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Jake Guzik, played by Joe Caniano, is a character in the first and third seasons. He is a business associate of Chicago mob boss Johnny Torrio. He is based on the historical figure of the same name.



Jake Guzik is a Jewish-Polish pimp and bootlegger in Chicago under the protection of Johnny Torrio. He is married and has at least one child, born c. 1908. ("The Emerald City")

Season 1[]

In mid-1920, Jake Guzik arrives at the Four Deuces as Johnny Torrio is discussing with his associates possible ways to increase their profits. He hands Torrio an envelope with his share of the money gained by Guzik's illegal brewery, which is voluminous as Torrio notes with approval. Torrio then suggests Guzik to expand into the North Side, but is interrupted when the cigar he was handed by Al Capone turns out to be of the joke exploding variety. Guzik laughs at first but becomes serious when he notes that Torrio is angry. Torrio suspends the meeting but agrees to continue the talk with Guzik next Saturday, coinciding with the Bar Mitzvah of Guzik's son. ("The Emerald City")

Season 3[]

In December 1922, Guzik complains to Torrio that North Side gangster Dean O'Banion is selling beer right next to his brewery. He is present when Torrio summons O'Banion to the Four Deuces to explain himself on December 31, and gets up when O'Banion makes fun of Al Capone's deaf son, prompting him to attack. However, Capone is controlled by Torrio and one of his men without Guzik's intervention. After Torrio leaves, Capone confides Guzik that he is planning to make a "visit" to O'Banion that night, despite having just promised Torrio the opposite. Capone's assault is thwarted by an unexpected witness turning up and O'Banion escapes unscathed. ("Resolution")

Al arrives for work and is disgusted to receive a handful of sticky cash from Guzik. He criticizes Guzik's unkempt appearance and urges him to take better care of himself. O'Banion's man Joe Miller assaults Guzik when he is making his collections. Miller mocks Guzik's appearance and body odor as he beats him in front of a crowded bar. Guzik returns to the Deuces and tells Al what happened. Al goes out to find Miller and beats him to death. ("Blue Bell Boy")


Memorable Quotes[]

  • "That's why beer's so profitable. We don't sell it we only rent it." (Blue Bell Boy)
  • "Al, he made fun of me. I mean he- in front of everybody. You think it doesn't bother me? I can't help how I smell. Hour after I wash I already gotta change my sh... Al?" (Blue Bell Boy)


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