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Jimmy Darmody is a major character in Boardwalk Empire's Season 1. This article contains a detailed description of Jimmy's actions in each episode of the season.


Jimmy Darmody in mid-January 1920. ("The Ivory Tower")

Boardwalk Empire (pilot)[]

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As Nucky's driver, Jimmy accompanies Nucky to a speech he gives to the Women's Temperance League on January 16, 1920, the eve of prohibition. As part of his speech Nucky tells a story about the winter of 1888 when he was forced to eat rats. Outside Jimmy marvels at Nucky having to eat rats and admits that he ate dog meat while serving in the trenches during World War I. Nucky tells Jimmy that the first rule of politics is to never let the truth get in the way of a good story and takes a swig from a hip flask. Jimmy uses a handkerchief to open the door of Nucky’s blue Rolls Royce limousine.

Jimmy then drives Nucky back to his suite at the Ritz Carlton hotel and they walk from there to Babette's Supper Club. Nucky is hosting a dinner there for the members of his political organisation. Nucky announces that the organisation is about to make a fortune by getting into bootlegging. He also announces that Paddy Ryan is to become the chief clerk of the fourth ward and that Jimmy will act as his assistant. Jimmy is disappointed at the news and expected a position of more power and responsibility. As the rest of the group celebrate the onset of prohibition at midnight Jimmy leaves the club blaming an upset stomach.

The next day Jimmy eats breakfast with his son, Tommy, and his common law wife, Angela. Jimmy is annoyed by a news story about boxer Jack Dempsey and his reasons for avoiding the draft. Jimmy doubts Dempsey's claims and believes he avoided the draft because he had too much opportunity at home. Angela gives Jimmy a pointed look and he tells her that his acceptance to Princeton was not the same. She urges him to go back to college but he does not think he has the time. She offers to work and he asks what she would do, mentioning that her painting hobby would not provide much income. She asks Jimmy about working with Ryan and Jimmy is dismissive of the opportunity. He plans to talk to Nucky about another job but worries about his lack of skills on leaving the military.


Jimmy announces Nucky that the other bosses have arrived. ("Boardwalk Empire")

When Jimmy arrives for work his first task is to drive Margaret Schroeder home. Jimmy takes Nucky aside and tells Nucky that his friends from Chicago (meaning crime boss Big Jim Colosimo and his second Johnny Torrio and) and New York (meaning organised crime boss Arnold Rothstein and his associate Lucky Luciano) have arrived. He tries to speak to Nucky about his position but Nucky dismisses him.

Jimmy drives Nucky to an out of town funeral home. Inside, the mourners are surprised to see Nucky. The widow is disbelieving when Nucky tells her that her husband was a fine man and that they spoke a month ago; her husband had a laryngectomy. Nucky and Jimmy are led down to the basement by the funeral director and find Philadelphia criminal Mickey Kuzik watching as a mortician prepares a female corpse. Mickey jokes that the woman is his wife and that she is quiet at least. He notices that Jimmy is not amused and asks if he has ever seen a corpse, Jimmy quietly explains that he has seen several. Mickey moves a panel aside to reveal the entrance to his moonshine operation.

Mickey tells Nucky that he has 10 shiners and expects to produce 2000 crates a week. They are using fermented potatoes to bring up the proof of watered down liquor. Mickey explains that they use dyes to approximate the colour of the required spirit and carbonyl to give the appearance of the bead for whiskey. Mickey explains to Jimmy that the bead is the bubbles on the surface and is an indication of strength. Mickey offers Jimmy a drink and laughs when he spits it out, revealing that the glass contained only formaldehyde. Jimmy attacks Mickey and Mickey draws a gun, accidentally firing a shot into the funeral home above. Nucky breaks up the fight and sends Jimmy outside.

On the porch of the funeral home Nucky asks Jimmy what is wrong. Jimmy finally tells him that he does not want to work for Ryan and asks for a position with more responsibility. He compares his life to Nucky's and points out that Nucky was assistant Sherriff at his age. Nucky reminds Jimmy that before getting that position he spent 8 years working for The Commodore. Jimmy has worked for Nucky since he was 12 but Nucky is angry with Jimmy for the last 3 years; when Jimmy left college and joined the military. Jimmy thinks Nucky is punishing him for wanting to serve his country. Nucky tells Jimmy only fools die for their country and asks Jimmy to slow down as Jimmy is so newly returned from the hospital. Jimmy tells Nucky that the war has changed him and Nucky offers him a wad of cash. Jimmy refuses the handout and tells Nucky he wants an opportunity. Nucky ends the conversation by snapping that no-one is stopping Jimmy from making his own.


Jimmy meets Al Capone. ("Boardwalk Empire")

Jimmy drives Nucky to the Traymore Hotel for dinner with Colosimo, Torrio, Capone and Rothstein. At the dinner Torrio introduces Nucky to Rothstein and Nucky agrees to supply Rothstein with alcohol. Outside, Jimmy talks to Torrio's driver Al Capone about Chicago and their respective service during the war. Jimmy asks about the fortunes of Rothstein and Luciano and is amazed at how much they are worth. Capone reveals that Luciano is involved in Heroin distribution and went to prison but only served 6 months because he bribed a judge. Jimmy asks if the Chicago outfit is going to get into liquor and Capone tells him that Colosimo wants to stick to prostitution despite advice to the contrary from Torrio.

The next day Jimmy calls in sick and takes his family to watch a silent comedy at the cinema. As they walk along the boardwalk afterwards Tommy runs into Dittrich's photography but Angela pulls him out. They are stopped by Agents Eric Sebso and Nelson Van Alden who ask Jimmy to accompany them to their office. Jimmy sends Angela home and goes with the agents.

At the Prohibition Agent's office Supervisor Elliot has Jimmy's war record and is impressed by its content. Van Alden asks why Jimmy is working for Nucky given his criminal enterprises. They offer Jimmy a job despite his leg injury. Van Alden tries to convince Jimmy of the godliness of the profession. Still angry about Mickey's jokes Jimmy tells the agents about the still under the funeral home.

Jimmy returns to the boardwalk and tracks Capone down enjoying a midget boxing match. Jimmy jokes that he should bet on the little guy. Jimmy and Capone discuss the liquor shipment Rothstein has bought from Nucky. They agree to hijack the shipment together. Jimmy has his associate Billy Winslow drive them out to Hammonton New Jersey to prepare an ambush.


Jimmy and Al kill Rothstein's men. ("Boardwalk Empire")

Jimmy, Winslow and Capone overturn Winslow's car to block the road. Winslow pretends to be injured to give the appearance of an accident. Rothstein's men are forced to stop. Their leader Davey Murdoch instructs one of them, Simon, to move Winslow to the side while the others turn the car back onto its wheels. Jimmy and Capone emerge from the woods and force Murdoch and his men to give up their weapons. Capone is startled by the sound of a branch breaking. A deer runs across the road and Capone and Jimmy open fire on Rothstein's men killing Murdoch and two of the others. Simon and another of Rothstein's men escape into the woods; Capone pursues Simon while Jimmy chases the other man down and kills him with a close range shotgun blast to the face. Jimmy takes of his mask and stares at the corpse, unmoved. As Jimmy returns to the road a single gunshot is heard and Capone emerges from the woods. Jimmy dismisses their accomplice, Billy Winslow, and Capone and Darmody get into the trucks. The prohibition agents are raiding Mickey Doyle’s still in the basement of the funeral home at the same time as the hijacking.

