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Customs official 2, played by co-star Spencer Aste, is a supporting character in "Battle of the Century".

Season 2[]

After disembarking in Belfast, corrupt American crime boss Nucky Thompson and Irish Republican Army hit-man Owen Sleater reach the front of the queue for passport checks. The official asks for their documentation and has to prompt Sleater to hand his over along with Nucky’s. Sleater says that it is good to be home. The official asks for the purpose of Nucky’s visit and he gestures to a coffin behind him and claims that he has come to bury his father in his homeland. The official asks Nucky for the repatriation documents and death certificate for Ethan. The official asks if there was an accident, Nucky assumes he is referring to Ethan’s death and states that it was natural. The official clarifies that he meant Nucky’s bandaged hand and Nucky jokes that it was caught in the wrong cookie jar. He doesn’t get so much as a smile out of the bureaucrat and asks Owen if they have cookie jars in Ireland. The official stamps their documents and welcomes them "to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland". Sleater hesitates and then offers a salutation to King George V.


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