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Capone's man

Frank Galluccio, played by an unidentified extra, is a minor character in "Resolution".



Born in New York, Galluccio is mostly known for giving Al Capone his famous scars. While visiting a club on Cony Island with his sister, Capone tried asking his sister out, but after she refused repeatedly, Capone indirectly insulted her. This caused Galluccio to pull out his knife and slash Capone across the face. Sometime later, Galluccio came to Chicago and went to work for the Chicago Outfit, where he became a bodyguard for Capone.

Season 3[]

He accompanies Al Capone to Dean O'Banion's flower shop. Capone is planning to exact vengeance for O'Banion insulting him earlier. O'Banion manages to intimidate them into leaving by bluffing that chance arrival Nelson Van Alden is his bodyguard. ("Resolution")


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