the neighbourhood. He asks where Tommy is and learns that he is sleeping. Noticing the Dittrichs he asks if she is having a party. She says that they are just visiting. Robert offers to pour Jimmy some wine and Jimmy jokes that he has heard that it is illegal now. Mary says that it is getting late and reminds Robert that he has an early appointment. He explains that he is booked to photograph a wedding portrait for a Lithuanian couple. They stand up and welcome Jimmy home before leaving. The record finishes and Jimmy takes off his jacket. Angela complains that he did not send word and he curses Western Union. He leans in for a kiss and she recoils, asking what he is doing. He says that he is kissing her and tries again. She pushes him back and launches into a series of complaints about his sudden appearance and lack of contact. He says that he is home for good and holds her wrist as she tries to walk away. She says that he is hurting her. He says that he missed her and she slaps him. He grabs her hips and she struggles against him. She goes to push him and he grabs her wrists then lifts her up by her thighs. He puts her on the table and forcibly kisses her. She pulls away and exclaims disgust. He grabs her jaw and kisses her again. She stops struggling against him and begins to return his kiss. He begins to undress her as she holds his neck and kisses him passionately.

Jimmy talks to Tommy about industry while tying his son’s shoelaces. He mentions coal in the ground, lumber in the forest and cattle in the fields. He asks Tommy what sound cattle make and Tommy correctly mimics a cow’s moo. Jimmy says that on the train journey he looked out the window and saw only opportunity from coast to coast. Angela, pottering in the kitchen, notes that Jimmy has returned to their coast. Jimmy asserts that he is home where he is belong and Angela counters that he is there when he feels like showing up. Jimmy says that he had business to the West which he has now handled. Angela wonders what is next and Jimmy tells her that Nucky has offered him a job. She wonders if it is similar to the assistant clerk position he was offered in January. Jimmy says that the new job will allow them to buy a house, mentioning Marvin Gardens a development of beach houses on Ventnor Avenue. The phone rings and he answers. Angela calls Tommy over for his breakfast and Jimmy asks the caller to keep someone where they are. He ends the call and lifts Tommy into his chair. Angela asks who was ringing and he tells her that it was his mother, Gillian. He says that he has to leave and kisses his son and spouse before sitting down for breakfast. He asks why Angela isn’t joining them and she says that she want to make more coffee. He waits for her and then suggests that they have another child. He asks Tommy’s opinion and Tommy is positive. Angela braces herself against the worktop.

Nucky calls Angela when Jimmy is arrested for murder. Angela goes to see Robert at his photo studio. He tells her that he has spoken with his art dealer friend and that he was not interested in Angela’s paintings. Angela wonders why and Robert says that he is staying in Europe and responded via telegram. Robert says that Angela’s financial pressures must have eased since Jimmy’s return. Mary adds that Angela will get other chances; Angela impatiently wonders when. Robert says that he will make more enquiries but cuttingly says that her style is a cheap imitation of Mary Cassatt. He heads into the back and Mary and Angela share a look.

The Emerald City[]

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Angela dreams of leaving her life and going to Paris. Jimmy and Angela do have a close and powerful relationship when they are not fighting with each other. The two are always either very in love or very apart. Angela takes care of her son, Tommy and tries to shelter him from Jimmy's dark side. When Jimmy learns of her affair the two decide to stay together because he had left her for the war and she was just lonely.

Season 2[]

Gimcrack & Bunkum[]

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Nucky Thompson addresses Atlantic City dignitaries and residents on the beach North of the city to mark Memorial Day. The crowd have come to memorialize their fallen soldiers and mark the beginning of the construction of the Atlantic County War Memorial. Among the audience are Angela, Jimmy and Tommy. Nucky unexpectedly invites Jimmy up to the stage, challenging him to succeed on unfamiliar ground. Jimmy's left hand shakes initially but he composes himself and speaks humbly about his service during World War I and his motivations for fighting. He receives a round of applause and then proceeds to read the list of departed soldiers.

