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Emma Harrow is the twin sister of World War I veteran turned gangster Richard Harrow. She is played by Katherine Waterston. While first mentioned in Season 1, she appears for the first time in the Season 4 premiere, "New York Sour".



Emma and Richard are twins and the only children their parents ever had.  The two grew up together on a rural farm near Plover, Wisconsin. They only had each other for companionship, as there were no other children of their age around. Together they would milk cows, bale hay and fish. ("What Does the Bee Do?") Emma taught Richard how to cook and shoot. ("Resolution") The two posed for their last photo together in 1916, when their parents were still alive. ("Ging Gang Goolie")

When Richard came back injured from the war, Emma gave him morphine and nursed him as best as she could. Despite his injuries, she never treated him differently as he was the closest person in her life. However, Richard did feel differently. The war had changed him and would stare at her and feel nothing. When Richard's wounds healed, he moved to Chicago to get lost there. Emma would continue to send him books to read, but he did not write back or talk to her from then on. ("Home", "What Does the Bee Do?" ).

Season 1[]

Richard tells Jimmy Darmody about Emma and how she keeps sending books the first time they meet in the Veterans Hospital. ("Home")

Season 2[]

Prompted by Angela Darmody's question while sketching him, Richard confides the existence of his sister and their finished relationship to her. After that, he feels strong enough to take off his tin mask and pose while displaying his injury. ("What Does the Bee Do?"  )

Season 3[]


One of the Harrow family photos taken in 1916, showing Emma, Richard and their parents. ("Ging Gang Goolie")

Richard tells Tommy Darmody that his sister taught him to shoot and cook ("Resolution").

After returning Paul Sagorsky's jacket to his daughter, Julia, she asks Richard if he has family and he mentions again his sister. She asks if they are close and he lies, saying they are. That night, Richard stares silently at the last photos he took with his family, dated 1916. ("Ging Gang Goolie" )

Richard forgets ever having told of Emma to Tommy over the next months. Annoyed, the kid replies that he has a sister, a mother and a father and that they all live in a farm. ("Sunday Best")

Season 4[]

Richard returns to the family home in Plover in February 1924. As he hides his gun among the wood and knocks on the door, Emma ambushes him from behind, wielding a Double-barreled shotgun. Richard turns back and says "Emma, I've come home". She lowers the gun and remains speechless. ("New York Sour")


  • Richard Harrow: Twin brother (deceased)
  • Unnamed mother (deceased)
  • Unnamed father (deceased)
  • Gerald: Husband (deceased)
  • Hubert: Brother-in-law
  • Unborn Child
  • Sampson: Dog (deceased)


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