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This recap of "Belle Femme" features a detailed section on each scene of the episode.

Scene 1[]

Nucky Thompson convenes a meeting around the sickbed of his wounded brother Eli. Also present are Lolly Steinman, Deputy Halloran and Alderman George O’Neill. Eli was shot in the robbery of Steinman’s casino by the D’Alessio brothers. Steinman holds police records including mugshots of Leo D’Alessio. He uses his fingers to mimic the mask Leo wore while carrying out the robbery and observes that in the moment he felt like he would never forget but now can barely recall a thing. He shuffles through the records which also include photos of Ignacious D’Alessio and Matteo D’Alessio. Nucky asks Steinman to confirm that it was the D’Alessio brothers. Eli says that he is certain and Steinman agrees. O’Neill pulls out the card for Pius D’Alessio and identifies Pius as the lure in his mugging. Halloran describes the brothers as a “family of Dagos out of Philly”. Nucky holds the cards for Sixtus and Lucien D’Alessio; Lucien’s facial birthmark is clear in the photograph. They are known as a group of burglars who have graduated to stickups and Eli recalls investigating them for the robbery of Bookbinders on 17th Street where two customers and a waiter were killed. O’Neill recalls that Pius called him fat, earning a sidelong glance from Nucky. Eli reminds O’Neill that the brothers are killers and tells him that he was lucky to avoid more serious injury. Nucky asks for time alone with Eli and the others leave the room.

Eli describes the criminals as desperados and says that they need to be stopped before more blood is spilled. Nucky says that he is worried about ink more than blood and asks if Eli has read the paper. Derwood W. Fletcher, a Democrat running a reform campaign for Mayor, has given an interview alleging corruption among the current administration including the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office. Eli wonders if he was mentioned by name and Nucky quotes Fletcher from the story “has Mayor Bacharach even questioned what Sheriff Thompson was doing at an illegal casino at 3 a.m.?” Eli wonders how they can assume he was not answering a call and Nucky says that the city knows the truth but that it has not made the paper before now. Eli dismisses the press and Nucky reminds him about the election. Eli pledges to campaign and Nucky reminds him that he has been instructed to rest.

Scene 2[]

Margaret Schroeder and Nan Britton stroll along the boardwalk together, looking over a beach packed with tourists. Britton asks Margaret if she believes in love at first sight. Britton says it happened to her when she first saw Warren Harding, she was 16 at the time and he was still running the newspaper in Marion, Ohio. Margaret confesses that she initially confused Harding and Hardeen when Harding was announced as a presidential candidate. Britton continues on her own track saying that she loves Harding and that he loves her but she must sacrifice because the country needs him. Margaret smiles and turns away from the beach. Britton follows her and they pass a billboard advertising Fletcher’s Mayoral candidacy.

Scene 3[]

Margaret shows Britton into La Belle Femme and is greeted by Madame Jeunet. Margaret introduces Britton, explaining that she needs clothes for the season. Jeunet calls for her new assistant Maryska and then claps her hands when she does not respond. Maryska emerges, still chewing food, and Jeunet tells her to take Britton to the dressing room. Once they are gone she complains about Maryska, likening her to a cow and saying that she has neither grace nor charm. Margaret says that Maryska must still be learning. Jeunet complains that she cannot afford better staff and Margaret asks if business is slow. Jeunet pauses before telling Margaret that she has blossomed and that Nucky is generous with his attentions. Margaret confirms that she is treated well and Jeunet says that she supplies fine things for fine ladies but cannot afford the cost. She complains that Nucky has doubled her protection fees and Margaret wonders if Jeunet could speak to her alderman. Jeunet asks Margaret to plead her case with Nucky. Margaret says that she would not know what to say and Jeunet suggests telling him that she needs Belle Femme to make herself pretty for him. She tells Margaret that she has greater power than she suspects.

