Arquimedes is a cold and ruthless Cuban enforcer, employed by Nucky Thompson as a personal bodyguard. He is played by Puerto Rican actor Paul Calderon and debuts in Season 5.

Background Edit

As Season 5 opens in 1931, Arquimedes has already been serving as Nucky Thompson's personal bodyguard and muscle for an established period of time, assisting Nucky as he conducts business in Havana, Cuba, with Sally Wheet.

Arquimedes is shown to be a very efficient and ruthless killer despite his calm and stoic demeanor. Although fluent in Spanish and gradually learning English, he rarely speaks, making him an intimidating presence to both Nucky's friends and foes. He also has an off-putting habit of mutilating his victims by cutting off their ear as a keepsake.

Season 5 Edit

Arquimedes follows Nucky and Sally as they show a U.S. Congressman around Havana. An assassin hired by Meyer Lansky attempts to kill Nucky in a public market but is quickly thwarted by Arquimedes who viciously murders the hired gun before severing one of his ears as a trophy, to the disgust of Nucky, Sally and several bystanders.


Appearances Edit

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