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Boxer 2, played by co-star Cezary Skarzynski, is a supporting character in "Nights in Ballygran". He is part of a group of midget entertainers who complain about the leprechaun costumes they have been given to wear for the Order of Ancient Celts dinner on St. Patrick's Day. Mike Green wonders if they have been washed since last year and Kevin Kiley says that his Baby New Year costume included a second hand diaper. Another boxer laments news of a colleague being thrown of the boardwalk by a drunken lout. Carl Heely enters and tells Green and Kiley that they are fighting next. Kiley angrily tells Heely that they are fed up with working in degrading circumstances. Heely asks what he should tell Nucky Thompson and Kiley says to get Nucky to dress as a leprechaun. This boxer interjects in Polish. The others voice support for Kiley and Heely suggests that he might be able to negotiate a raise and the others accept. Heely obtains a raise from $5 to $7 a head with Nucky. The troupe perform at the dinner as planned, handing out bottles of beer from "pots of gold".


Season one appearances
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