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== Biography ==
== Biography ==
=== Background ===
=== Background ===

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Gyp Rosetti is a main character in the third season of Boardwalk Empire. He is played by American actor Bobby Cannavale. Gyp Rosetti is a violent Sicilian gangster from New York City that gets in conflict with Nucky Thompson.



Gyp Rosetti was born and raised in Sperlinga, a township in north-central Sicily, Italy. He is very sensitive to comments about his ignorance in particular or that disrespect him in general - or to those he thinks that are, at least. ("Resolution")

Season 3

Memorable Quotes

  • "What's that? A gun? I got a gun. He got a gun. He got a gun... Everybody got guns!" (Season 3 Trailer)
  • "Not personal? What the fuck is life, if it's not personal?!" (Season 3 Trailer)
  • "Gyp Rosetti is trouble for everyone." - Nucky Thompson (Season 3 Trailer)
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