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Atlantic County Sheriff is an elected political position in Atlantic County, New Jersey. The holder is responsible for law enforcement across Atlantic County. He is the leader of the Atlantic County Sheriff's Office and answers to the County Executive and the Governor. He employs an Under Sheriff and Sheriff's Deputies to aid him.



  1. Based on the career of Ethan's real life counterpart Smith E. Johnson, but not stated outright on the show.
  2. Enoch L. Johnson was ousted from the position by a court order in 1911. However, in the show continuity Nucky seems to have held onto the position for an extra year, arresting Hans Schroeder for public indecency at the 1912 Oktoberfest among other things ("The Ivory Tower"). By December of that year he would have just traded the Sheriff's position for that of County Treasurer, mentioning that he was "very busy" at that time ("A Return to Normalcy").