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Ernie Moran is an Atlantic City businessman played by John Keating. He is an investor in Nucky Thompson's road-building scheme and is also a member of the Order of Ancient Celts. He introduces Nucky to Sinn Fein fundraiser John McGarrigle in order for Nucky to buy influence back in Ireland.



Moran is a first generation Irish immigrant and an Atlantic City businessman, the owner of a quarry firm. He is a member of the Order of Ancient Celts. While still in Ireland he fought for Irish independence from the English. He remains a supporter of Sinn Fein. ("Nights in Ballygran", "21")

Season 1[]

Moran attends the Order of Ancient Celts annual St. Patrick's Day dinner and gets involved in an argument about whether second generation Irish immigrants are as loyal to their homeland as first generation immigrants. As a first generation man Moran interjects that he held the line against the English armed with only a fire pole. The dinner is later broken up by Prohibition Agents and all assistants told to go home. ("Nights in Ballygran")

Season 2[]

Moran bribes Nucky Thompson in order to be the sole gravel provider for Nucky's road-building scheme.("21")

He also introduces Nucky to Sinn Fein fundraiser John McGarrigle.("Ourselves Alone")

Moran attends Atlantic City Mayor Edward Bader's birthday party in April 1921, along with those few men that have remained loyal to Nucky after his indiction for election fraud two months before. ("What Does the Bee Do?")

Moran accompanies Nucky, mayor Bader, Damien Fleming and Eddie Kessler for a celebration on the land they are about to sell back to the state so the building of the new roads can start.



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