Scene 4[]

Nucky and Halloran exit the elevator into Nucky’s suite at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Nucky instructs Halloran to have the Sheriff’s Office contact their colleagues in departments from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Jimmy Darmody interrupts them as they walk into Nucky’s office. Nucky complains that notice of Jimmy’s plans would have been nice and Jimmy says that he sent a telegram. Nucky’s assistant Eddie Kessler reports that they received no messages and says that he will complain to Western Union. Nucky says that he would offer coffee but notes that Jimmy has helped himself. Jimmy explains that the dining car on his train was out of service. Nucky is surprised that Jimmy has not been home and Jimmy offers that he wanted to come straight there. Nucky asks Eddie to order a steak for Jimmy. Nucky assumes that Jimmy has accepted his offer given his presence and Jimmy says that he has conditions; firstly that he wants Harrow to join him. Nucky jokes that Harrow is the Man in the Iron Mask and Jimmy counters that he is a war hero. Nucky wonders what is under the mask and Jimmy describes the extent of Harrow’s injuries. Halloran marvels that Harrow is still alive. Nucky motions for Halloran to show Jimmy the records on the D’Alessio brothers. Jimmy interrupts Nucky saying that he wants their discussions to be kept private. Nucky asks Halloran to wait outside. Halloran complies and Jimmy sits down to study the cards. Jimmy asks if they were responsible for the casino robbery and Nucky adds that they also mugged O’Neill. Jimmy recognises that the brothers are all named after popes and Nucky jokes that he should contact the Vatican for their whereabouts. Jimmy asks Nucky what he wants done when he finds the brothers. Nucky asks if Jimmy really needs it spelled out and Jimmy says that he wants to hear Nucky say it. Nucky wonders why and Jimmy says that he is a politician to the last. Jimmy wonders if Nucky is trying to maintain plausible deniability or if Nucky is trying to deceive himself. Nucky asks what he would be deceiving himself about and Jimmy calls Nucky a murderer. He asks if Nucky wants him to kill the brothers and Nucky confirms his intentions. Jimmy takes out the card for Pius D’Alessio, still a child, and asks Nucky if he means Pius too. Nucky is silent. Jimmy gathers his things and says that he is going to eat his steak.

Scene 5[]

Arnold Rothstein plays pool in his games room in New York City. Meyer Lansky knocks and lets himself in, sharing a nod with Rothstein. Lansky is followed by Leo and Ignacious D’Alessio, Mickey Doyle and Lucky Luciano. Luciano introduces the others and they shake hands with Rothstein. Leo says that it is an honour to meet him; Rothstein notes that they have heard of him and wonders what it was that they heard. Leo says that it was all good.

Rothstein wonders if he has a reputation for honesty and fairness and Leo says that he has. Rothstein tells them that a reputation takes a lifetime to build and seconds to destroy before completing a difficult trick shot. He asks Luciano to re-rack the balls and counts a few bills from his sizeable bankroll. He tells his visitors that he has heard that they are interested in the liquor business and Ignacious says that they are interested in making money.

Rothstein challenges Luciano to a game of eight ball pool for $500. Luciano breaks as Lansky takes the wager. Rothstein says that are two ways to make money in the alcohol business, the first being to take cheap whiskey and dilute it before resale. Doyle interjects that he was doing well with that way and Rothstein continues calling this the stupid way which does not interest him. Rothstein notes the growing demand for quality whiskey and the money that can be made by importing it. He believes rich people will vie with one another to serve the best whiskey to their guests. Rothstein plays as he talks and sinks a succession of balls. He tells his guests that he is interested in setting up a business importing scotch whiskey. He plans to use his own ships to bring the liquor from distilleries in Europe to be unloaded outside the 3 mile limit.

He explains that it then needs to be smuggled ashore and Lansky adds that this will be the D’Alessio brother’s role. Rothstein asserts that Atlantic City is perfect for this purpose but that Nucky is a problem. He says that he would normally make a deal with someone like Nucky but that he finds Nucky greedy and unreasonable. Leo notes that these are qualities that can be remedied with a bullet. Luciano smiles at the remark while Rothstein ignores it and asks his visitors to sign forms that he has prepared for them to signify their acceptance of his proposal.

