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Bettyanne Mulhaney, played by co-star Edelen McWilliams, is a supporting character in "Nights in Ballygran". She is a member of the Women’s Temperance League an organisation that supports prohibition.

Mrs. McGarry hosts a meeting of the Women’s Temperance League and notes Margaret’s late arrival and recent absences. Margaret explains to Bridget Walsh that she has been working while a neighbour cares for her children. McGarry introduces Bettyanne Mulhaney who describes receiving a letter from a cousin in Nebraska whose neighbour, a poor widow, attempted to mix gin in her bathtub for sale. Her child was poisoned to death by drinking the mixture. Irene Davis comments the prevalence of stills in town and notes that Ettinger’s is a cafe posing as a speakeasy. Walsh agrees that there are other places too and Mulhaney mentions Abe Klein’s bar. Mrs. McGarry elucidates a lack of interest or ability from local government and suggests that with their membership dwindling they need to increase their efforts. Davis notes the easy availability of prescriptions for medicinal whiskey and Walsh agrees that you need not even be ill. McGarry calls for action and Davis suggests a rally. Mrs. McGarry believes this is worthwhile but it would be better target the alcohol at its source. Margaret reveals observing men unloading barrels at the garage behind her house that morning. Margaret suggests asking Mr Thompson for help. Davis is disparaging of the idea, thinking she means Eli. Margaret clarifies that she means Nucky and calls him a friend, eliciting a murmur of appreciation from the others. Margaret clarifies that Nucky has been of great assistance since the death of Hans. McGarry tasks Margaret with arranging a meeting. ("Nights in Ballygran")

Margaret is successful in getting a meeting but no action is forthcoming so Margaret goes to speak to Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden. He seizes the alcohol from the garage and then raids the St. Patrick's Day dinner of the Order of Ancient Celts arresting an Alderman and ending the dinner early. Outside the press and the women of the temperance league are waiting for the diners. The women sing a song in support of prohibition and attempt to shame the Celts as they exit. Nucky is one of those seen leaving the dinner. Mulhaney is shouting at the men to go home to their families. ("Nights in Ballygran")


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