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Eunice (played by Trisha McCormick) is the secretary to the Atlantic County Treasurer.



She ostensibly works for Nucky Thompson in his role as Atlantic County Treasurer but rarely sees him. She spends her days completing puzzles because Thompson spends most of his time working from a suite in the Ritz Carlton.

Season 2[]

She is surprised when Nucky Thompson comes to his official office at the Atlantic City Municipal Building shortly after his arrest in January 1921. She capably follows his instructions to contact the Atlantic County Sheriff. the Atlantic City Mayor and the Aldermen. She is visibly pleased when Nucky tells her to keep up the good work and does not seem to mind that he has forgotten her name, calling her Enid. ("Ourselves Alone")

Nucky stands down in June 1921 and Alderman Jim Neary takes over as interim treasurer. Neary (a married man) begins an affair with Eunice. In August 1921 they are interrupted having sex in Neary's office by Jimmy Darmody and Richard Harrow. Darmody sends Eunice away and Neary is later discovered dead in his office, an apparent suicide.



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