Abram Harding "Hardy" Richardson is a historical figure mentioned in season 1's "Home". He is a retired baseball player from New Jersey that was active in the MLB between 1879 and 1892.

Season 1 Edit

Nucky, Margaret, Harry Prince and Annabelle visit a Northside speakeasy owned by Chalky White in May 1920. Margaret jokes that Nucky’s two favourite conversation subjects are business and politics and Annabelle jokes that they are Harry’s only two. Harry disagrees pointing out that he is always willing to talk baseball. Nucky remembers that he had a catcher’s mitt signed by Hardy Richardson and calls it his prized possession. After Harry and Annabelle leave to dance, Margaret wonders what happened to the glove and Nucky says that it was stolen. When she asks for more details he says that it was taken by a group of kids who beat him up. She asks if he was hurt and he tells her that he does not want to talk about it, remembering her earlier admonition about leaving the past behind. It's not until the two visit Nucky's childhood home later that he tells the full story about the glove: When Nucky told his father Ethan Thompson that four older boys had stolen the glove, he forced Nucky to confront them over it, and they beat up him so badly that he had to spend 11 days in a hospital. ("Home")

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