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Daughter Maitland is a jazz and blues singer employed by Dr Valentin Narcisse. She has performed at Owney Madden's Cotton Club in New York City, New York and the Onyx Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Daughter is played by actress and Broadway singer Margot Bingham.



Daughter (birth name unknown) was born to a prostitute in New Orleans, Louisiana ("Marriage and Hunting") and was raised in the same room where her mother worked. Her instructions while her mother was busy was to hide inside a closet, closing her eyes and ears, but she disobeyed sometimes and watched her. Like other prostitutes in the brothel, Daughter's mother kept a jar of lye under the bed to throw over customers who became unruly or violent.

Some time after his arrival to the city in 1898, Dr. Valentin Narcisse came to Daughter's mother's place and she threw lye over his chest, chemically scarring him. Narcisse reacted by strangling Daughter's mother to death, after which he found Daughter in the closet ("William Wilson"). Since Narcisse didn't know her name, he called her "Daughter" ("Havre de Grace") and she apparently came to forget her birth name. Narcisse then abducted Daughter and departed for New York City "in a cart more fit for cattle" than to transport human beings. During the travel, Narcisse made Daughter promise that even though she would sleep with other men, her heart would always belong to him. ("Marriage and Hunting"). Daughter grew up to be a talented singer under Narcisse's watch, eventually performing at Owney Madden's famous Cotton Club.

By the start of Season 4 in early 1924, Daughter suffers from Stockholm Syndrome or capture-bonding and bears no ill will to Narcisse, his psychological and sometimes physical abuse notwithstanding ("Marriage and Hunting"). She also has depressive episodes that Narcisse advices her to keep secret ("The Old Ship of Zion"). Daughter knows that Narcisse killed her mother, but seems to believe that he is a "decent man" who, in Narcisse's own words, "set her [mother] free". The two have a little ritual during which she cleans the since then healed burns in his chest with a wet cloth ("William Wilson").

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