The next day Jimmy approaches Nucky on the boardwalk. Jimmy admits his involvement in the hijacking, apologises, and tells Nucky that it did not go as planned. Nucky chastises Jimmy for his stupidity. Jimmy tells Nucky that his service in World War I has made him into a murderer and that he believes he is going to hell. Jimmy claims that he wants to live well before he does. Nucky tells Jimmy that he is foolish to underestimate him and warns him that he could have him killed. Jimmy does not believe Nucky would go that far and tells Nucky that he cannot be half a gangster. Jimmy gives Nucky a share of his take from the hijacking, asks Nucky to let him help more with their business and leaves. Later, Jimmy plays with his family at home.

Nucky covers up Jimmy's involvement in the hijacking by framing Margaret Schroeder's abusive husband Hans. Hans is murdered, preventing further police investigation. Nevertheless, the hijacking begins a feud between Nucky and Rothstein. It also foreshadows a shift in power in Chicago - Torrio buys the shipment from Capone and then has Colosimo murdered so that they can get into bootlegging.

The Ivory Tower[]

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A very Darmody Christmas

Jimmy tries to celebrate Christmas for the first time with his family, despite being half a month late. ("The Ivory Tower")

Jimmy carries a package down the boardwalk and is stopped by a Ku Klux Klan recruiter. Jimmy does not take his leaflet and goes to a jeweller’s window to admire a necklace. Later, Jimmy stares out of his window at home. His Angela and Tommy come home. Jimmy wishes them a Merry Christmas and takes Tommy to see the decorations he has bought. Angela points out that it is late January. Jimmy lies and tells her Nucky gave him a bonus and says he did not want to wait until next December. Jimmy gives Tommy the package to unwrap – it is a toy truck. He gives Angela an expensive bracelet. She is concerned about the cost and he asks her to leave their financial worries to him, feeling flush from the hijacking. He reveals his next gift, a vacuum sweeper, which was difficult to obtain. Tommy is frightened by the sound of the vacuum cleaner and Angela takes him to bed.

Jimmy and Angela kiss passionately in their bed. Angela stops Jimmy, telling him it is a bad time and asks if they can do something else. Jimmy suggests intercourse the French way. Angela does not understand but assumes Jimmy means oral sex. She complies with his request after checking that Tommy is asleep. Jimmy tells her that he often fantasised about her while away. Tommy wakes up and calls for Angela. Jimmy jokes about Tommy's timing. Angela asks if Jimmy is hungry and he tells her he needs to go out.


Jimmy's unusual reunion with his mother, Gillian Darmody. ("The Ivory Tower")

Jimmy watches a burlesque show at a theatre. The dancers are supposed to be the sirens from the Odyssey. The director is annoyed when the sound for the crashing of waves is not forthcoming and calls for a break. Jimmy waits for one of the dancers backstage. She jumps into his arms and kisses him. She is Jimmy’s mother, Gillian Darmody. She continues to kiss him and admonishes him for not writing. She asks him when he got home and he admits that he has been back for a month. Jimmy asks her to put on clothes and then gives her a gift – the necklace he was admiring in the window. She is moved by the gift and shows it to her colleagues. She tells them it is similar to a necklace that she was given by Jimmy’s father. Jimmy says he has no father but tells the other dancers that she sold the original necklace to avoid losing their home when she was raising him and that he promised to replace it. She says she is speechless just to have Jimmy back.

Jimmy arrives for work at Nucky's suite and pours himself a drink. Nucky asks Jimmy what he is doing and Jimmy says he is clocking in. Nucky becomes increasingly annoyed and says that he thinks their relationship has changed significantly. He asks Jimmy to tell him what happened with the Hammonton hijacking. Jimmy goes to sit down and Nucky stops him. Jimmy begins by saying he was speaking to Al Capone. Nucky interrupts, not sure who Capone is, and learns that he is Torrio’s driver. Nucky asks if Torrio sanctioned the hijacking and Jimmy admits that Torrio was not involved until afterwards. Jimmy claims to have apologised and Nucky asks when that was. Jimmy apologises and claims that they thought the job would be easy with no violence and no connection left to Nucky. Nucky complains that Van Alden has already questioned him. Jimmy goes on to explain that Capone started shooting when startled by a deer. Nucky is disbelieving that four deaths resulted from this. Jimmy remembers that there were five men and Nucky tells him there were four bodies recovered and not to quibble over small details. Jimmy rationalises that they could not leave witnesses and admits that he made mistakes. Nucky calls Jimmy an idiot and Jimmy offers to work extra hours to make it up to Nucky. Nucky tells Jimmy that he no longer works for him because of his actions. Nucky tells Jimmy to go and be a gangster but that he will have to pay if he wants to do it in Atlantic City. Nucky has calculated that Jimmy’s payment to him for the hijacking was 3000 dollars short. Nucky demands the money from Jimmy. Jimmy tries to explain that he has spent most of his share but Nucky is insistent and gives him 48 hours to pay.


Nucky teases Jimmy. ("The Ivory Tower")

Jimmy returns home and retrieves cash hidden behind a radiator. Angela wakes up and asks him what he was doing. He tells her he was getting something and asks her to go back to bed. Later Jimmy uses a payphone to call Al Capone in Chicago, complaining to the operator that they took so long to connect him. Jimmy asks Capone for help – a loan of 500 dollars. Capone pretends he cannot hear Jimmy and hangs up. Jimmy then sneaks into the dressing room at the theatre where Gillian works and steals back the necklace he gave her.

Jimmy tracks Nucky down at a casino and gives Nucky the 3000 dollars he demanded. Nucky takes the money to the roulette table and bets it all on black. Jimmy watches as Nucky loses the money he scraped together and is then left alone at the table.

The hijacker Capone was supposed to have killed in the woods, Simon, is discovered alive by tourists on the Hammonton road; heralding trouble for Jimmy.

Broadway Limited[]

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Simon is wheeled into the hospital by a pair of orderlies. His abdomen gapes open following the large shotgun wound he sustained as a victim of the Hammonton hijacking. A doctor and a nurse walk alongside the stretcher. Sherriff Eli Thompson is waiting in the corridor with a group of deputies as Simon is pushed past. Jimmy and Nucky Thompson arrive behind Simon; Eli goes to greet them. Nucky asks how Simon survived three days in the cold of the woods and Eli guesses that Simon’s obesity protected him, immediately undermining his assumption by stating that he is not a doctor. Nucky is annoyed at Eli for stating the obvious and turns his glare on Jimmy, the architect of the hijacking. Jimmy tells Nucky he thought all of the men they hijacked were dead. Nucky criticises Jimmy for thinking, comparing him to the philosopher Aristotle. Nucky asks what the doctors are doing to Simon. Eli says that with Simon’s wounds the doctor’s interventions will be pointless. Nucky asks if Eli is now a doctor. Eli asks why Nucky is mad at him. Nucky ignores the question, checking his watch. He says he is running late and tells Eli to let Simon die naturally or to hasten his death if able. Nucky warns Jimmy to hope that Simon dies before he can reveal Jimmy’s involvement in the hijacking.

