Edward Edwards is a Democratic politician played by Wayne Duvall. He is the Governor of New Jersey. The character is based on the real politician of the same name.


Season 1Edit

Atlantic County Treasurer Nucky Thompson mentions inviting Governor Edwards to his birthday party in 1920, knowing that Edwards will not attend because of their mutual dislike. ("Anastasia")

Season 2Edit

He is a supporter of The Commodore in his attempted political coup against Nucky Thompson. He meets with the commodore and his son, Jimmy Darmody, for dinner at Babette's Supper Club provoking a confrontation with Thompson. ("A Dangerous Maid")


  • Frank Hague: Mayor of Jersey City, Democrat, ally
  • Nucky Thompson: Atlantic County Treasurer, Republican, enemy (deceased)
  • The Commodore: Atlantic City power broker and former Atlantic County Treasurer, Republican, ally (deceased)

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