Cenzo's death.

Cenzo is a minor character in the episode Cuanto. He is an associate to Al Capone severing beers. He also loves jokes as it is revealed by Cenzo.

After screening a newsreel about Capone, Charlie Luciano makes a joke about Capone being "the Italian Wallace Beery" and everyone in the room starts laughing but Capone. After everyone stops laughing, Cenzo however still laughs. Capone angrily asks why he was laughing Cenzo says that "everyone else was". After Luciano tries to defend Cenzo, Capone revealed that he was just joking around with Cenzo.

Later on, immediately after Luciano departs, Capone and his men engage in a series of jokes about him, with Cenzo finishing it off by saying Luciano was a jerk. Capone, now serious, tells Cenzo that he knew Luciano since they were babies. Cenzo tries to apologize saying that it was a joke. Capone angrily looks at Cenzo but it was revealed that Capone was joking again Capone playfully slaps Cenzo's cheek. Capone then states that he had some phone calls to made and assigns Cenzo to clean up. When Cenzo goes into one room Capone suddenly appears and punches Cenzo in the face, causing him to fall down. Capone pounces upon him and brutally beats him with the Empire State Building bust that Luciano had gifted him, while angrily ranting about the Wallace Beery joke earlier. He then stabs it into Cenzo's face, killing Cenzo.

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