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Henry Gaines was William Thompson's rival at Temple University.


Henry is an obnoxious and arrogant student from Philadelphia's upper-crust. His friends call him "Bucket". He and Willy have a mutual attraction to Temple classmate Doris who Henry unsuccessfully tries to inveigle, but she rebuffs his hostile advances at a party being thrown in the basement by Willy and his roommate Clayton after Willy successfully scores some alcohol from Mickey Doyle. Doris asks Willy to escort her back to her dorm much to Henry's chagrin. Doris, however, lures Willy into the upstairs library where they proceed to kiss and fondle. Henry brings his friends upstairs and bursts in singing with them, thereby humiliating Willy. Willy, thinking he's been the target of a set-up, becomes infuriated and threatens to punch Henry in the nose. Henry continues to taunt him by pointing out that his anger isn't the only thing that's risen. The group breaks out into laughter, and Willy storms out ("Acres of Diamonds").

In the next episode, ("All In"), Willy comes up with a scheme to get even with Henry for humiliating him in front of his classmates and he, along with his roommate Clayton, spike Henry's liquor with a concoction, which contains magnesium, they put together in the chemistry lab after hours, which is intended to give Henry diarrhea, and it does. However, in a fit of jealousy Willy poured too much into his cup. Which made Henry lose control of his bowels in front of everyone at the next party, eventually ends up fatally poisoning him. Willy is awaken the following morning by Clayton who leads him to the lavatory where all the boys are standing around in shock as they look at Henry's dead body lying on the bathroom floor with blood hemorrhaging out of his mouth. At this point, Willy and Clayton realize that their prank went terribly wrong and that they inadvertently poisoned Henry.