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Atlantic City Hoteliers are a group of businessman who operate Hotels in the city. They all pay protection money to Nucky's organization and expect his political policies to ensure a robust tourist economy for the city. They flaunt the laws of prohibition under Nucky Thompson's regime and buy alcohol from his organization's racketeers to see to their customers. They remain loyal to Nucky because of his ability to grasp what is important for the economic success of the resort city and are accepting of the need for vice, gambling and alcohol in the city to sustain their businesses.

Season 2[]

Nucky Thompson stands down as treasurer and is replaced by Jimmy Darmody as boss of the organization. ("Two Boats and a Lifeguard")

Jimmy holds court in The Commodore’s home on July 23 1921. Meeting with Jimmy and The Commodore are Whitlock, Eli, Neary, Mayor Bader and three Atlantic City Hoteliers. Langston is attending to guests and hosts alike. The hoteliers have come to discuss ending the citywide strike by African American workers. They all complain vociferously about the situation and suggest that it should have already been dealt with. They suggest involving the Ku Klux Klan as The Commodore once did to handle Chalky. Eli dismisses this suggestion, saying that he does not want to be indebted to the Klan. Jimmy asks the businessmen why they are having this problem in the first place and they resort to racism as an explanation for their workers demands. Neary jokes along with them and The Commodore bangs his walking stick against the ground. Jimmy tells his father not to get worked up and Whitlock says that he is trying to speak. Jimmy reassures The Commodore that he will handle the problem. Jimmy suggests negotiating and one of the businessmen turns to Bader as though this is insanity. Bader urges the hotelier to listen, calling him Dan. Jimmy suggests offering a 5 cent raise to all the workers and points out that they can afford it. Neary observes that no-one negotiates with the African Americans and Jimmy elucidates that the cost of a raise is nothing compared to the profits lost in the strike. The hoteliers wonder what will happen next year and foresee never ending pay rises. They tell Jimmy that their window to make money lasts from Memorial Day to Labour Day. The Commodore again interrupts, furiously banging his walking stick and repeating no. Jimmy tells the business men that his father needs to rest, over protestations from The Commodore himself. One of the hoteliers angrily instructs Jimmy to do what he is paid to do and end the strike on his way out. ("Georgia Peaches")