Leo wonders what the forms are for and Luciano elucidates. They are $500,000 life insurance policies from Rothstein’s own Rothmere Surety company. Rothstein adds that they will be handling large quantities of his money and that the policies are assurance for him. Luciano tells them to consider it an incentive not to make mistakes as Lansky hands them a pen. Leo and Ignacious are hesitant and Luciano urges them on in Italian. Leo, apparently lacking literacy skills, grips the pen at its base and makes his mark. Doyle joins the others and with the forms signed Lansky offers to show them out. Once they are gone Rothstein asks Luciano if he knows the nicest thing about the Bronx Zoo. Luciano does not respond and Rothstein delivers his punchline along with potting another ball; “there’s bars between you and the monkeys”.

Scene 6[]

Margaret comes downstairs and says that her children are finally asleep. Nucky is reading “The Road to Oz” and suggests that he could have read them more of the story. Margaret observes that he seems to be enjoying it himself. He quotes a passage about the “wonderful love magnet”, an item that draws affection from others. Margaret jokes that it would be useful in the elections. Nucky notes that it would make winning cheaper and Margaret wonders at the cost of campaigning. Nucky jokes that winning is cheaper than losing. Margaret wonders at Harding’s chance of election. Nucky says that it depends and asks if Margaret is going to vote for him. She smiles and says that she has seen him in an unflattering light since meeting Nan. Nucky says that if only good men were elected there would be no leaders. Margaret wonders what qualities a leader should have if he is not good. Nucky tells her that they must be useful to their supporters. Margaret brings up her conversation with Jeunet. Nucky says that Belle Femme is in a pricey location.

Margaret presses on and Nucky recommends that Jeunet speak to her alderman. Margaret says that Jeunet already has to no avail. Margaret asks if there is something Nucky could do as Atlantic County Treasurer causing him to sigh and shut his book. He asks if Jeunet requested Margaret bring the matter up, which she denies. He wonders why they are discussing it and Margaret replies that Jeunet did her a kindness. Nucky points out that he made Jeunet give Margaret the job rather than it being an act of kindness. Margaret counters that he needs to recompense Jeunet for the burden he forced on her. Nucky asks what exactly Jeunet has said. Margaret explains that Jeunet said that she could not afford the increased payments. Nucky asserts that the payments are simply the cost of doing business in Atlantic City. Margaret observes that it is Nucky that sets the price and he interrupts, saying that it is not a suitable topic for them to discuss. Margaret says that she was not aware of the restriction. Nucky checks his watch and says that she is aware now. He goes to put on his jacket as she considers his dismissal. She asks if he is not staying and he says that he has an early meeting.

Scene 7[]

Angela Darmody entertains Mary and Robert Dittrich in her apartment. She drinks wine from a tumbler as she shows Robert a picture. She tells him that she painted it in October 1919 and that the model was a vaudeville actress. Mary struggles to uncork a bottle of wine and says that the picture is pretty. Robert puts his arm around Angela’s shoulder to point at the painting, saying that it has a lyrical quality reminiscent of Mary Cassad. Angela shrugs off his arm and asks if his friend the art dealer is visiting soon. Robert says that he is in Paris and Mary interjects that it is the city of light. She breaks the cork in the neck of the bottle. Angela takes the bottle and pushes the cork down into it before drinking from it while Mary laughs. Robert calls her an uncivilised artist, drawing more laughter from Mary. Angela passes the bottle back to Mary who reads the year, 1918, from the label. She notes that this was the year they met Angela and caresses her cheek before kissing her. Robert watches from the settee and finishes his own drink. Mary draws deeply on the bottle and Robert asks her to save some for him. She passes him the bottle and he takes a swig before kissing her. Angela starts to turn away until Mary reaches for her hand. Mary says “come” and then kisses her. Robert joins in and Angela draws back. Robert says that he does not bite but she remains uncertain. He claims that everyone in Paris is doing it. They are interrupted by a knocking at the door.