At home Jimmy looks through an album of photographs taken while he was fighting in World War I. His son Tommy is posing in a chair in the photos. As Angela sweeps the floor Jimmy wonders how she got Tommy to sit for the photographer. She says the photographer amused Tommy and thought he was a good looking child; Jimmy dismisses the compliment as sales patter. Jimmy watches Tommy playing in the next room. He turns to photographs of Angela with Tommy as an infant. He wonders how Tommy was ever so small and Angela says that Jimmy was away for a long time. Jimmy asks why she is not using the vacuum cleaner he bought and she complains about the noise and the way it scares Tommy. Thinking of inventions, Jimmy brings up a machine gun he used in the war (The Lewis Gun), Angela is dismayed and says they used to talk about books.

Jimmy playfully chases Tommy along the boardwalk. Tommy runs into Dittrich’s photography and Jimmy follows him. The owner, Robert Dittrich, warmly greets Tommy, picking him up. Jimmy asks for Dittrich’s name and when Mary Dittrich realises who Jimmy is, she introduces herself. Mary calls Tommy photogenic and Robert says they are fond of both Tommy and Jimmy’s wife. Jimmy points out that he is not actually married to Angela, yet. Dittrich congratulates Jimmy on the engagement and Jimmy explains the delay by mentioning his war service. Dittrich calls the war thrilling and mentions wishing he had fought. Mary comments on the loveliness of Paris and Jimmy says he did not have time for sightseeing. Jimmy urges Tommy to leave and Tommy initially refuses. Dittrich lifts him to the door and asks Jimmy to pass on their best wishes to Angela.


The photo of Angela that drives Jimmy nuts. ("Broadway Limited")

That night Jimmy again flicks through the photograph album produced by Dittrich. Suspicious, he pauses on a picture of Angela holding her hair back with bare shoulders.

At the Ritz Carlton Eddie announces that Jimmy has arrived. Nucky offers Jimmy a seat next to Eli and relays bad news of Jimmy’s; Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden had taken Simon into custody and Simon made a dying declaration identifying Jimmy as one of the perpetrators of the hijacking. Jimmy is incredulous until Eli and Nucky suggest that Al Capone might have used Jimmy’s name during the hijacking. Nucky regretfully details his great expectations of Jimmy by recalling taking Jimmy to see President Taft give a campaign speech. Jimmy asked Nucky what it took to become president and Nucky advised study and hard work. Jimmy was surprised it took so little. Nucky compares Jimmy to Ragged Dick, a character from a series of books by Horatio Alger, Jr. who rises from humble beginnings to respectability, and says he did everything right in his youth. Jimmy offers to do anything and Nucky tells him he must leave Atlantic City. Jimmy asks where he will go and Eli coolly interjects that California is nice and that Charlie Chaplin might need a comic foil. Jimmy worries about his family and Eli stands, telling Jimmy that he has eight children himself and therefore plans ahead. Jimmy faces off with Eli and asks if he is supposed to accept a lecture. Eli responds that given his way Jimmy would get more than a lecture. Nucky gives Jimmy a wad of cash for Angela and Jimmy tells Nucky he never meant to hurt him. Eli cruelly asks if Jimmy the war hero is now going to cry. Jimmy silences him with a stare and Eli instinctively puts a hand on his holster. Nucky wishes Jimmy good luck and Jimmy strides out of the room.

At home Jimmy hurriedly packs a suitcase while Angela angrily begs him to tell her where he is going and why. Jimmy claims he cannot talk about it and she reminds him that he is a father. He doubts the veracity of this, referring to the photograph he noticed earlier. Tommy is distressed by the argument. Angela says the photograph was intended as a gift for Jimmy but that he did not write to her so she did not know where to send it. She believed Jimmy was dead because he was out of touch for almost two years during the war. Jimmy asks why Tommy is so friendly with the Dittrichs and if Angela had an affair, threatening to kill Robert Dittrich. Angela asks what is wrong with Jimmy and calls the Dittrichs lovely people who befriended Jimmy’s family when he left them alone. Jimmy reminds Angela that his mother was always nearby while retrieving a handgun from atop their dresser. Angela tells Jimmy that he does not understand what it was like for her while he was away and that his sudden return was also a big adjustment. She asks what he expected and he claims he wants normality. Tearful, she reminds him that they had been together for only a short while and hardly knew one another before he left. He drops the money on their table and leaves, telling Angela she knows him better now.

On the train out of Atlantic City Jimmy’s dreams are haunted by the sounds of trench warfare. He wakes up and notices a young girl speaking German to her mother across the train. He opens a copy of Free Air by Sinclair Lewis, looks at a photograph of Tommy tucked inside the book and then stares out of the window. The conductor announces that the train is the Broadway Limited service to Chicago, Illinois.


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Al Capone enters the Four Deuces in Chicago. He ascends the stairs and draws a pistol from his coat. He goes into the room of Pearl, one of the prostitutes, where Jimmy is asleep next to Pearl. Pearl wakes up and Capone holds a finger to his mouth to quiet her. He raises the pistol and fires into the pillow next to Jimmy. Jimmy is startled awake by the shot and falls out of the bed. Capone finds Jimmy’s response hilarious. Jimmy is furious and throws a glass at Capone, missing him. Capone explains that he came for the car keys and tells Jimmy to go back to sleep. Jimmy reassures Pearl and then notices his ear is bleeding.

Jimmy pearl

Jimmy and Pearl. ("Anastasia")

Pearl cleans Jimmy’s ear and asks if it is painful. She suggests that he could try opium at a den in Chinatown. Jimmy is dubious and she says that it is divine. Pearl confesses that she is sometimes afraid of Capone and Jimmy says that Capone is alright and that his roughness comes from growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Pearl asks where Jimmy is from and then reveals that she comes from a small town in Wisconsin. Jimmy asks what it is like and Pearl tells him that her grandfather was the first white man in her hometown, her father was the first townsman to go to prison and that her mother was killed in a car accident and jokes that she has a lot to live up to. She asks Jimmy about Princeton, having heard Capone use it as a nickname. Jimmy admits that there was a person who had ideas about his path in life. Pearl guesses that Jimmy is talking about his father but he says his father would not do that explains that he means Nucky, comparing Nucky to Johnny Torrio in Chicago. He says that his relationship with Nucky is over now. Pearl asks Jimmy what his ideas about himself are and he says it is a good question but does not answer. Pearl admits that she has been reading Jimmy’s book (Free Air by Sinclair Lewis) and that she plans to travel West like the main character. Jimmy realises that she wants to be an actress. He calls her pretty and she dodges the compliment. He insists, calling her prettier than Lillian Gish, and says he would watch her act. Pearl attempts to joke about Jimmy saving her from her brutish father but he misses the reference to Gish’s role in the film Broken Blossoms. Nevertheless, he plays along and Pearl says she might let him come with her to California. He says he would come and she says she thinks he needs taking care of. He laughs, kisses her and pushes her back onto the bed.

