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Herman Dacus is a minor character in Season 2's premiere "21". He is played by an uncredited actor.



Dacus is an Atlantic City high school teacher and a prominent member of the Atlantic County branch of the Ku Klux Klan. Jimmy Darmody was a student of his. ("21")

Season 2[]

Dacus stages a hit on Chalky White's life in early February 1921 along with three other fellow Klan members. The attack, featuring a Browning M1917 machine gun, largely destroys Chalky's illegal distillery and kills four of his workers but fails to hurt Chalky himself. After the machine gun jams, Dacus and another klansman get off the truck the machine gun is mounted on and enter the building armed with Winchester rifles. The other klansman finds Chalky on the ground but is shot on the arm by a woman before he can kill him. Dacus shoots then the woman, but as another worker appears and fires on him with a revolver he opts to take the wounded klansman out. As the two klansmen leave on their truck, Chalky picks a M1917 Enfield rifle and shoots Herman Dacus on the neck.

The incident causes outrage among Atlantic City's white population, even though the Klan attacked first, and it only deepens after Dacus dies of his wound shortly after. After giving two different, conflicting speeches in AC churches (one attended by blacks and another by whites), Nucky Thompson visits the wake of Herman Dacus at W. B. Shuyler Funeral Parlor and reassures his widow that Dacus was "a pillar of the community". Dacus is buried in a ceremonial KKK robe, and the wake is also attended by several other KKK members. ("21")



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