Jimmy calls out to Angela, announcing himself. She opens the door and takes in his appearance. She lets him in and he asks why the door is locked. She blames a spate of intruders in the neighbourhood. He asks where Tommy is and learns that he is sleeping. Noticing the Dittrichs he asks if she is having a party. She says that they are just visiting. Robert offers to pour Jimmy some wine and Jimmy jokes that he has heard that it is illegal now. Mary says that it is getting late and reminds Robert that he has an early appointment. He explains that he is booked to photograph a wedding portrait for a Lithuanian couple. They stand up and welcome Jimmy home before leaving. The record finishes and Jimmy takes off his jacket. Angela complains that he did not send word and he curses Western Union. He leans in for a kiss and she recoils, asking what he is doing. He says that he is kissing her and tries again. She pushes him back and launches into a series of complaints about his sudden appearance and lack of contact. He says that he is home for good and holds her wrist as she tries to walk away. She says that he is hurting her. He says that he missed her and she slaps him. He grabs her hips and she struggles against him. She goes to push him and he grabs her wrists then lifts her up by her thighs. He puts her on the table and forcibly kisses her. She pulls away and exclaims disgust. He grabs her jaw and kisses her again. She stops struggling against him and begins to return his kiss. He begins to undress her as she holds his neck and kisses him passionately.

Scene 8[]

At his post office headquarters Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden ends a phone conversation and thanks the caller for bringing something to his attention. His partner agent Sebso enters the room backwards carrying a coffee and a pastry. Sebso complains that they only had plain ones and Van Alden slaps the pastry out of his hand. He tells Sebso that it was Western Union on the phone and that they have had a complaint from Eddie regarding their failure to deliver Jimmy’s telegram. They told Van Alden that the wire was passed on to Sebso. Sebso feigns confusion and Van Alden asks him to explain the meaning of his actions. Sebso initially claims to have forgotten, retrieving the telegram. Van Alden reads the telegram aloud; it says that Jimmy was due to arrive on the 11 a.m. train on Thursday, it is already Friday.

He shouts that Sebso is either incompetent or corrupt and that he will not stand for it either way. He asks why the telegram was hidden and Sebso claims that he was concerned what Supervisor Elliot would say about their continued investigation of the Hans Schroeder murder given that he had previously described it as an obsession. Van Alden counters that they have a witness who can place Jimmy at the scene of the murders he committed during the Hammonton hijacking. Sebso shakes his head and says that he was not thinking. Van Alden nods and gestures for Sebso to pass him the coffee. Van Alden tells Sebso that the way to kill a snake is to remove its head. Sebso is shocked, assuming he means Elliot. Van Alden elucidates that he meant Nucky, irritated. He says that if they can convince Jimmy to give Nucky up then they can cleanse the city all at once, likening it to Sodom.

Scene 9[]

Jimmy talks to Tommy about industry while tying his son’s shoelaces. He mentions coal in the ground, lumber in the forest and cattle in the fields. He asks Tommy what sound cattle make and Tommy correctly mimics a cow’s moo. Jimmy says that on the train journey he looked out the window and saw only opportunity from coast to coast. Angela, pottering in the kitchen, notes that Jimmy has returned to their coast. Jimmy asserts that he is home where he is belong and Angela counters that he is there when he feels like showing up. Jimmy says that he had business to the West which he has now handled. Angela wonders what is next and Jimmy tells her that Nucky has offered him a job. She wonders if it is similar to the assistant clerk position he was offered in January. Jimmy says that the new job will allow them to buy a house, mentioning Marvin Gardens a development of beach houses on Ventnor Avenue.

The phone rings and he answers. Angela calls Tommy over for his breakfast and Jimmy asks the caller to keep someone where they are. He ends the call and lifts Tommy into his chair. Angela asks who was ringing and he tells her that it was his mother, Gillian. He says that he has to leave and kisses his son and spouse before sitting down for breakfast. He asks why Angela isn’t joining them and she says that she want to make more coffee. He waits for her and then suggests that they have another child. He asks Tommy’s opinion and Tommy is positive. Angela braces herself against the worktop.