Capone meets with Greek speakeasy owner George Anastos while Jimmy watches from the bar. Anastos is concerned that Capone is pressuring him to buy alcohol from Torrio when he is currently supplied by Irish gangster Charlie Sheridan. Capone announces to the patrons that the speakeasy is in Torrio’s territory. Anastos begs him to speak to Sheridan and says he is ignorant. Capone says that the Greeks are an intelligent people and asks the man to confirm that they invented arithmetic. Capone says Anastos should be able to predict the sequence of events before kicking him off his chair. Jimmy puts a hand on his gun, lets go and then approaches. Capone shouts down protests from a customer, offers to help the owner to his feet and then backhands him when he reaches up. Jimmy urges Capone to stop and Capone refuses. Capone tells the owner to make a big order when Torrio's truck comes around and threatens to destroy his stock if he does not. Finally he tells the owner to send Sheridan to the Four Deuces if he has a problem. He prompts Jimmy to follow as he leaves the speakeasy. The customers help the owner to his feet.


Jimmy and Al at the Four Deuces. ("Anastasia")

Back at the Four Deuces, Torrio admonishes Capone for causing problems. He says that he is happy for Capone to branch out as long as it is profitable for him. Capone promises to resolve the issue and plans to negotiate with Sheridan when he arrives. Torrio leaves, complaining about a planter’s wart on his foot. Capone believes Torrio has left because he knows that Capone can handle the negotiation alone. Capone suspects that Jimmy is jealous of his progress and tells Jimmy that they will move up together. Jimmy says he is just passing through. Jimmy advises Capone to take over Sheridan’s territory piece by piece and to negotiate for a portion now before expanding later. Capone greets Sheridan; Sheridan is annoyed that Torrio is not there. Jimmy gives Torrio’s apologies and Capone says Sheridan should speak to him. Sheridan claims to be insulted and his enforcer, Liam, complains that the streetcars are not running. Jimmy offers refreshments and Sheridan refuses. Pearl enters and kisses Jimmy, telling him she is going to Chinatown. Capone asks after Anastos and Sheridan guesses that he is at the dentist. Capone says Anastos needs to learn some manners and Liam interjects that lots of people do. Capone rises to the subtle insult and Jimmy interrupts to explain the reason for the invitation and their desire to share territory in Greek Town. Sheridan says he is amused by the entitled attitude of New Yorkers. Capone points out that Jimmy is from New Jersey but Sheridan is disinterested. Capone tells Sheridan to stay out of Greek Town. Sheridan says they are already there and have been since James "Big Jim" Colosimo took over. Capone reminds Sheridan that Colosimo is dead and states that Torrio, a fellow New Yorker, is in charge now. Sheridan asks if there is room for negotiation and Capone invites an offer. Sheridan suggests 10% of their income and Capone demands 25%. When Sheridan accepts Capone senses weakness and tries to increase the split to 50%. Sheridan is initially incredulous but says he will accept to avoid trouble with Torrio and leaves. Capone calls Sheridan a loud mouth and claims he knew he would give in. Jimmy thinks Sheridan might have other plans.

Jimmy and Capone have a cup of tea while waiting to see a tailor. Both men are in their undershorts as they discuss Sheridan. Jimmy believes Sheridan presents a serious threat while Capone is dismissive. He generalises that Irishmen are loud but that this is driven by drinking. Capone suggests that he would afford more respect to a Sicilian rival. The tailor enters with trousers for both men. Jimmy thanks Capone for paying for the suits and Capone worries that the gesture might appear homosexual but says that they must look like businessmen. Capone notices the scarring on Jimmy’s right leg and asks if it is from his war injury. Capone gestures to his own facial scarring and complains about the Germans. The tailor calls the slim cut “a la mode” and Capone looks to Jimmy to explain that it means current. The tailor notes the broad shoulders, designed for a masculine silhouette, and then asks for Capone’s opinion. Capone says his wife “is gonna shit.”

Liam returns to the Four Deuces while Jimmy and Al are gone. He sleeps with Pearl and then cuts her face with a knife. His men shoot the Bouncer and fire at the walls and ceiling to create a distraction for Liam to escape. Jimmy brings flowers for Pearl when he finds out but Regina (the Madam) tells him she is sleeping. Jimmy peaks through the door and sees that Pearl’s face is covered by bloody bandages. Capone tells Jimmy to cheer up and points to his own facial scars.

Nights in Ballygran[]

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Jimmy squeezes fresh orange juice for Pearl in her bedroom at the Four Deuces. Her face is still wrapped in bloody bandages after being attacked as part of a turf war with Charlie Sheridan. He worries about his competence and she says she likes pulp in the juice. Jimmy wonders where the oranges have been grown and suggests they might have come from California. Pearl observes that they have had a long trip and Jimmy reminds her that it is only two days travel by train, aware of Pearl’s ambition to go there. She tells him that she loves him. He pauses and before he answers Pearl is startled by a door slamming. He promises to protect her and says that her doctor is pleased with her progress. He chides her as she reaches for her wound and she complains that it itches, asking if his leg injury was the same in the war. He says that it did when it was healing but is better now. She compliments his new suit and he says things will turn out fine. She asks him to put laudanum in the orange juice, having finished a bottle already. He opens a new one from his pocket and adds a dash; she complains that he has not put enough in. He reminds her that laudanum is opium and not a milkshake. She drinks deeply and says she feels that the sun has come out. Jimmy leans forward and blows onto her face, attempting to give further relief.

Jimmy brings soup to Pearl but she is not hungry; he says she cannot live on laudanum. Johnny Torrio, the owner of the brothel, knocks on the door and asks how Pearl is feeling, then takes Jimmy into the corridor and says that Pearl is ruined and needs to leave. Jimmy offers to cover her earnings so she can stay and Torrio wonders if he can afford $100 a day. Jimmy is shocked that Pearl was that profitable and shakes his head. Torrio says she can stay until Friday and walks away. Annoyed, Jimmy flicks his cigarette against the wall. He goes back to Pearl and she asks what Torrio wanted. Jimmy lies, claiming a bouncer (Scozione) is off sick and that Torrio wants him on the door.

Jimmy frisks customers on their way into the Four Deuces. One complains that the place has already been shot up and Jimmy says it is better late than never. Later, Jimmy drinks with Al Capone in the bar. Capone suggests striking back against Sheridan on St Patrick’s Day. Jimmy asks if Torrio has asked for retaliation and Capone says worrying about what others want will drive you mad. Pearl comes downstairs with her wounds undressed. The assembly are shocked and she says she is there to work. Regina says she does not need to work yet from the bar and Jimmy takes Pearl back upstairs. She asks who will love her now.


Jimmy conforts the wounded Pearl. ("Nights in Ballygran")

Jimmy again prepares orange juice and laudanum for Pearl, another empty bottle lies on the dresser. Jimmy asks Pearl to take it easy on the opium but she is undeterred and immediately suggests going to Chinatown to smoke it. She asks him to tell her a story. He describes being a longhaired seven year-old and his mother seeing a businessman called Mr Lancaster. They were taken boating on Independence Day, Jimmy recalls his mother’s outfit and Pearl imagines that she was beautiful. Jimmy says that she still is and describes learning to sail the boat. They went ashore at Egg Island and Jimmy was sent away for a while. Later, they roast a lobster over an open fire. Lancaster had Jimmy fetch a box from the boat; inside was a flag that Lancaster’s father had carried at Gettysburg. They sang together while watching the fireworks over Atlantic City. Jimmy says it was a good day. Pearl asks if they married and Jimmy says they lived happily ever after. Jimmy spills orange juice on his new suit. Pearl says someone needs to take care of him. He says he needs to clean it off but she asks for a kiss. He obliges; a peck on her unwounded cheek. She holds his face and kisses him on the lips but he pulls away. She tells him to clean up. Jimmy washes his shirt with soap in the sink of the prostitute's shared bathroom. He hears a gunshot and rushes back to Pearl’s room, pushing past her colleagues. He finds her dead with his gun next to her on the floor. He bends down to hold her and behind him Kitty, one of the girls, starts to scream.

