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Harlan is an employee of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He is played by co-star Julian Rozzell Jr..



Harlan is married with four children. He is a Christian and attends the Shiloh Baptist Church every week. He works at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Season 1[]

Harlan gives Nucky Thompson a shoe shine and they talk briefly. ("Broadway Limited")

Season 2[]

In his office at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Nucky turns over an illustrated Young People’s Bible History in his hands as Harlan shines his shoes. Nucky completes the pre-printed inscription page and puts the bible aside. Harlan asks if the book features the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, which is a favourite of Harlan’s sons. Nucky tells Harlan that the book is a present for his nephew. Nucky asks if Harlan goes to church and learns that he is a regular at the Shiloh Baptist Church on Arctic. Nucky pays Harlan and Harlan wishes him a blessed week. ("The Age of Reason")

Nucky retires from his position as Atlantic County Treasurer and gives up his suite at the Ritz Carlton. Harlan assists Eddie Kessler in moving Nucky's furniture to his home from the hotel. It appears that he is not participating in the city wide strike by African American workers which started in the kitchens of the Ritz Carlton. ("Georgia Peaches")

While dusting, Harlan overhears a conversation between Thompson and his lawyer, Bill Fallon, about Nucky's upcoming case and the damning testimony of Agent Van Alden. Harlan begins to tell Nucky about the Shiloh Baptist Church he attends, but is swiftly interrupted by an annoyed Nucky who is not appreciative of religious sentiments. Curious, Fallon urges Harlan to continue what he was going to say. Harlan informs the men that he and others in his congregation witnessed Van Alden drown Agent Eric Sebso during a baptism about a year ago. Van Alden is later approached with the evidence by Fallon, Deacon Cuffy of the Shiloh Baptist Church and US Attorney Esther Randolph, but manages to flee to avoid capture. ("Under God's Power She Flourishes")


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