Scene 10[]

Gillian lies next to Luciano in the bed in her apartment. She hears his stomach growling and wonders if he is hungry. He says that he would not mind eating her for lunch. She reaches between his leg and suggests that she could be dessert. She kisses him before moving to the edge of the bed to put on a robe. He asks for coffee and she says she can manage that. He lights a cigarette and then lifts the covers before leaning back, satisfied with what he saw. He lies with his eyes closed. Jimmy enters the bedroom and throws a cup of steaming coffee over Luciano. He screams in pain and sits up. Jimmy says that he wasn’t sure if Luciano took cream. Luciano reaches for his gun and Gillian tells him that it is not there. He swears at her and Jimmy warns him to watch his mouth around Gillian because she is his mother, aiming a handgun at Luciano. Luciano apologises and Jimmy says that he has heard a lot about him. Gillian adds that they are very close, leaning in to Jimmy. Jimmy says that they have a mutual friend in Chicago, Al Capone, and that Capone asked him to say hello. Luciano says that he is no friend and Jimmy says that Capone actually told him to kill Luciano. Luciano negotiates saying he would consider it a great favour if Jimmy did not. Jimmy orders him to get dressed, saying they are taking a ride to somewhere Luciano won’t be find.

Scene 11[]

Jimmy ushers Luciano down the stairs at gunpoint. Luciano continues to bargain offering to talk to Rothstein about calling off the D’Alessio brothers. He suggests that they could cut Nucky in. As they round the corner at the bottom of the staircase they are met by Van Alden and Sebso with weapons drawn. Luciano ducks out of the way as Jimmy aims at the prohibition agents. Van Alden instructs Jimmy to drop the gun and Jimmy hesitates before complying. Luciano chuckles at his good fortune. Van Alden tells Jimmy that he is under arrest as Sebso wonders what Luciano is so happy about. Luciano says that the agents are a sight for sore eyes as Sebso and Van Alden frisk both of them.

Scene 12[]

Incumbent Mayor Harry Bacharach comes to Nucky’s suite at the Ritz Carlton to complain about the widespread campaigning of his challenger, Derwood Fletcher. Bacharach wonders how he is supposed to compete and Nucky is disappointed in his defeatism. Nucky tosses a placard at Halloran, saying that he wants them to be taken down. He instructs Halloran to fine any shop posting Fletcher’s material $25. Halloran questions the legality of this and Nucky says that they can do whatever they want. Bacharach asks when Eli will be back and Halloran elucidates that his recovery has been lengthened by his stitches opening up. He reports that Dr Surran has recommended an additional month of rest. Nucky bemoans the situation and Halloran says that Eli has left a void.

Halloran expands that he believes the other Deputies need guidance regarding schedules and assignments which Eli is not up to handling. Nucky asks Halloran to speak plainly and Halloran says that he believes that he should be put in charge. Halloran says that he has the most experience and the respect of the men and Nucky tells him that he is acting sheriff. Halloran questions the decision, annoyed Nucky asks if he should reconsider. Halloran says no and thanks Nucky. He professes to be there for Nucky now and in the November elections. Nucky asks what Halloran means; Halloran explains that Eli has been damaged politically and that he would be a suitable candidate to replace him should Nucky need one.

Scene 13[]

At the Atlantic County Jail Van Alden questions Jimmy about his whereabouts on January 17, 1920, the night of the Hammonton hijacking. Jimmy claims to have been at the cinema watching ‘’Wagon Tracks’’. Van Alden asks Jimmy to summarise the plot and Jimmy wonders if Van Alden really wants the ending ruined. Jimmy continues to give smart responses to Van Alden’s enquiries. Van Alden details the alibi Jimmy has given reminding Jimmy that he claimed to have been in the cinema from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. He unfolds a slip of paper from Sebso and reads the running time of Wagon Tracks to Jimmy, it is just 78 minutes long.