Family Limitation[]

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At the Four Deuces Jimmy plays five finger filet with his trench knife while Kitty and other prostitutes watch. Al Capone approaches and asks if Jimmy is crazy. Jimmy wonders if Capone played the game during the war and Capone claims that he did but refuses to participate, saying that Johnny Torrio is


Jimmy plays with his Mark I trench knife. ("Family Limitation")

on his way. Jimmy returns the knife to its sheath in his boot and covers it with his trouser leg. Torrio enters, eating a soft boiled egg and complaining about a cracked molar. Jimmy asks if he has seen a dentist and Capone says that it is easier to remove a bad tooth yourself. Torrio does not comment and then says that he has arranged a sit-down with Irish American gangster Charlie Sheridan to arrange to withdraw from Greek Town. Jimmy is shocked and glances at Capone, who asks why. Torrio says that Capone had a chance to develop business in the area but that he has caused too much aggravation by provoking Sheridan into a feud over the territory. Capone calls his errors in negotiating with Sheridan an oversight. Torrio asks if Capone wants to get them into a war and wonders why he brought Capone to Chicago from Brooklyn. He reminds Capone that he is supposed to be a driver and doorman. He wonders about Jimmy’s intelligence and then sends Capone to clean his car.

With Capone gone Torrio complains further about Sheridan’s attack on the brothel and blames it on Capone. Jimmy diplomatically says that abandoning the territory could be a mistake because it will appear weak. He reminds Torrio that they are now supplying Anastos’ bar. Jimmy says they should talk to Sheridan and reach an understanding. Torrio wonders what Jimmy means and Jimmy raises his eyebrows.

Jimmy goes to Capone’s house for a meal. Jimmy offers to chop something and Capone says that he cannot let a guest help with the cooking. Capone’s mother, Teresina, asks him to translate as she only speaks Italian. Capone’s wife Mae offers condolences about Pearl. Capone is quick to mention the details he embellished so that Jimmy does not give him away – he has told Mae that they work in a restaurant and that Pearl was a waitress killed in a streetcar accident. He suggests they should talk to the driver. Capone asks how many sausages Jimmy wants and Jimmy asks for one. Capone insists on giving him three and Mae says that Jimmy can make up his own mind. Capone calls his son, Sonny, to the table but gets no response until he kicks him. Capone complains about the boy being stupid and Mae goes to bring him to the table. Capone tells his mother to make coffee and she complains about Mae. Mae recognises fragments of the Italian and realises she has been insulted. Capone disparages his household, commenting on the ethnicities of his mother and wife and calling his son stupid again. Jimmy mentions his own son, Tommy, and describes him to Mae. Capone wonders if Tommy comes when called and Jimmy says that Tommy has a mind of his own. Jimmy tries to speak to Sonny but gets no response; Capone calls him dopey. Mrs Capone trips and spills the coffee; her family help her clean up but Sonny just eats his dinner. Jimmy clicks his fingers behind Sonny and the boy does not move. He repeats the action and Capone notices; they share a look.

Jimmy sends an envelope full of cash to Angela with a short note telling her to use it as she sees fit. Kitty comes in and offers Jimmy her company. He declines and she gives him a copy of “Free Air” by Sinclair Lewis that Pearl left in her room. She asks Jimmy to come downstairs with her and he says that he will later. After she leaves, he flicks through the book and finds a postcard advertising oranges. Pearl has drawn a caricature of herself kissing Jimmy onto the fruit. Jimmy retrieves his dog tags from his desk drawer.

Sheridan flir


Jimmy, Al and Johnny Torrio go to meet Charlie Sheridan. ("Family Limitation")

ts with the blonde coat check girl at a hotel, surrounded by three bodyguards. Torrio, Capone and Jimmy enter. Sheridan’s men stop them while Sheridan tells them about his success and being able to own the hotel which used to bar pets and Irishman in his childhood. Torrio sarcastically calls him an inspiration and Sheridan instructs his men to search them. Torrio complains that Sheridan is not showing more trust given that Sheridan attacked Torrio’s business. Once given the all clear Torrio’s group hand their overcoats and hats to the coat checker. Sheridan tells them to tip her well because of her beauty. Jimmy pauses when he hands over his things and then thanks her, she tells him anytime. Capone asks to search Sheridan and his men and Sheridan refuses, saying that they are all carrying weapons and will not proceed without them. Capone is unhappy with the situation but Torrio agrees to continue. Jimmy tells Capone to relax.

Sheridan apologises for the attack but says that he will not be threatened. Torrio characterises their actions as expansion not threats. Jimmy tells Sheridan that Pearl was only eighteen. Sheridan counters that Capone broke the jaw of George Anastos. Torrio asks if they can agree to call it all a misunderstanding. Sheridan accepts and apologises to Jimmy. Jimy looks around at Sheridan’s men and asks why Liam is not there to apologise. Sheridan says that Liam acted on his orders and that he takes responsibility for Liam’s actions. Torrio says that it is over and asks to move on. Sheridan opens with an offer of a three block territory in Greek Town. Jimmy shifts in his chair, crosses his legs and exposes his trench knife in its holster. One of Sheridan’s men notices and shouts, they all draw their weapons. Sheridan’s second retrieves the knife and Sheridan chastises his other men for their inattention in the search. Jimmy apologises and claims he forgot that the knife was there. Sheridan holds the knife to Jimmy’s throat and threatens to give him a reminder. Sheridan notices a metal stud on the base of the handle. Jimmy elucidates that it is called a skull crusher and can be used to crack walnuts. Sheridan says that he will try it out and pockets the knife. He puts his guns away and returns to discussing business.


Jimmy kills Sheridan. ("Family Limitation")

The meeting over, Torrio says he needs to use the bathroom. Capone says that they will bring the car around. Sheridan tips the coat checker and notes that the blonde has been replaced. The new girl says that the blonde is on a coffee break and then hands Capone and Jimmy their coats, revealing her face; it is Kitty from the Four Deuces. She nods to Jimmy and he thanks her. She ducks behind the counter as he turns and shoots two of Sheridan’s men. Sheridan’s second moves to draw a pistol and Capone pulls a shotgun from under his coat and kills him. Jimmy shoots Sheridan and the abdomen and Torrio emerges, telling them to wrap it up. Sheridan feebly grabs Torrio’s coat on his way past but Torrio shakes him off. Jimmy tells the other’s to go and then grabs Sheridan and puts his pistol under his chin. He tells Sheridan that Greek Town belongs to them now and then fires. He retrieves his knife from the corpse and then gets into the car. Capone cackles as he runs out of the hotel.