Angela and Jimmy Darmody sit at their kitchen table, and she asks how he is feeling. He has told her he injured his head by accident on a car door. In fact he was hit by one of his financial backers in his coup against Nucky, Jackson Parkhurst. She asks him about his earlier speech and he tells her that he is content with their comfortable home life. She believes there must be something more to life, and he kisses her. There is a knock on the door and he lets her answer while he retrieves a handgun from his jacket. Harrow has arrived and Jimmy is relieved. Angela asks Harrow where he was earlier saying they missed him. He says he wasn't "interested in that", he then asks to see Jimmy. Angela gives them privacy and Jimmy puts the gun down on the table. Harrow and Jimmy share a close moment and then go to exact revenge on Parkhurst.

The Age of Reason[]

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Angela and Jimmy Darmody pass an exhibition of wireless radio. Jimmy suggests buying one and Angela believes it would be good to introduce Tommy to classic music. Jimmy notices Nucky Thompson leaving the Ritz with associates from Philadelphia as Angela tells him about immigrants using radio programmes to learn English. He turns and kisses her to avoid being recognised. Angela is surprised and he claims he was inspired by the music.

At his home Jimmy reads the paper while his son Tommy eats breakfast. Angela answers the phone and tells Jimmy a man is returning his call. She has misheard Manny Horvitz’s nickname "Munya" as onions. Tommy interjects that he dislikes onions. Jimmy answers and warmly greets Manny. Jimmy asks his family to give him privacy and they leave the room. Jimmy goes on to use the chance sighting of Nucky's associates to arrange a hijacking, Angela remains unaware of his criminal activity.

Two Boats and a Lifeguard[]

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Angela overhears Jimmy discussing a failed assassination attempt against Nucky Thompson with Al Capone. Angela interrupts the conversation, scolding Jimmy for his language in front of Tommy. Jimmy wonders how long she has been standing there and she tells him long enough and says that she is going to the beach.

Angela and Tommy watch holidaymakers form a human pyramid on the beach. A beach matron approaches and instructs Angela’s neighbour to pull her skirt down. The matron admonishes the woman, explaining that her skirt is shorter than the legal requirement that it sit no more than 7 inches above the knee. Angela interjects that the matron’s will actually measure. Her neighbour wonders what kind of town Atlantic City is and the matron archly tells her that she will write a summons to make it clear. The woman instructs the matron to make the fine out to Molly Fletcher. Angela guesses that “Molly” is a visitor and she confirms that she has come from San Francisco. She is shocked when presented with the ten dollar fine and says that she is unable to pay. The matron blows a whistle, calling over a Sheriff’s Deputy to arrest “Molly”, and she stands up drawing calls and whistles from the men on the beach. The matron complains that she is attracting the “beach lizards”. She is unperturbed and wiggles her legs at the gawkers. The matron explains the situation to the deputy she summoned and he asks if “Molly” really wants to go to jail. Angela intercedes, telling the Deputy that she is a cousin and offering to pay the fine. The matron agrees to this and instructs Angela to cover up her neighbour before continuing along the beach. Angela wraps a towel around her legs and invites her to sit. The woman introduces herself, her real name is Louise and Molly Fletcher is a character in a book that she is writing. Angela is amused by the deception and Louise wonders if Tommy belongs to Angela. Angela introduces her son and asks if Louise is a novelist. Louise confirms this and asks Angela’s occupation, aside from motherhood. Angela confides that she has not decided on a career.

Jimmy returns home and finds Tommy asleep in the bed and Angela sitting outside. He goes out to talk to her and observes that she has started smoking. She asks him why he married her. He pauses and then says that he loves her. She wonders if he tells himself this; he is annoyed and says that he has told her. She says that it is not true and he wonders the same of her. She says that she married him because of Tommy, societal expectations and Jimmy’s desire for the union. He sits next to her and laments the absence of romance. She says that she is being honest and asks the same in return. He says that he has not lied to her and she observes that he doesn’t tell her anything. She notes his long, unexplained absences sometimes followed by returning with blood on his clothes and wonders what he is doing. He admits that he is selling alcohol. She asks him if he tried to have Nucky killed and he confesses his involvement. He says that he did not want to but was forced into it by his partners. He tells her that he was approached by Eli and his father in fall 1920 with a plan to usurp Nucky’s power and have him imprisoned for his crimes. Angela reminds Jimmy that he used to love Nucky and Jimmy counters that Nucky is not what he seems. He says that he did not intend for the situation to descend into violence but that he kept breaking the rules that he set for himself. She asks what convinced him to go against his judgement regarding killing Nucky and he admits that it was his mother’s counsel. They sit in silence until Angela stands, stubs out her cigarette and thanks him for talking to her and leaves him alone. Nucky later announces his retirement leaving Jimmy in charge of the political and criminal organization that runs Atlantic City.

