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Jerry is the Commodore Louis Kaestner's pet dog. He is a white-furred, male terrier.


Season 1[]

Jerry is first seen in the pilot episode Boardwalk Empire when Nucky Thompson comes to the Commodore's place to discuss the Hammonton hijacking and Nucky informs that Jimmy was behind it. The Commodore is holding and petting him. He is also present when Nucky comes back days later and announces that Jimmy has to go ("The Ivory Tower").

Over time the Commodore comes to feel sick through eating the food prepared by his maid, Louanne Pratt, who is secretly poisoning him with arsenic. The Commodore eats less and feeds the scraps to Jerry, despite Louanne's protests ("Home"). By July 1920 the Commodore notes that Jerry is seriously ill but he fails to realize the common origin of the sickness afflicting himself and his dog ("Belle Femme"). Jerry finally dies in September and the Commodore buys a small coffin for him to be buried in ("Paris Green").

Jerry's death seems to be the event that most infuriates the Commodore after Louanne's poisoning is discovered by Dr. Carl Surran, even more than the attempt on his own life. When confronted about it, however, Louanne merely remarks that "he treated that dog better than" her ("A Return to Normalcy").



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