Scozione is back on the door at the four deuces after being shot in the shoulder, behind him some of the prostitutes are singing a song. He tells two customers that the bar is closed for a private party. Inside Torrio is singing Jimmy’s praises. Jimmy says that the Irish would have come for revenge if they had not killed them. Torrio is pleased that Jimmy is going to stay in Chicago and says he needs more men like Jimmy, complimenting his courage and comparing him to the character Rugierro from the opera “La Liberazione de Rugierro”. Capone makes a toast to Jimmy but then tells the story of frightening Jimmy by shooting his pillow. He goes on to say that Jimmy was famous for scrubbing latrines in the war. Jimmy counters by asking how Capone got his scars and jokes about the Lost Battalion that Capone was part of. The two share a hate filled stare as their audience laughs.

Jimmy is reading in Pearl’s bedroom and is interrupted by a knock at the door. He asks who it is but only draws another knock. He picks up his pistol from the bed and goes to the door. He finds Capone waiting for him, he makes Capone show his hands before lowering the gun. Capone has brought a package of steaks remembering that Jimmy told him that he liked them when they first met. Jimmy invites Capone in and offers him a drink. Capone says that he can say foolish things if he drinks too much. Capone asks Jimmy not to talk about his service in front of their associates and says that friends should treat each other better. Jimmy asks if they are really friends and Capone asks how Jimmy would describe their relationship. Jimmy says that they are accomplices. Capone sees it as the same thing and gives Jimmy advice on preparing the steaks. Capone invites Jimmy back to his house and Jimmy thanks him for the gift. Capone goes to leave but then turns and announces that Sonny is deaf. Capone believes that Sonny is being punished for his sins. Jimmy urges Capone to take Sonny to a doctor but Capone says that it is hereditary. Capone describes singing to his son and putting Sonny’s hand on his throat to feel the vibrations. He tearfully says that Sonny does not understand and Jimmy encourages Capone to be patient, saying that there are new medical developments all the time. Capone tells Jimmy a joke he has thought of about Sheridan; he is a like a flat beer, no head. Jimmy smiles and Capone leaves.


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At the Four Deuces brothel Al Capone thanks his police informant for calling and hangs up. He finds Jimmy sat in a darkened corner of the bar and asks if his leg is bothering him. Jimmy says he should have let his doctors amputate the offending limb. Capone says that he has news to help Jimmy feel better and relays the story of his contact in the police force tracking Charlie Sheridan’s thug Liam (the man who slashed Pearl’s face) to the cafe on the North side of town. Jimmy mulls over the tip.

Jimmy is examined by an army physician, Dr Salt, at a military hospital. Salt asks where Jimmy had surgery and Jimmy explains that the first operation took place in a field hospital outside Verdun, France. He then had a further three procedures at the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington, DC. Salt calls the surgery fine work and Jimmy wonders why it causes him so much pain. Salt theorises that either the screws in Jimmy’s femur could be causing pain or it is due to trauma to the nerves in his leg. Jimmy jokes that he has a screw loose. Salt hones on in this and asks if Jimmy has concerns about his mental health. Jimmy hesitates and then says that he was only joking, clearly irritated. Salt asks about symptoms of nerve damage including numbness and weakness and Jimmy says that he has a dull ache inside that started recently. Salt asks about sleep and Jimmy admits that the pain interferes. Salt asks what Jimmy does and Jimmy mistakes the question as being about coping with the pain. He tells Salt that he distracts himself with walks and reading and Salt clarifies that he meant employment. Jimmy claims to work for Bell Telephone. Salt asks if Jimmy has heard of Dr Robert Woodworth, explaining that he developed a test for soldiers during World War I. Jimmy wonders what kind of test it is and Woodworth says that it is called the personal inventory, retrieving a copy of the questionnaire. Jimmy says that the war is over and Salt says that the test still might be useful, framing taking it as Jimmy’s duty to the country. Jimmy reads a phrase from a poster behind Salt; “Set a high standard for a clean America.” He relents and asks what he has to do and Salt explains that it is just a questionnaire and adds that it may benefit Jimmy. Jimmy agrees to complete it and Salt leaves. Jimmy looks around the room and notices Richard Harrow, a veteran with severe left sided facial disfigurement. Lying next to Harrow on the bed is a tin mask attached to a pair of glasses.


Jimmy meets Richard Harrow. ("Home")

Jimmy sits in the corridor of the Veteran’s Hospital, reading a book as he waits to discuss the questionnaire. Harrow passes him, pauses and then asks if he enjoys reading. Jimmy says that it keeps him occupied. Harrow wonders what the book is, Jimmy stops himself as he begins to say the title and then holds up the cover, embarrassed. The book is entitled “The Tin Soldier”. Jimmy says that the story is a bunch of malarkey. Harrow sits down and Jimmy offers him a cigarette. Harrow declines, saying that it is not possible for him. A nurse calls a soldier in and Jimmy stands and introduces himself before sitting next to Harrow. Harrow offers Jimmy a copy of a Tom Swift story and explaining that his sister sends them to him because he used to enjoy them. Jimmy wonders what has changed. Harrow says that he thinks that fiction is based on the idea that people have a connection with one another and he no longer believes this idea. The nurse calls a second soldier. Harrow wonders if they are making Jimmy take the test and Jimmy admits that they are, referring to it as a “nutcase test.” Harrow believes that they will be told whether they are normal or not after the test and worries that some of the questions are embarrassing. Jimmy tells him to lie and Harrow says that he finds lying more difficult with his injuries. Harrow observes that the doctors want to know their minds so that they will fight better next time. Harrow retrieves a metal plate from a bag he carries telling Jimmy that he feels anxious without it. Jimmy recognises it as a German sniper mask. Harrow says that he waited a long time for the German sniper to remove it and Jimmy realises that Harrow was a marksman. Harrow tells Jimmy that he watched the sniper from a blind for three days and then, when he lifted the mask to scratch his nose, shot him one inch under his right eye. Jimmy says “well, fuck him, right” and Harrow agrees with the sentiment. Jimmy leans forward and holds the bridge of his nose, then straightens up and Harrow reveals that he is worried about being asked if he has had sex. The nurse calls Jimmy’s name, gets no response and repeats it. Jimmy lies that he has already left so she moves on to the next names; first Duryea Frost, who stands and buttons his jacket before going in, and then Richard Harrow. Harrow goes to stand but Jimmy holds him back and tells the nurse that Harrow has left as well. Jimmy tells Harrow to try lying and Harrow agrees that he has already left. Jimmy puts on his hat and tilts his head, signalling Harrow to come with him.


Jimmy introduces Odette to Richard. ("Home")

Jimmy brings Harrow back to the Four Deuces where Gino is guarding the door. Harrow looks around and asks if Jimmy lives there, realising that it is a brothel. Jimmy confirms that he does and heads into the bar. Jimmy offers Harrow a drink and Harrow requests bourbon. Jimmy instructs the bartender to give them the real stuff. Harrow hesitates and Jimmy fetches him a straw. Jimmy toasts “to the lost” and downs his drink. Jimmy asks for another round. Harrow observes that Jimmy has a gun under his jacket. Jimmy tells him that is a 1903 Colt. Harrow says that he has one of those and then lists his own extensive collection of weapons including an Enfield sniper rifle. Harrow says that he likes the Colt and wonders how Jimmy uses his. Jimmy reflects the question and Harrow guesses that he uses it to kill people, observing that it is useful for that. Jimmy says that he wants to introduce Harrow to someone and calls over Odette, one of the prostitutes. He tells Odette that Harrow is a war hero and asks if she is a patriot. She says that she is whatever Jimmy wants her to be. Jimmy whispers instructions to her and she takes Harrow upstairs telling him that she has a ticker tape parade for him.

