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"Eldorado" is the series finale of Boardwalk Empire, the eighth episode of the fifth season and the 56th episode overall. It was co-written by the series creator and Executive Producer Terence Winter & Executive Producer Howard Korder and directed by Executive Producer Tim Van Patten. It first aired on October 26th, 2014.



With his holdings in Atlantic City lost, Nucky Thompson takes a swim in the ocean. Due to Nucky's manipulation of the stock market, Joseph Kennedy's business associates are nervous that repeal will not happen, and begin unloading their shares. Kennedy suspects Nucky's involvement and visits Margaret Thompson. She convinces Kennedy to short sell his own shares. Margaret meets Nucky to inform him of her success, and they share a dance but are interrupted by a realtor. Nucky returns to Atlantic City, intending to settle his affairs before leaving. He meets Eli, gives him some money, and encourages him to return to his family. He then meets Gillian in the sanitarium, telling her the most he can do is set up a trust fund for her when she is released and that he is not sure what she wants from him. Gillian is withdrawn and has been forcibly sterilized.

In New York, Luciano and Lansky gather crime bosses from New York and all around the country and form the Commission, a singular body will mediate relations between all crime organizations in the country. Luciano also tasks Bugsy with killing Narcisse, and he is publicly assassinated in front of his church. In Chicago, Capone is served a court summons when the authorities manage to obtain his ledgers. While he publicly boasts that the charges of tax evasion won't stick, Capone says goodbye to his son before heading to court, where D'Angelo is waiting for him.

In 1897, Deputy Nucky is shocked to find out that Mabel has miscarried. Eli summons Nucky home, where he sees that his father has hit his mother again. Nucky and his father fight and Nucky warns that there will be consequences if harm were to come to his mother again. After returning to Atlantic city, Nucky notices Gillian participating in a parade. The Commodore fires Nucky but offers to reinstate him as Sheriff, if he delivers Gillian to him. Nucky reluctantly approaches Gillian, telling her that the Commodore is willing to take her in, and promising that he will take care of her.

In 1931, Nucky comes across Joe Harper again. Harper reveals that his real name is Tommy Darmody, Jimmy's son and Gillian's grandson. Tommy shoots Nucky three times before being restrained by the police. As Nucky lays on the ground dying, he sees a vision of a younger version of himself swimming in the ocean and catching a coin.


First Appearances[]





  1. Steve Buscemi as Enoch "Nucky" Thompson
  2. Kelly MacDonald as Margaret Thompson
  3. Michael Shannon as Nelson Van Alden (credit only)
  4. Shea Whigham as Elias "Eli" Thompson
  5. Stephen Graham as Al Capone
  6. Vincent Piazza as Salvatore Charlie "Lucky" Luciano
  7. Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White (credit only)
  8. Paul Sparks as Mickey Doyle (credit only)
  9. Jeffrey Wright as Valentin Narcisse
  10. Ben Rosenfield as Willie Thompson (credit only)
  11. and Gretchen Mol as Gillian Darmody

Guest Starring[]

  1. Anatol Yusef as Meyer Lansky
  2. Ian Hart as Ethan Thompson, 1897
  3. Domenick Lombardozzi as Ralph Capone
  4. Marc Pickering as Enoch Thompson, 1897
  5. Matt Letscher as Joseph P. Kennedy
  6. Maya Kazan as Mabel Thompson, 1897
  7. John Ellison Conlee as Commodore Louis Kaestner, 1897
  8. Michael Zegen as Bugsy Siegel
  9. Travis Tope as Tommy Darmody
  10. Louis Cancelmi as Mike D'Angelo
  11. Erin Dilly as Elenore Thompson, 1897
  12. Nolan Lyons as Enoch Thompson, 1884
  13. John C. Vennema as Lawrence Conors
  14. Michael Countryman as Frank Wilson
  15. Paul Fitzgerald as Charles Gabler
  16. Richard Bekins as Theodore Rollins