Louise takes Angela to a party near the sea. Cars are parked disordered on the sand and a ukulele player can be heard as they approach. Angela wonders what the place is and Louise says that it is just a house. Inside the revellers are drinking freely and dancing. Angela wonders if Louise knows the other partygoers and Louise says that most of them are local performers. She finds glasses and a bottle and pours drinks for them both. Angela wonders at Louise knowing anyone when she is new in town. Louise mentions that she has a friend named Arthur who should be at the party. Louise tells Angela about a sand sculpture she saw at a party a month earlier as they work their way through the crowds and find Arthur Lasch. He asks Louise if she dreamt about him and she relates a dream about a purple snake that she chopped up. Arthur claims the dream was about his penis and Louise jokes that everything is before introducing him to Angela. Louise tells Angela that Arthur is a hoofer (a professional dancer) and he invites Angela to dance with him. She declines and Louise sends him away before taking Angela’s hand and, sensing trepidation, reassures her that they are invisible to the crowd. Later in the night they sit on the deck next to the ukulele player and share a kiss.

Battle of the Century[]

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Without Angela's knowledge Jimmy begins a sexual relationship with a brunette he meets at the radio broadcast of Jack Dempsey vs. Georges Carpentier fight.

Georgia Peaches[]

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On July 25, 1921 Jimmy looks out the window of his beach-house at a holidaymaker reclining in a deck chair. Angela comes home with flowers and asks him what is so fascinating. Jimmy tells her that it is the man observing that he seems to be without care. Angela jokes that he does not care what he looks like. Jimmy says that the man is on the shore in the summer and wonders where you can be free if not there. Angela suggests that Jimmy take out a blanket and join the man. She puts the flowers in a vase. Jimmy asks about her activities, first confirming that Harrow dropped her off and then asking where Tommy is. Angela explains that Tommy is staying with Jimmy’s mother Gillian. Jimmy tells her that he is going out of town and then wonders if she is going to ask him why. She says that he will tell her if he wants her to know and that she trusts him. Jimmy expresses doubt and she asks him if they can avoid fighting. Jimmy says that he is not trying to. He comes closer to her and tells her that he knows that she is unhappy. She does not reply and he continues saying that he knows she has thoughts about him that she is afraid to verbalise and that he will make everything up to her and be the person she hopes he can be. She tells him a joke that she heard at the bakery: “A man goes into a hotel and says he would like a room and a bath. The clerk says I can give you a room but you will have to take the bath yourself.” He does not laugh and she wonders if she told it incorrectly so he reassures her that it was funny. She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him before asking if he is sure that he has to go right away. He says that he is not sure of anything and she leads him by the hand towards their bedroom.

A man in a hat passes the window of Angela’s bedroom as she slumbers. The shower is running in the adjoining bathroom. Manny Horvitz lets himself in through the front door, pistol in hand. He creeps back to the bedroom and covers Angela’s mouth with his hand, muffling her screams when she awakens. He lifts her from the bed and holds her in front of him as he aims at the bathroom door. Louise exits the bathroom and Manny shoots her in the chest and she collapses on the floor. He exclaims surprise at shooting Louise when he expected Jimmy; he drops Angela and she rushes to Louise’s side. He levels the gun at Angela and asks her if she is Jimmy’s wife. She confirms that she is and begs him to spare her, telling him that she has a child and that Jimmy can pay him if he wants money. He tells her that health is more important in life than money. He then tells her that Jimmy did “this” to her before shooting her in the head. He shoots each body once more in the head, sighs shakily and then exits. Jimmy drives a truck full of liquor into Princeton, New Jersey, unaware of the horrific events at his home.

