Edward Bader is a New Jersey construction magnate and politician. He is played by Kevin O'Rourke. He becomes Atlantic City Mayor in the December 1920 elections. He is based on the real Atlantic City Politician of the same name.



Bader runs a successful construction company in Atlantic City. He is a republican.

Season 1

He becomes Mayor of Atlantic City with backing from Nucky Thompson in season 1.

Season 2

In season 2 he remains loyal to Nucky during the commodores attempted political coup.

Bader is a guest of honor during the memorial day celebrations in May 1921. ("Gimcrack & Bunkum")

World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey holds an open practice in a tent on the beach in Atlantic City. Dempsey’s sparring partner is bloodied; the two hug at the end of the round. A gaggle of reporters at the ringside question Dempsey. Bader and Nucky are with Dempsey's trainer Jack "Doc" Kearns on the sidelines. Dempsey leaves the ring and Nucky compliments his performance for the press. Nucky asks Dempsey to make a promotional appearance at Babette’s Supper Club on Friday to advertise the wireless broadcast of the fight. Bader explains that they will be charging $2.50 a ticket to listen to the fight live via the radio. Dempsey agrees on the condition that his trainer is on board. Nucky replies that with Doc expecting a 10% share of their takings he will gladly agree and Doc jokes about scientific progress. ("Peg of Old")

At Babette’s Doc entertains Dempsey, Nucky and Bader with a joke before Dempsey’s speech. Doc reminds Dempsey to mention the Radio Corporation of America and hands him a copy of a prepared speech. Dempsey stands on the bar and addresses the crowd. A man emerges from the crowd with a pistol in hand. Nucky raises his hand and the man fires at him, hitting him in his right palm. Nucky collapses and federal investigator [{Clifford Lathrop]] shoots the would be assassin from the back of the room. As Jimmy exits he hears Bader say that Nucky is alive. ("Peg of Old")


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