  1. Fred Arsenault as [[]]
  2. Madelyn Barkocy as [[]]
  3. Greg Oliver Bodine as [[]]
  4. Samantha Buck as the Apartment Hunting Wife
  5. Joseph Byrne as [[]]
  6. Dustin Charles as [[]]
  7. Sheffield Chastain as [[]]
  8. Brian Myers Cooper as [[]]
  9. Destiny Cruz as a School Girl
  10. Victoria Dennis as a Petal Thrower
  11. Ryan Dinning as Eli Thompson, 1897
  12. Amadeo Fusca as Joe Bonnano
  13. Matt Harrington as [[]]
  14. Ethan Herschenfeld as Pinky Rabinowitz
  15. Stephen Hill as Clarence, Narcisse's man
  16. Joseph Huffman as Stock broker
  17. Vincent Ingrisiano as [[]]
  18. Salvatore Inzerillo as Thomas Gagliano
  19. Rachel Kenney as a Boardwalk Barker
  20. Jack Koenig as Capone's lawyer
  21. Bryonna Kristoferson as [[]]
  22. Katherine LaFountain as a School Girl
  23. Jordan Lage as Leander Cephas Whitlock, 1897
  24. Marcella Lentz-Pope as Mae Capone
  25. Robert Langdon Lloyd as [[]]
  26. Julia Losner as Neptune's Consort
  27. Katence A. Lucas as [[]]
  28. Regan Lutz as a School Girl
  29. Saint Marino as a Capone gang member
  30. Mary McCann as the Matron
  31. Christopher McLinden as Robert Elwood St. John, reporter
  32. Scott Francis Moreau as Jim Neary, 1897
  33. Isabelle Arely Palladino as [[]]
  34. Kevin Pariseau as [[]]
  35. Madyson Pellegrino as a School Girl
  36. Salvatore Rossi as Sonny Capone
  37. David Rossmer as [[]]
  38. Alicia Ruggiero as [[]]
  39. Thomas Schall as a Middle-Aged Man on the boardwalk
  40. Jeffrey Schecter as Lou Grossman, reporter
  41. Michael Siberry as Senator Wendell Lloyd
  42. Brian Silliman as Photographer 1
  43. David Stam as [[]]
  44. Shane Tunney as a Princeton Student
  45. John Virag as [[]]
  46. Mia C. Vogt as [[]]
  47. Pernell Walker as [[]]
  48. Danny Wolohan as a Treasury Agent
  49. Christina Wright as [[]]
  50. Madeleine Rose Yen as Gillian Darmody, 1897
  51. Jessica Swesey as an Old Rumpus Dancer


  1. Tim Van Patten - Director
  2. Howard Korder - Writer
  3. & Terence Winter - Writer
  4. Terence Winter - Creator
  5. Terence Winter - Executive Producer
  6. Martin Scorsese - Executive Producer
  7. Mark Wahlberg - Executive Producer
  8. Stephen Levinson - Executive Producer
  9. Tim Van Patten - Executive Producer
  10. Howard Korder - Executive Producer
  11. Eugene Kelly - Executive Producer
  12. Joseph E. Iberti - Episodic Producer
  13. Allen Coulter - Producer
  14. Rick Yorn - Producer
  15. Brad Carpenter - Producer
  1. Pepper O'Brien - Co-Producer
  2. Dhana Rivera Gilbert - Co-Producer
  3. Bill Coleman - Director of Photography
  4. Tim Streeto, A.C.E. - Editor
  5. Perri B. Frank - Editor
  6. Bill Groom - Production Designer
  7. Meredith Tucker - Casting
  1. Chris Place - Stunt Coordinator
  2. Dhana Rivera Gilbert - Unit Production Manager
  3. Joseph E. Iberti - Unit Production Manager
  4. Jude Gorjanc - First Assistant Director (AD)
  5. Ted O'Connor - Second AD
  6. Lesley Robson-Foster - Visual Effects Supervisor
  7. John Flavin - Co-Producer
  8. John Dunn - Costume Designer
  9. Randall Poster - Music Supervisor
  10. Cristine Chambers - Co-Producer
  11. Riccardo DiLoreto - Staff Writer
  12. Russ Hammonds - Associate Producer
  13. Pat Birch - Choreographer
  14. Deanna Dys - Assistant Choreographer
  15. David Yazbek - Original Music
  16. Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks - Recorded Songs
  17. Nelson Johnson - Based on his book Boardwalk Empire





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