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Harry Prince is an Atlantic City businessman played by Michael Badalucco. He keeps his mistress Annabelle in an apartment next door to the one Nucky Thompson rents for Margaret Schroeder.


Season 1[]

Harry and Annabelle are at a North Side speakeasy for the evening with Nucky Thompson and Margaret Schroeder. The two Caucasian couples stand out among the largely African American crowd. While the women are in the bathroom Nucky is in conversation with Harry but is having difficulty following the business man. Harry explains that he has invested in International Reply Coupons via an Italian man in Boston. He explains that his contact claims that he buys the coupons in bulk abroad and then sells them in the US at face value to make a profit. Nucky wonders why everyone is not doing this if it is such an easy way to turn a profit. Harry says that he has been promised a 50% return in 45 days and has had successful returns twice so far and as now invested all of his savings.

Harry grabs the waiter and asks for more drinks as the women return to the table. Annabelle asks what they were talking about and Margaret guesses that it was business, Harry asks what else there is. Annabelle drags Harry up to dance, promising that they can lie down later if he wants to.

Harry later reveals to Nucky, Margeret, Annabelle and Hardeen that he was a victim of a con by Charles Ponzi (who invented the Ponzi scheme in real life). He is distraught because he lost all his money. Angry and unsympathetic, Annabelle leaves him as a result. He steals almost $4,000 Annabelle has hidden; money that she had been stealing from him during their relationship.


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