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Chicago Patron, played by co-star Nikolas Kontomanolis, is a supporting character in "Anastasia". He is a regular at a speakeasy managed by George Anastos in Greek Town, Chicago.

Italian gangster Al Capone meets Anastos in his speakeasy while Capone's associate Jimmy Darmody watches from the bar. Anastos is concerned that Capone is pressuring him to buy alcohol from Italian crime boss Johnny Torrio when he is currently supplied by Irish gangster Charlie Sheridan. Capone announces to the patrons that the speakeasy is in Torrio’s territory. Anastos begs him to speak to Sheridan and says he is ignorant. Capone says that the Greeks are an intelligent people and asks Anastos to confirm that they invented arithmetic. Capone says Anastos should be able to predict the sequence of events before kicking him off his chair. Jimmy puts a hand on his gun, lets go and then approaches. Capone shouts down protests from the patron, offers to help the owner to his feet and then backhands him when he reaches up. Jimmy urges Capone to stop and Capone refuses. Capone tells the owner to make a big order when Torrio's truck comes around and threatens to destroy his stock if he does not. Finally he tells the owner to send Sheridan to the Four Deuces if he has a problem. He prompts Jimmy to follow as he leaves the speakeasy. The patron and others help Anastos to his feet. This encounter marks the beginning of a turf war between Sheridan and Torrio.


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