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Edward Edwards is a Democratic politician played by Wayne Duvall. He is the Governor of New Jersey. The character is based on the real politician of the same name.


Season 1[]

Atlantic County Treasurer Nucky Thompson mentions inviting Governor Edwards to his birthday party in 1920, knowing that Edwards will not attend because of their mutual dislike. ("Anastasia")

Season 2[]

He is a supporter of The Commodore in his attempted political coup against Nucky Thompson. He meets with the commodore and his son, Jimmy Darmody, for dinner at Babette's Supper Club provoking a confrontation with Thompson. ("A Dangerous Maid")


  • Frank Hague: Mayor of Jersey City, Democrat, ally
  • Nucky Thompson: Atlantic County Treasurer, Republican, enemy (deceased)
  • The Commodore: Atlantic City power broker and former Atlantic County Treasurer, Republican, ally (deceased)

Memorable Quotes[]


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