Dr. Cheever is an unseen character in the third season episode "Spaghetti and Coffee". He is an obstetrician at St. Theresa's Hospital in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Season 3Edit

He has been caring for Edwina Shearer as she recovers from a miscarriage and Escherichia Coli infection. Margaret Thompson asks Mrs. Shearer if he gave her any information on the infection but she does not answer. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")



Season three appearances
"Resolution" "Spaghetti and Coffee" * "Bone for Tuna" "Blue Bell Boy"
"You'd Be Surprised" "Ging Gang Goolie" "Sunday Best" "The Pony"
"The Milkmaid's Lot" "A Man, A Plan..." "Two Imposters" "Margate Sands"

* - Mentioned only

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