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Frank's death.

Salvatore "Frank" Capone (played by guest star Morgan Spector) is a New York gangster and older brother of Al Capone. The character debuts in the fourth season premiere "New York Sour". Frank has followed his brother to Chicago, Illinois to work for Johnny Torrio. He is based on the historical figure of the same name.



Frank grew up in New York City surrounded by a large family. His brother Al Capone left New York for Chicago under the employ of Johnny Torrio in 1920. Their mother Teresina also moved West with Al.

Season 4[]

Frank and Ralph assist Al in transporting prostitutes from the Four Deuces in Chicago to Cicero to curry favor with local masons. They are attempting to have their corrupt politician Joe Klenah elected Mayor of Cicero. Al is annoyed when his name is spelled wrong in a newspaper article about his work for Torrio. Frank accompanies Al to the reporters office to deliver a reprimand. ("New York Sour")



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Season four appearances
"New York Sour" "Resignation" "Acres of Diamonds" "All In"
"Erlkonig" "The North Star" "William Wilson" "The Old Ship of Zion"
"Marriage and Hunting" "White Horse Pike" "Havre De Grace" "Farewell Daddy Blues"