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Carolyn Rothstein, née Green is the wife of New York gangster Arnold Rothstein. She is played by co-star Jennifer Ferrin in the second season and guest star Shae D'Lyn in the fifth season.

Character Biography[]

Carolyn is married to renowned gambler and crime boss Arnold Rothstein and they share a home in New York City.

Season 1[]

Arnold Rothstein confides Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky that he is planning to leave with Carolyn for Scotland in order to avoid imprisonment for his role in the Black Sox Scandal. Luciano and Lansky convince him instead to make an agreement with Nucky Thompson. ("A Return to Normalcy")

Season 2[]

Carolyn Rothstein answers the phone when it rings at the Rothstein residence. It's Nucky Thompson, and he wants to talk to her husband. Arnold Rothstein, who is suffering from some digestive problems, has a soft interaction with his wife, but as soon as he gets the phone he puts on his tough gangster persona. ("What Does the Bee Do?")


Memorable Quotes[]

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