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George Baxter is a travelling cutlery salesman who supplies restaurants in Atlantic City. Baxter is played by co-star Allen Lewis Rickman.



Baxter is a travelling cutlery salesman. He supplies restaurants in Atlantic City among other places. He meets a girl named Claudia in Baltimore and takes her to Atlantic City for a weekend to impress her. They stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

At some point he has changed careers and is now in the radio business, and returns to Atlantic City attempting to involve Nucky in a promotional scheme.

Season 1[]

Baxter stops Atlantic County Treasurer Nucky Thompson in the hotel lobby and introduces Claudia. Nucky is eager to leave but wishes them well and suggests they take in the attractions. Claudia tells Baxter she wants to go roller-skating. After Nucky leaves she is suitably impressed with Baxter's connections.

Baxter and Claudia encounter Nucky again while they are getting a push chair ride along the boardwalk. Claudia goes to buy salt water taffy and Baxter complains that despite taking Claudia out for dinner and to a show she has not given in to his advances. When she returns, Nucky tells Claudia that she is perfect for a beauty contest he is planning and that Baxter will be one of the judges. He whispers to Baxter that she should warm up now and Baxter thanks him as he leaves.

In his own hotel room Baxter makes further sexual advances on Claudia and is again rejected. She threatens to scream if he continues. He decides to drive her home to Baltimore annoyed at the money he has spent on her.

In his car Baxter complains that the trip to Atlantic City was a waste of time. He tells Claudia that lots of women would have been pleased with the trip. As they enter Hammonton, New Jersey Claudia asks Baxter to pull over and offers to let Baxter kiss her. She tells him to undo his trousers and then begins to manually stimulate him. The couple are shocked when an injured man stumbles out of the woods. ("The Ivory Tower")

Baxter meets Nucky again at the party celebrating Warren G. Harding's election in November 2, 1920 at Babette's. He is now in a relationship with Annabelle, and jokes that he'll teach her everything he knows about the cutlery industry by "knifing, forking and spooning" her. ("A Return to Normalcy")


Memorable Quotes[]

"Ol' Baxie knows 'em all, baby!"

"I'm takin' you back to Bal-T-More!"

"I got headlamps, haven't I?"

"I'll knife ya and spoon ya, and fork ya, too!"


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