Liam takes his usual seat in the cafe. Jimmy is waiting at the bar and joins him at the table. Liam recoils in shock and Jimmy instructs him to keep his hands on the table before sitting down. Liam rationalises mutilating Pearl as following orders from Sheridan. Jimmy tells him to relax, adding that he will not kill him. Jimmy asks if Liam served in World War I. Liam claims that he was unfit due to pneumatic fever. Jimmy tells Liam a story of his own service. He spent three years in the military, the majority of the action in France. He says that the horror is impossible to describe, a waking nightmare. He recalls shooting a German soldier during an attack in the Argon Forest. He hit the man in the stomach and the neck and he fell onto barbed wire. The German survived for days, calling out for his mother and crying. Jimmy says that he offered to kill the man but that he declined as though expecting a miracle. Jimmy says that they hold on desperately to life but there are situations where death would be better. Jimmy says that he is going to leave and does not want to ever see Liam again. Liam agrees to disappear. Jimmy pauses and pats Liam on the shoulder. Jimmy exits and Liam turns back to the front of the cafe, breathing heavily. A shot comes through the window, breaking a jug of water and hitting Liam an inch below his left eye. The shot was fired from an apartment across the street by Harrow. Harrow puts on his mask and tidies away his Enfield.

Back in New Jersey Jimmy's accomplice in the Hammonton hijacking Billy Winslow is arrested for the armed robbery of a jewellery store in Tom's River. Winslow agrees to testify against Jimmy in exchange for leniency on the charges. In Atlantic City Angela continues to care for Tommy and is not receiving the money Jimmy is sending her.

Hold Me in Paradise[]

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Nelson Van Alden has been intercepting Jimmy's letters to Angela and taking out the money.

Hold Paradise Nucky

Jimmy is surprised to find Nucky at the Four Deuces. ("Hold Me in Paradise")

At the Four Deuces Jimmy drags an unruly customer downstairs and warns him to respect the prostitutes. He threatens to castrate the man if he sees him again and has Scozione throw him out. Jimmy limps into the bar and halts when he sees Nucky. He asks why Nucky is there and Nucky dismissively says that he has been visiting Chicago since before Jimmy was born (he is there for the 1920 Republican Convention). Torrio jokes that Nucky set the Chicago fire. Jimmy licks his lips, taken aback. Nucky comments that he looks well and notes his new suit. Jimmy respectfully says that Torrio has been very helpful. Nucky notices Eddie still enjoying the ministrations of one of Torrio’s other employees and instructs him to call a cab. Jimmy offers to drive them back to the hotel and pats Eddie on the shoulder as he passes. Nucky comments that it would be like old times and then tells Jimmy that they have been managing to get along without him, including his family. Jimmy asks how they are and Nucky tells him to ask them himself. Jimmy says that he writes to Angela weekly and never gets a reply. Nucky tells him to consider sending them money the next time he thinks about buying something for himself.

Nucky next goes back to the Four Deuces, waiting in the bar there at 4:37 a.m. Jimmy and Richard Harrow come downstairs and he offers them a drink. Jimmy asks for whiskey and Nucky deadpans that he expected Jimmy to drink solely champagne given his new sense of style. Jimmy admits that Al Capone bought the suit for him. Nucky asks who Jimmy’s friend is and Jimmy calls Harrow a war buddy. Harrow introduces himself and Jimmy toasts “to the lost.” Nucky says that he needs Jimmy to come home and Jimmy wonders if Nucky really needs him or merely wants him to do so. Nucky explains that his brother Eli Thompson has been shot and their casino robbed. He says that they are at war; noting the murder of Kendall and the mugging of George O'Neill. Nucky posits that someone believes that he is weak and without means of retaliation. Jimmy notes that Nucky has the entire Atlantic County Sheriff’s office on his payroll and wonders what more he can offer. Nucky reminds Jimmy that the Sheriff has been shot and says that there are things he might require that he is uncomfortable asking of Eli, particularly given the impending elections. Jimmy comes around to the front of the bar and contrasts Nucky’s current behaviour to how he treated him earlier that day. Nucky warns Jimmy not to overestimate himself. Jimmy says that he is doing very well in Chicago and Nucky wonders how far he expects that to go given that he is an Irishman in an Italian gang. Jimmy says that his suit cost $70 and Nucky notes his lack of subtlety. Nucky offers Jimmy a 5% share of the profits for selling any alcohol brought in by boat and a 10% share of anything brought in on wheels. Jimmy asks about Van Alden, given that he has tied Jimmy to the Hammonton hijacking. Nucky promises to handle the problem. Jimmy asks for time to consider the offer and Nucky tells him he has it but warns him to never keep him waiting again.

Jimmy calls Gillian while she is working at the Cafe Beaux-Arts. She says that she is surprised to hear from him. He tells her that he has seen Nucky and she assumes that he has heard about Eli. She bemoans the state of the world and then notes that he sounds lonely. He says that he was thinking of her and she asks if he has been eating. She asks him to come home and he asks for information about Lucky Luciano. She wonders where to start.

Torrio plays cards with his men (Capone, Gino and Antonio) in the bar at the Four Deuces. They banter in Italian as they play. Jimmy comes into the bar and watches from next to the piano, unable to understand what they are saying.

Van Alden finally sends on the cash Jimmy's letters contained without the correspondence.

Belle Femme[]

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Jimmy heads for Atlantic City, sending word of his intentions in telegrams to Angela and Nucky Thompson. Nucky and Fist Deputy Halloran exit the elevator into Nucky’s suite at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Nucky instructs Halloran to have the Sheriff’s Office contact their colleagues in departments from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh looking for the D'Alessio brothers. Jimmy interrupts them as they walk into Nucky’s office. Nucky complains that notice of Jimmy’s plans would have been nice and Jimmy says that he sent a telegram. Nucky’s assistant Eddie Kessler reports that they received no messages and says that he will complain to Western Union. Nucky says that he would offer coffee but notes that Jimmy has helped himself. Jimmy explains that the dining car on his train was out of service. Nucky is surprised that Jimmy has not been home and Jimmy offers that he wanted to come straight there. Nucky asks Eddie to order a steak for Jimmy. Nucky assumes that Jimmy has accepted his offer given his presence and Jimmy says that he has conditions; firstly that he wants Harrow to join him. Nucky jokes that Harrow is the Man in the Iron Mask and Jimmy counters that he is a war hero. Nucky wonders what is under the mask and Jimmy describes the extent of Harrow’s injuries. Halloran marvels that Harrow is still alive. Nucky motions for Halloran to show Jimmy the records on the D’Alessio brothers. Jimmy interrupts Nucky saying that he wants their discussions to be kept private. Nucky asks Halloran to wait outside. Halloran complies and Jimmy sits down to study the cards. Jimmy asks if they were responsible for the casino robbery and Nucky adds that they also mugged O’Neill. Jimmy recognises that the brothers are all named after popes and Nucky jokes that he should contact the Vatican for their whereabouts. Jimmy asks Nucky what he wants done when he finds the brothers. Nucky asks if Jimmy really needs it spelled out and Jimmy says that he wants to hear Nucky say it. Nucky wonders why and Jimmy says that he is a politician to the last. Jimmy wonders if Nucky is trying to maintain plausible deniability or if Nucky is trying to deceive himself. Nucky asks what he would be deceiving himself about and Jimmy calls Nucky a murderer. He asks if Nucky wants him to kill the brothers and Nucky confirms his intentions. Jimmy takes out the card for Pius D’Alessio, still a child, and asks Nucky if he means Pius too. Nucky is silent. Jimmy gathers his things and says that he is going to eat his steak.

