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Grogan's death.

Del Grogan, played by Gary Troy, is a traitor to the Irish independence movement living in America.



Grogan was a supporter of Sinn Féin who turned traitor to the cause. He informed police auxiliary force the Black and Tans about Sinn Féin activities and then fled to America.

Season 2[]

Owen Sleater nurses a bottled beer in a bar and watches a Grogan arrive. He approaches and tells Grogan that he recognises him. Grogan asks if he knows Sleater and Sleater explains that they have met through his cousin Sean in Dunmurry. Grogan disparages Dunmurry and Sleater agrees that it is a quiet town. Grogan asks if Sean is related to Sleater on the Halligan side of his family. Sleater clarifies that it is through the Cavanaughs. Grogan says that Sleater is one of Desi’s boys and Sleater confirms this and mentions Desi’s death. Grogan calls Desi’s death bad luck and Sleater pauses and then blames the Black and Tans, an auxiliary police division employed by the British government. Grogan claims to have stayed out of Ireland’s troubles with the British and Sleater observes that it is a fight that will never end. Grogan says they are welcome to the fight and Sleater says they are free of it in America. They toast the Stars and Stripes. Sleater asks to buy Grogan a drink and Grogan declines at first but relents when Sleater says he is homesick but goes to the restroom first. Sleater takes a spoon from a plate as the barman clears it and follows Grogan into the restroom. Sleater jams the door with the spoon and grips a garrotte in both hands. As Sleater approaches Grogan turns and slashes at him with a knife cutting through his waistcoat. Sleater manages to grapple with Grogan. They trade blows until Sleater gains the upper hand by hitting Grogan with a spittoon. He manages to get the garrotte around Grogan’s neck but Grogan gets a hand in the way. Sleater tightens the garrotte as passersby walk over the grate that is the restroom’s ceiling. Grogan continues to struggle as someone tries the bathroom door. The garrotte severs Grogan’s fingers and he finally expires. Sleater bitterly tells Grogan’s body that he has led him on a merry chase for five months and Sleater calls Grogan a traitor. He spits on the corpse and walks out.


Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Off for a slash first."


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