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Hans Schroeder (played by Joseph Sikora) was an Atlantic City resident, father of two, and abusive husband of Margaret Schroeder.



Hans was a violently abusive alcoholic and a gambling addict. He was married to first generation Irish immigrant Margaret Schroeder. They have two children Teddy and Emily. He began working intermittently as a baker's assistant in 1909 and the family lived in a rented house in the Fourth Ward of Atlantic City. He was arrested only once prior to his death, for urinating in a moving trolley during the 1912 Oktoberfest by then Atlantic County Sheriff Nucky Thompson. ("Boardwalk Empire", "The Ivory Tower")

Season 1[]


Hans, found dead in a fishing net, is fingered in connection to the recent gang-related shootings.

After finding the cash Margaret has hidden from him - which came from a charitable Nucky - Hans takes the money, beats and accuses her of "whoring", and later goes out drinking and gambling. Catching Nucky at a bad time, he confronts Thompson and throws the money back in Nucky's face. Outraged, Nucky slams Hans' head repeatedly against the table and promptly has him thrown out. After Hans finds his way back home, he flies into a rage, taking his frustrations out on Margaret and savagely beats her, causing her to lose their baby. Nucky later finds out about this and is horrified when he realizes the cause. Conveniently happening at this very moment to need a scapegoat for an unintended hijacking massacre committed by Jimmy Darmody, Nucky immediately has his brother, Sheriff Eli Thompson, nab Hans off the street. Eli and Deputy Halloran forcibly load Schroeder onto a fishing boat and take him out onto the bay. Beaten into a bloody pulp, Hans is dumped into the sea, and later turns up in a local fishing net. The local media reports that he was wanted by the law on suspicion of his involvement with the "Woods Massacre" in Hammonton, New Jersey. Afterward, Nucky humbly visits Margaret in the hospital. ("Boardwalk Empire")

Months later, Nucky would announce Hans Schroeder's name again to the press - as being the "ringleader" of a gang of thieves and killers that had been plaguing Atlantic City even after he was found dead. By then, Margaret had become completely indifferent to what had happened her husband, choosing to be alongside Nucky.

Season 2[]

Hans' son Teddy Schroeder keeps a family photograph featuring him in a box under his bed. On July 25, 1921 Eli Thompson is finally arrested for Hans' murder after Deputy Halloran agrees to testify. ("Georgia Peaches")


Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Heard you're familiar with my wife."
  • "Here, ya prick, I'm winnin' anyway."


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