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Beach Matron, played by co-star Moira Driscoll, is a supporting character in "Two Boats and a Lifeguard".


Season 2[]

Angela and Tommy Darmody watch holidaymakers form a human pyramid on the beach. The beach matron approaches and instructs Angela’s neighbour to pull her skirt down. The matron admonishes the woman, explaining that her skirt is shorter than the legal requirement that it sit no more than 7 inches above the knee. Angela interjects that the matrons will actually measure. Her neighbour wonders what kind of town Atlantic City is and the matron archly tells her that she will write a summons to make it clear. The woman instructs the matron to make the fine out to Molly Fletcher. Angela guesses that “Molly” is a visitor and she confirms that she has come from San Francisco. She is shocked when presented with the ten dollar fine and says that she is unable to pay. The matron blows a whistle, calling over a Sheriff’s Deputy to arrest “Molly”, and she stands up drawing calls and whistles from the men on the beach. The matron complains that she is attracting the “beach lizards”. She is unperturbed and wiggles her legs at the gawkers. The matron explains the situation to the deputy she summoned and he asks if “Molly” really wants to go to jail. Angela intercedes, telling the Deputy that she is a cousin and offering to pay the fine. The matron agrees to this and instructs Angela to cover up her neighbour before continuing along the beach.


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