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The Chicago Outfit is an Italian American crime family based in Chicago, Illinois.


founded in 1910 by Big Jim Colosimo, the gang that would later be known as the Chicago Outfit was known as the South Side Gang. Colosimo largely kept their business interests in Prostitution, with them running a total of 150 Brothels in Chicago. sometime before 1920, Colosimo brought in Johnny Torrio from New York City to work for him as his number two. Torrio was part of the Five Points gang in new york, and when he moved to Chicago, he brought two friends of his with him, Al Capone and Frankie Yale.

In 1920, when prohibition began, Colosimo along with torrio and capone, went to Atlantic City for a meeting with the corrupt city treasurer Nucky Thompson, as well as New York gangsters Arnold Rothstein and Lucky Luciano. the meeting went swell, but Colosimo still refused to enter the illegal liquor trade, he thought they were bringing in enough money from their Brothels. Torrio decided to go behind Colosimo's back and started his own bootlegging business, and decided to sanction Colosimo's murder, with him being shot by Frankie Yale at his restaurant. together Torrio and Capone turned the gang from a prostitution empire to a large bootlegging enterprises, with capone as his number two guy, and through establishing deals with Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Mickey Doyle, and Jimmy Darmody.

the Outfit had a longstanding feud with the irish-polish North side gang of chicago, led by Dean O'Banion. Torrio tried to keep the peace, but O'Banion's desire for control over the liquor trade, as well as the violence and death that brought, caused torrio to finally sanction O'Banion's murder, with him being shot to death by Frankie Yale, Albert Anselmi, and John Scalise in november of 1924. However, O'Banion's lieutenants Hymie Weiss and Bugs Moran seeked revenge. in january of 1925, Moran and another hitman attacked Torrio outside his home in front of his wife, killing his driver and shooting him repeatedly. Torrio survived, but he decided to hand control of the outfit over to Capone. Capone led a bloody revolt against the irish, killing Hymie Weiss, and later on killing many other gang members on St. Valentines day. Moran fled the city, and the North Side gang fell apart.

Now with all his enemies gone, Capone reveled in his untested reign as the cities Criminal Kingpin. Running a large chain of Speakeasies, Booze Runners, Card Games, and Brothels. He became a well beloved public figure, and established himself as a respected business man. Capone and his men often hung out at the Lexington Hotel, which became his base of operations. He started to develop a cocaine addiction, which made him more and more erratic and violent. over the next 6 years, the Chicago Outfit ruled the city with an iron fist. Becoming one of the most powerful mafia gangs in the state, with a total of 500 members.

As a result of the murder of Bugs Moran's gang on St. Valentines Day, the FBI began their pursuit of capone, the most prominent one being Prohibition agent Eliot Ness. Capone enjoyed the fame that it was giving him, but Lucky Luciano knew that it was bad for him. the FBI put one of their agents Mike Malone undercover as an outfit enforcer called D'Angelo, he ended up working for Al for a while, gaining more and more info on his illegal activities. Eventually in 1931 Capone was put on trial, and held on the grounds for Tax Evasion. That on top of Malone's testimony would finally bring Capone down, and he was sent to prison, leaving a power vacuum over who will run the outfit.

Sometime during Capone's trial, Luciano and the bosses of the other New York families formed the Commision, and the Chicago Outfit was given a seat in the board.









  • the Lexington Hotel-Al Capone's headquarters during his time as the boss.
  • Four Deuces-brothel and speakeasy, the outfit's main base of operations.
  • Chicago Warehouse-used for storing and shipping illegal alcohol. shown during the ending montage of the pilot episode.
  • Greektown Speakeasy-control went to the outfit after the murder of Charlie Sheridan.
  • Michigan Speakeasy-controlled by Jake Guzik.
  • Hawthorne Garage and Livery-a brothel, and the outfit's headquarters in Cicero, Illinois. Destroyed by O’Bannon’s men
  • Colosimo's-restaurant owned by Big Jim Colosimo, and the location of his death. shown in the ending montage of the pilot episode.


  • Bootlegging-Distributing, Selling, and Buying illegal alcohol, with this becoming their main source of income.
  • Prostitution-going way back from its early days, the outfit controlled many brothels in chicago.
  • Gambling-hosting illegal card games.
  • Murder-killing those who are a threat, or those who have "disrespected" a member of the outfit in any way.
  • Loansharking-citizens loaning unreasonably high amounts of money to members of the outfit.
  • Police Corruption-the outfit has a large percent of the Chicago police on their payroll.
  • Drugs-Al Capone would later on develop a cocaine addiction, which on top of his syphilis, increased his erattic behavior.


Al Capone and Johnny Torrio had the Money to buy all of the best lawyers in chicago to assist in any legal case the law threw at them. Both Capone and his brothers were involved in the Cicero mayoral campaign of "Jumping" Joe Klenah, in which he won.