Jimmy claims to have fallen asleep in the cinema. Van Alden changes tack, noting that Jimmy has a child but is not married. He asks if Angela is unfit to marry. Jimmy smiles and says that is none of their business. Van Alden asks what the name of the character played by William S. Hart is in Wagon Tracks. Jimmy says that it was Buck something, perhaps Buckskin. Van Alden presses, wondering why Jimmy is unsure, and Jimmy says that he is engaged to Angela. Van Alden wonders if he aims to make her a respectable woman. Jimmy laughs. Van Alden asks how Jimmy knows Hans Schroeder and Jimmy says that he does not. Van Alden asks about Margaret and Jimmy says that he does not know her either. Van Alden tries Lucy telling Jimmy that she is a dancer for the Ziegfield follies. Jimmy admits that she is Nucky’s girlfriend. Van Alden raises his voice, asking Jimmy to describe the relationship between Margaret and Nucky. Jimmy goes to stand and they restrain him. Jimmy says that if they are interested in Nucky’s sex life then they should question him. Van Alden stands up and begins to ask about the hijacked shipment of alcohol that Nucky sold to Rothstein. Jimmy reminds him of his alibi.

Van Alden asks how Jimmy knows “Al from Chicago” and Jimmy denies knowing anyone called Al. Jimmy says that Van Alden is mixed up. Van Alden stalks away from the desk and then turns back to Jimmy, pointing at him. He asks if Nucky had Hans murdered because he is in love with Margaret. Jimmy snorts derisively and Van Alden rushes forward and grabs him by the lapels. Van Alden asks how many of the men in the woods Jimmy killed and Jimmy repeats his alibi. Van Alden says that he thought that Jimmy might find satisfaction in living long enough to see Tommy grow up. Jimmy looks puzzled and asserts that they have no evidence. Van Alden states otherwise, glances at Sebso and then pushes Jimmy back into his seat.

Sebso shows Jimmy back to his cell. The move is timed to coincide with Billy Winslow being moved by a guard so that they pass in the corridor. Billy claims that he was going to be sent up the river to Rahway and Jimmy wonders what he has said. Sebso shoves Jimmy into a cell and locks the gate behind him. Worried, Jimmy kicks the wall.

Scene 14[]

Nucky and Margaret embrace in bed, discussing the election. Nucky says that in the past you could count on voters to follow the party line. Margaret notes his concern and he says that he takes nothing for granted. She offers to help and he says that she can help to secure the women’s vote. She cautions him to wait until women have the vote. He says that he is an eternal optimist. He encourages her to speak to her contacts in the Women’s Temperance League and other women’s organizations. She modestly claims not to be much of an orator and he reminds her that he has heard her make cogent arguments to political dignitaries including Walter Edge, complimenting the way she comported herself.

Margaret dismisses it as banter and Nucky says that she wiped the floor with the US Senator. She examines herself in the bathroom mirror as he lights a cigarette. He asks her to speak on behalf of the Republican party and she hesitantly agrees, asking if he wants her to dress well. Eddie knocks on the door, announcing a phone call, as Margaret poses in the doorway. Margaret follows Jeunet’s advice and tells Nucky that Jeunet knows what suits her. Nucky wonders why Margaret did not put it this way earlier and she claims she did not want to show her selfishness as she sits on the bed. Nucky caresses her cheek and says that he never holds selfishness against anyone before picking up the phone. Margaret purses her lips, thoughtful.

Scene 15[]

Sebso shows Nucky into Jimmy’s cell. Nucky thanks him and pats him on the shoulder. Sebso says that they have ten minutes. Jimmy asks if Nucky has spoken to Angela and Nucky confirms that she is aware. Jimmy divulges that Rothstein is backing the D’Alessios surprising Nucky. Jimmy adds that he got the information from Luciano. Jimmy asks if Nucky can bail him out and Nucky tells him that there is no bail on five counts of murder. Jimmy asks for a lawyer and Nucky says that it would be pointless. Jimmy asks Nucky to call his father for help and Nucky wonders if Jimmy is really that nervous. Jimmy confesses that he has seen Winslow and that Winslow’s testimony can put him at the scene of the crime. Nucky says that he knows and Jimmy wonders if he is just supposed to rot in prison, reminding Nucky of his promise to handle the fallout from the hijacking. Nucky says that he is but that the legal system is not the solution.

