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Fred Sagorsky, also known as "Freddie", is an unseen character mentioned in Season 3. He is the only son of Paul Sagorsky and brother of Julia Sagorsky. He was killed in action while serving in the US Army during the last stages of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, right before the end of World War I in November 1918. ("Ging Gang Goolie")



Fred won several awards in school, including an athletics championship in 1910. ("Sunday Best")

After his death, his father fell into depression and alcoholism and his sister called off his engagement to a man named Douglas to take care of him. Paul Sagorsky kept his son's room at the Sagorsky residence intact. He also goes often to the local hall of the American Legion carrying Fred's war medal as if he could meet Fred there, getting into fights with other veterans in the process. ("A Man, A Plan...", "Ging Gang Goolie")

Season 3[]

Julia first tells Richard Harrow about Fred when he goes to the Sagorsky residence to return Paul's forgotten jacket, which has Fred's medal in one of its pockets. ("Ging Gang Goolie")

Julia invites Richard to dinner on Easter Sunday and he brings Tommy Darmody with him. During the meal Tommy asks to use the bathroom; on the way back from it, however, he enters Fred Sagorsky's rooms and begins to play with his toys. Paul Sagorsky is furious when he discovers it and grabs Tommy by the collar. Alerted by Tommy's screams, the rest of the people in the house come to see what's happening and Julia unsuccessfully tries to talk Paul into releasing Tommy saying that he is a child and it doesn't matter if he touches Fred's things. Paul is offended and says that it matters to him because they belong to his son, and those things do in fact matter more to him than Julia herself. After Richard talks him into releasing Tommy, Paul orders all of them out of his house and retires to Fred's room to cry. ("Sunday Best")

Richard brings Tommy to the Sagorskys home again after massacring Rosetti's men in the Artemis Club. Paul, who is unusually sober, immediately tells his daughter to take the kid to Fred's room. ("Margate Sands")


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