Belle Femme

Jimmy's reunion with Angela is not particularly happy. ("Belle Femme")

Jimmy goes to his apartment and finds the door locked. He knocks and calls out to Angela, announcing himself. She opens the door and takes in his appearance. She lets him in and he asks why the door is locked. She blames a spate of intruders in the neighbourhood. He asks where Tommy is and learns that he is sleeping. Noticing the Dittrichs in the lounge he asks if she is having a party. She says that they are just visiting. Robert offers to pour Jimmy some wine and Jimmy jokes that he has heard that it is illegal now. Mary says that it is getting late and reminds Robert that he has an early appointment. He explains that he is booked to photograph a wedding portrait for a Lithuanian couple. They stand up and welcome Jimmy home before leaving. The record finishes and Jimmy takes off his jacket. Angela complains that he did not send word and he curses Western Union. He leans in for a kiss and she recoils, asking what he is doing. He says that he is kissing her and tries again. She pushes him back and launches into a series of complaints about his sudden appearance and lack of contact. He says that he is home for good and holds her wrist as she tries to walk away. She says that he is hurting her. He says that he missed her and she slaps him. He grabs her hips and she struggles against him. She goes to push him and he grabs her wrists then lifts her up by her thighs. He puts her on the table and forcibly kisses her. She pulls away and exclaims disgust. He grabs her jaw and kisses her again. She stops struggling against him and begins to return his kiss. He begins to undress her as she holds his neck and kisses him passionately.

Jimmy talks to Tommy about industry while tying his son’s shoelaces. He mentions coal in the ground, lumber in the forest and cattle in the fields. He asks Tommy what sound cattle make and Tommy correctly mimics a cow’s moo. Jimmy says that on the train journey he looked out the window and saw only opportunity from coast to coast. Angela, pottering in the kitchen, notes that Jimmy has returned to their coast. Jimmy asserts that he is home where he is belong and Angela counters that he is there when he feels like showing up. Jimmy says that he had business to the West which he has now handled. Angela wonders what is next and Jimmy tells her that Nucky has offered him a job. She wonders if it is similar to the assistant clerk position he was offered in January. Jimmy says that the new job will allow them to buy a house, mentioning Marvin Gardens a development of beach houses on Ventnor Avenue. The phone rings and he answers. Angela calls Tommy over for his breakfast and Jimmy asks the caller to keep someone where they are. He ends the call and lifts Tommy into his chair. Angela asks who was ringing and he tells her that it was his mother, Gillian. He says that he has to leave and kisses his son and spouse before sitting down for breakfast. He asks why Angela isn’t joining them and she says that she want to make more coffee. He waits for her and then suggests that they have another child. He asks Tommy’s opinion and Tommy is positive. Angela braces herself against the worktop.

Nucky has been bribing corrupt Prohibition Agent Eric Sebso to keep track of his partner Nelson Van Alden. Van Alden has asked for Jimmy's correspondence to be intercepted but Sebso has hidden the telegrams relating to Jimmy's return hence their failure to arrive. Van Alden founds out and prepares to arrest Jimmy.


Jimmy and Gillian ambush Lucky Luciano. ("Belle Femme")

Gillian lies next to Lucky Luciano in the bed in her apartment. She hears his stomach growling and wonders if he is hungry. He says that he would not mind eating her for lunch. She reaches between his leg and suggests that she could be dessert. She kisses him before moving to the edge of the bed to put on a robe. He asks for coffee and she says she can manage that. He lights a cigarette and then lifts the covers before leaning back, satisfied with what he saw. He lies with his eyes closed. Jimmy enters the bedroom and throws a cup of steaming coffee over Luciano. He screams in pain and sits up. Jimmy says that he wasn’t sure if Luciano took cream. Luciano reaches for his gun and Gillian tells him that it is not there. He swears at her and Jimmy warns him to watch his mouth around Gillian because she is his mother, aiming a handgun at Luciano. Luciano apologises and Jimmy says that he has heard a lot about him. Gillian adds that they are very close, leaning in to Jimmy. Jimmy says that they have a mutual friend in Chicago, Al Capone, and that Capone asked him to say hello. Luciano says that he is no friend and Jimmy says that Capone actually told him to kill Luciano. Luciano negotiates saying he would consider it a great favour if Jimmy did not. Jimmy orders him to get dressed, saying they are taking a ride to somewhere Luciano won’t be find.

Jimmy ushers Luciano down the stairs at gunpoint. Luciano continues to bargain offering to talk to Rothstein about calling off the D’Alessio brothers. He suggests that they could cut Nucky in. As they round the corner at the bottom of the staircase they are met by Van Alden and Sebso with weapons drawn. Luciano ducks out of the way as Jimmy aims at the prohibition agents. Van Alden instructs Jimmy to drop the gun and Jimmy hesitates before complying. Luciano chuckles at his good fortune. Van Alden tells Jimmy that he is under arrest as Sebso wonders what Luciano is so happy about. Luciano says that the agents are a sight for sore eyes as Sebso and Van Alden frisk both of them.


Van Alden arrests Jimmy.

At the Atlantic County Jail Van Alden questions Jimmy about his whereabouts on January 17, 1920, the night of the Hammonton hijacking. Jimmy claims to have been at the cinema watching ‘’Wagon Tracks’’. Van Alden asks Jimmy to summarise the plot and Jimmy wonders if Van Alden really wants the ending ruined. Jimmy continues to give smart responses to Van Alden’s enquiries. Van Alden details the alibi Jimmy has given reminding Jimmy that he claimed to have been in the cinema from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. He unfolds a slip of paper from Sebso and reads the running time of Wagon Tracks to Jimmy, it is just 78 minutes long. Jimmy claims to have fallen asleep in the cinema. Van Alden changes tack, noting that Jimmy has a child but is not married. He asks if Angela is unfit to marry. Jimmy smiles and says that is none of their business. Van Alden asks what the name of the character played by William S. Hart is in Wagon Tracks. Jimmy says that it was Buck something, perhaps Buckskin. Van Alden presses, wondering why Jimmy is unsure, and Jimmy says that he is engaged to Angela. Van Alden wonders if he aims to make her a respectable woman. Jimmy laughs. Van Alden asks how Jimmy knows Hans Schroeder and Jimmy says that he does not. Van Alden asks about Margaret and Jimmy says that he does not know her either. Van Alden tries Lucy telling Jimmy that she is a dancer for the Ziegfield follies. Jimmy admits that she is Nucky’s girlfriend. Van Alden raises his voice, asking Jimmy to describe the relationship between Margaret and Nucky. Jimmy goes to stand and they restrain him. