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This Babette's dancer, played by co-star Douglas Sheppard, is a supporting character in "A Return to Normalcy" and "Two Boats and a Lifeguard". He is dancing at Babette's Supper Club on election night in 1920 and on the night of Jimmy Darmody's victory party.


Season one appearances
Boardwalk Empire The Ivory Tower Broadway Limited Anastasia
Nights in Ballygran Family Limitation Home Hold Me in Paradise
Belle Femme The Emerald City Paris Green A Return to Normalcy
Season two appearances
21 Ourselves Alone A Dangerous Maid What Does the Bee Do?
Gimcrack & Bunkum The Age of Reason Peg of Old Two Boats and a Lifeguard
Battle of the Century Georgia Peaches Under God's Power She Flourishes To the Lost