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Chalky White remains a major character in the third season. This article details their actions in each episode of the season.

Spaghetti and Coffee[]

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Samuel Crawford visits Chalky's honky tonk in the North Side of Atlantic City. He asks for Chalky's permission to marry his daughter, Maybelle. Chalky has Samuel give him an impromptu physical to test his progress training as a doctor. He is impressed when Samuel picks up a mineral deficiency by noticing white spots on his nails. He orders a plate of greens and welcomes Samuel to the family. Chalky returns home to find that Maybelle is less enthusiastic about the marriage. She is unsure if she truly loves Samuel and knows that she does not want to settle down with him. Chalky insists that she must marry him for the good of the family, because of his prospects as an educated man. She questions the beginnings of his own marriage and wonders about meeting someone more interesting, like Chalky himself. He is frustrated and orders her to marry Samuel.

Maybelle brings Samuel to Chalky's Honky Tonk to see "The Little Professor" James Scott. He tries to confront her about her feelings but is interrupted by the boisterous dancers. He asks them to watch what they are doing and a man slashes his face with a switchblade. Chalky has Dunn Purnsley beat the knife wielder to a bloody pulp. He checks that Samuel can walk and asks him to take Maybelle home. Samuel insists on treating the man that attacked him. Maybelle is visibly shaken by the violence and Chalky forcefully asks if she still finds him interesting. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")

Blue Bell Boy[]

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Nucky goes missing and Eddie Kessler calls around looking for him. He tries Chalky, who has not seen him. Nucky emerges later, having been forced to hide out from prohibition agents. ("Blue Bell Boy")

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