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The Hotel Manager, played by co-star John Mainieri, is an Atlantic City resident who works for the city's hotels.

He first appeared a supporting character in the series pilot "Boardwalk Empire". He welcomes Big Jim Colosimo and Johnny Torrio to the Brighton Hotel.

Brighton Hotel Manager

The Hotel Manager welcomes Big Jim Colosimo and Johnny Torrio to the Brighton.

He has begun working for the Ritz Carlton Hotel by Season 2. The Ritz Carlton is the headquarters of Atlantic City Treasurer Nucky Thompson who rents the entire eighth floor. Nucky also puts his associate Charles Kenneth Thorogood up in a suite until Thorogood falls out of Nucky's favour. Thorogood is in his suite enjoying the attention of two women when Eddie is let in by the Hotel Manager. Eddie sends the women away and informs Thorogood that Nucky wants him to leave. Thorogood is confused, suspecting a joke, and says that he is not amused. The manager says Thorogood has five minutes to leave and throws his shoes onto the bed, complimenting the footwear as he does so but leaving no further doubt. ("The Age of Reason")

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