Under God's Power She Flourishes[]

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Jimmy Darmody is awakened by Angela repeating his name. She tells him that she has to leave and apologises. He asks if he was dreaming and fades back into sleep as she tells him they are in Princeton, New Jersey (it is 1916). She hugs him and he reawakens and asks her not to go. She tells him that she is working the breakfast shift and he asks her to let the customers starve. He begins to drift off again until she puts on the bedside lamp and shows him a sketch she drew of him sleeping. He wonders if his hair really looks like her depiction. They are startled by voices outside the room; he apologises. He tells Angela that his mother (Gillian) is coming to town and mocks her claims that she needs to see him. Angela says that she will stay out of his way but Jimmy says he wants them to meet. Angela agrees and Jimmy reassures her that Gillian will love her. There is a knock at the door and Angela stands away from Jimmy. Jimmy's roommate enters, telling them that Jimmy owes him his life because he covered for him with their dormitory warden, Mrs Krakower. Jimmy says that his excuse, reciting scripture to himself, makes sense because he is in the habit of doing so. Jimmy’s roommate watches the stairs as Angela sneaks out. She asks Jimmy if they can go back to using his car next time. He admits that it was not his car, with a smile. He directs her to the bathroom and she jokingly tells him that she hates him. He reaches for her hand as she walks away, telling her he has one more thing before pulling her close for a kiss. He says he will see her that night and she defers, saying maybe. As Angela goes into the bathroom his roommate asks Jimmy how it is that Jimmy has a girlfriend when he does not.

Jimmy watches from a balcony as the mixer guests arrive. He spots Angela and calls to her, saying that he thought she would not come. She meets him halfway up the stairs and says that her aunt’s demands that she clean out the stove changed her mind. She asks him how she looks and he tells her she looks as though she is from Bryn Mawr. She smiles and he gives her a corsage. They kiss and she asks if his mother has left. Jimmy’s response is interrupted by Gillian saying that she could not leave without meeting Angela. Angela is clearly stunned by the older woman's beauty. Jimmy makes introductions and Gillian says they are going to kiss. Angela agrees and Gillian kisses her and takes her hands, saying she needs to “drink her in”. She looks her over, says that Angela looks simple and restrained and that she approves. Angela compliments Gillian’s outfit and Gillian claims that she never knows what to wear. Gillian reminds Jimmy of the corsage and he tucks it into the waistband of Angela’s skirt. Gillian remarks that it is hard to raise a gentleman.

Inside, with drinks in hand, Angela wonders if Jimmy knows all of the guests. He tells her that he knows a few of them and drinks from his glass. He points out a group of upperclassmen and notes their snobbery. Jimmy’s roommate approaches and says he is feeling anxious so wants to stand with them. Jimmy tells him to relax and get a drink. He pulls a flask from his breast pocket and says that he has already had one and jokingly asks for Jimmy’s next piece of advice. Angela offers to let him stay with her during the mixer so that they both have someone to talk to. He calls Angela his Roxanne, noting that it is from Cyrano. Jimmy watches as Gillian entertains Pearson and his classmates across the room. His roommate tells Angela that he worships her and that his father is rich from his ownership of a tyre factory in Dayton. He then admits that he has had more than one drink and Angela tells him that no-one would notice. Jimmy continues to stare as Gillian flirts with Pearson. He barely hears Angela when she says that she has something to tell him and then asks her to repeat it. She tells him that she is pregnant; he initially steps back. She apologises and he tells her that they can move in together and claims to look forward to it. She wonders if he is proposing and he jokes that it will make getting a lease easier. She worries that he does not know her and he says that he knows that she is a good person.

Jimmy drinks alone in the corridor, the Princeton college motto “Dei sub numine viget” (Latin, meaning Under God's power she flourishes) is engraved on a stone behind him. Angela finds him there and asks if he is coming back inside. He says that he was just getting some air. Gillian runs out of a stairwell, her dress torn from one shoulder. Jimmy asks what happened and she says that she thought they were just flirting. Pearson emerges after her and lights a cigarette. Jimmy hands his jacket and hip flask to Angela and approaches Pearson. Pearson sits down on the steps and greets Jimmy. Jimmy asks what Pearson did to his mother. Pearson struggles to believe Gillian is Jimmy’s mother given their closeness in age and describes Jimmy’s life as Jacobean. Jimmy insists that Pearson stand-up, dismissing his warnings. Pearson admonishes Jimmy not to do anything stupid and offers to deliver a convincing apology. Jimmy punches him in the face, bloodying his nose and knocking him back onto the steps. Pearson offers to pretend the incident did not happen if Jimmy walks away. Jimmy tells him that it is happening and punches him repeatedly. Angela is horrified while Gillian is thrilled. The next day Jimmy drops out of Princeton and joins the US Army.


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