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Charlie Chaplin is a historical figure referenced in Boardwalk Empire. He is a world famous actor, director, movie writer and maker in general. The timeframe of the show coincides with the peak of his career.


Season 1[]

Nucky Thompson tells Jimmy Darmody to skip town after Simon turns up alive and identifies him as one of the perpetrators of the Hammonton hijacking. Jimmy is desolate and claims to have nowhere else to go. Nucky's brother Eli Thompson sarcastically suggests that he could head to California, since he has heard that Charlie Chaplin is in need of a new sidekick. ("Broadway Limited")

Season 2[]

Nucky Thompson invites his paramour Margaret Schroeder and her two children, Teddy and Emily, to see one of Chaplin's films, The Kid at the Royal Theatre in the night of February 13, 1921. ("21")

Season 3[]

Billie Kent is surprised to learn that Nucky can fry bacon. Nucky replies that when he was a kid he lived in poverty and sometimes cooked for his brother, sister and mother so she would have a day off. Billie observes that he is not eating and Nucky says that he "only stole for three". Billie jokes that Chaplin was in that movie. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")


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