Helen Russell, played by co-star Oona Mekas, is a minor character in the Season 3 episode "You'd Be Surprised". She is Dr. Douglas Mason fiancée.

Biography Edit

Season 3 Edit

Helen comes one night to the women's health clinic in Saint Theresa's to pick up her fiancé. Margaret mistakes her for a new alumn and tells her that the class is over before Mason clarifies their relationship and introduces the women to each other.

Appearances Edit

Season three appearances
"Resolution" "Spaghetti and Coffee" "Bone for Tuna" "Blue Bell Boy"
"You'd Be Surprised" "Ging Gang Goolie" "Sunday Best" "The Pony"
"The Milkmaid's Lot" "A Man, A Plan..." "Two Imposters" "Margate Sands"
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