Scene 16[]

Van Alden holds for Supervisor Elliot. Elliot comes on the line and says that he was in the middle of a command meeting. Van Alden explains that he has arrested Jimmy. Elliot is surprised and asks when, learning that it was the previous night. Elliot asks if Jimmy has confessed and Van Alden admits that he has not but reminds Elliot that they have his accomplice, Winslow, in custody so even without a confession he hopes to pin the hijacking on Nucky. Elliot says that it is wonderful news and will benefit the Bureau of Prohibition. Elliot says that it is good work, sighs and hangs up. Van Alden shares a smile with Sebso. Sebso asks what Elliot said and Van Alden says that he was pleased. Sebso congratulates Van Alden and Van Alden allows that he was not working alone. Sebso apologises about the telegram, saying that it was a foolish mistake. Van Alden leafs through his file on Nucky and tells Sebso that a man needs the courage of his convictions. He says that he knew they would get Darmody eventually, staring at Margaret’s photo. Sebso pauses and then asks about Winslow, wondering if it is safe to keep him in New Jersey. Sebso suggests moving him to federal jail in Manhattan and Van Alden agrees that it would prevent interference from Nucky.

Scene 17[]

Nucky visits The Commodore, who is in his dressing gown and coughing heavily. His housemaid Louanne Pratt tends to him and Nucky suggests that he see a doctor. Louanne says that he is stubborn and The Commodore tells her to get Nucky a drink. Nucky declines, thanking her. Nucky comments on The Commodore’s ailing appearance and The Commodore says that when the time comes you have to accept your situation. Nucky wonders who he is referring to. The Commodore angrily bemoans Fletcher and the Democrats and complains about the Sheriff being incapacitated. He then says that it is not so easy being the boss. Nucky sarcastically says that is nice that The Commodore can still find joy. The Commodore reminds Nucky that he spent five years in prison following his time in the throne. Nucky counters that he knew that one of them had to go. The Commodore shakes his head and says that he had no choice. Nucky asserts that he also had none and that was the reason they made their deal, he asks if they can drop the subject.

Nucky says that the party is in trouble and that Bacharach is weak and losing ground. The dog moans and The Commodore complains that the animal is sick as well. The Commodore wonders what Nucky has on Fletcher and Nucky admits that he has nothing. The Commodore wonders what Fletcher’s motivation is and Nucky says that he obviously wants to be Mayor. The Commodore laughs and calls Fletcher a boy scout. The Commodore says they need to replace their candidates for Mayor and Sheriff to appease the desire for change. Nucky balks at the idea of replacing Eli. The Commodore says that he is dying and it is no time to be sentimental.

Scene 18[]

Margaret and Jeunet watch as Britton tries on outfits. Jeunet compliments Britton as Maryska helps her to dress. Britton complains that the styles are all plain and asks for something special for the inaugural ball. Margaret urges practicality, reminding her that she needs something for everyday wear first. Britton handles a dress, saying that she loves it and Jeunet compliments her taste. Britton wonders at the cost and Jeunet says that it is $480. Britton suggests trying an alternative again. Margaret and Jeunet give her privacy. Outside Jeunet grabs Margaret’s hand and then kisses her on both cheeks, thanking her for intervening over her rising payments to Nucky. Jeunet claims that she was instantly impressed on meeting Margaret. Margaret reminds Jeunet that she told her to bathe more often and that she was initially useless. Jeunet blames the language barrier and produces a thank you gift for Margaret; a dress for Emily. Margaret says nothing and Jeunet adds an ivory hairbrush. Margaret tells Jeunet that it was not Emily that helped her. Britton emerges from the dressing room in the $480 dress. Margaret pointedly says that it is beautiful.

