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Davey's death.

Davey Murdoch is a New York gangster played by Billy Smith. Murdoch works for Arnold Rothstein.



Murdoch is an enforcer for New York organised crime boss Arnold Rothstein.

Season 1[]

Murdoch is responsible for safely transporting the first shipment of alcohol Rothstein buys from Nucky Thompson from Atlantic City to New York. Murdoch works with Simon and several other men on this task. Murdoch and Simon take boats out to the Atlantic City Harbour and meet fishing Captain Bill McCoy. McCoy offloads a shipment of 100 cases of Canadian Club Whiskey onto Murdoch's boat. Murdoch takes the whiskey back to shore and has his men transfer it into trucks. Murdoch plans to drive through the night to get the whiskey back to New York.

The plan goes awry when the convoy is halted by an overturned car in the road. The car belongs to Billy Winslow who is also lying in the road. The obstacle is a trap set by hijackers Al Capone and Jimmy Darmody. Murdoch threatens the hijackers but is ultimately murdered by Capone. The shipment is stolen and taken to Chicago creating a feud between Rothstein and Thompson. ("Boardwalk Empire")


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