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Dr. Douglas Mason, played by Patrick Kennedy, is a supporting character in the third season of Boardwalk Empire. He is a young physician in Atlantic City's St. Theresa's Hospital.


Season 3[]

Dr. Landau yells Dr. Mason to help a female patient after she bleeds in front of Margaret Thompson during her guided tour to the new Enoch and Margaret Thompson Pediatric annex in St. Theresa's Hospital, on December 31 1922. After the completion of the tour Margaret asks Mason about the state of the woman and he informs her that she is resting but has miscarried due to an Escherichia coli infection. He also confides that the incident could have been easily avoided if the woman had been told to not drink raw milk, but that the hospital provides no prenatal care.

Margaret later inquires Dr. Landau about this information in the New Year's Eve party at the Thompson family home. Landau reacts with hostility and asks for the identity of the doctor that talked to Margaret. In order to protect Mason, Margaret says that she doesn't remember the doctor's name and describes him as an old man. ("Resolution")

Margaret visits the hospital to see Edwina Shearer, but finds her brusque and disinterested in discussing her miscarriage with a stranger. Margaret goes to see Dr. Mason to ask what he proposes they do about the lack of health education for pregnant women. She finds his manner infuriating and he confounds her with his doubt in her ability to effect change. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")

Margaret forces Landau to agree to a prenatal care clinic by raising the idea during a meeting with Bishop Norman, falsely presenting it as though Landau came up with it. He assigns them a room in the hospital to use and Margaret meets with Mason to assess the space. They find it filled with equipment but it does not dampen their enthusiasm. ("Bone for Tuna")

Margaret Thompson faces resistance from the nuns of St. Theresa's Hospital to her new prenatal care classes. Sister Agnes goes through a lesson plan redacting "infelicitous" language despite it's scientific basis. Margaret and Dr. Douglas Mason try to maintain an understandable lexicon for the sake of the students. ("Blue Bell Boy")


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