Scene 19[]

Sebso drives Winslow North and talks about the sea air. He mentions a cousin who went on a world trip but was seas sick the entire journey. Sebso claims that he needs to urinate and asks if Winslow needs to go. Winslow says that he will stretch his legs. As they exit the car an Atlantic City limits sign is visible behind them. Sebso helps Winslow out of the vehicle; Winslow’s hands are securely cuffed behind him. Sebso relieves himself as Winslow looks out at the ocean. Sebso cautions Winslow that he should not have lunged for his weapon. Sebso draws his gun and shoots Winslow saying that he killed him for trying to take his weapon. He uncuffs Winslow’s corpse, picks up a small rock, removes his hat and hits himself squarely in the forehead with the rock creating a small laceration. He returns Winslow’s corpse to the vehicle.

Scene 20[]

Angela goes to see Robert at his photo studio. He tells her that he has spoken with his art dealer friend and that he was not interested in Angela’s paintings. Angela wonders why and Robert says that he is staying in Europe and responded via telegram. Robert says that Angela’s financial pressures must have eased since Jimmy’s return. Mary adds that Angela will get other chances; Angela impatiently wonders when. Robert says that he will make more enquiries but cuttingly says that her style is a cheap imitation of Mary Cassatt. He heads into the back and Mary and Angela share a look.

Scene 21[]

Sophie Tucker entertains the crowd at Babette’s Supper Club with a risqué routine. Nucky and Margaret are there having dinner with construction magnate Edward Bader and his wife, Katheryn. Nucky talks about opportunism as a positive quality and reminds Bader of his success exercising good timing in the building industry. Nucky lists Bader’s positive qualities; he is a churchgoer, a family man and well liked in the community. Margaret calls Bader impressive. Bader stares up at the ceiling and Katheryn wonders what he is looking for.

He jokes that he is wondering when the other shoe will drop drawing a laugh from his companions. Tucker announces a song; “Some Of These Days”. Nucky suggests that Margaret take Kathryn to get a better view. When they stand he complements her dress; the blue $480 number from La Belle Femme. Margaret admits that it was a gift and leaves Nucky to consider the implication. Bader asks Nucky the purpose of the dinner and Nucky asks Bader if he wants to be Mayor. Bader jokes that with Nucky as boss he would have more authority as a street sweeper. Nucky says that being Mayor would give him more time to handle his business. Nucky says that is time for a change and Bader wonders what will happen to Bacharach. Nucky says that Bacharach is ill and will not seek re-election. Bader wonders what the problem is and Nucky says that he will produce a diagnosis as soon as Bader answers.

Bader says that he needs to discuss it with his wife and Nucky urges him to be decisive. Nucky promises the opportunity to build roads, hospitals, a convention centre and a stadium if Bader will work with him. Bader observes that it is the 1920s and the world belongs to the young. Nucky says they will let them think that it does. Bader tries on the title verbally. Nucky stands and offers a handshake urging Bader to consider the proposal. At the bar Eddie flirts with Babette until he notices that Nucky is ready to leave.

Scene 22[]

On the boardwalk a barker introduces a Zulu warrior to the crowd drawing gasps of shock from his audience. Nucky leads Margaret by the arm and Eddie trails behind them. As they promenade throngs of tourists watch entertainers. Margaret smiles at the sight and Nucky tells her that they need to go to the Ambassador Hotel to meet Jim Neary. Margaret wonders at the hour as Nucky is greeted by a passerby. Lucien D’Alessio spots them from a side street and calls out to Nucky, pointing at him and repeating his name.

Lucien keeps Nucky’s attention by approaching with a hand outstretched. From the other side Sixtus D’Alessio emerges from the crowd with a gun in hand. He aims at Nucky but Eddie spots him before he fires, grabs his arm and causes his shot to go astray. He hits a woman stood near to Margaret in the chest. She collapses into Margaret’s arms and her blood leaks across Margaret’s dress. Nucky takes hold of them both. Lucien flees as Eddie struggles with Sixtus. Margaret is pulled to the floor by the injured woman and Nucky kneels beside her.

Eddie gets hold of the gun and Sixtus runs down the boardwalk away from him. Eddie gives chase, ordering him to stop before firing at him. The bullet hits him in the back of his left thigh but he is able to limp around the corner. Eddie returns to Nucky’s side, concerned for Margaret when he sees the blood. She is visibly shaken and the wounded bystander has lost consciousness.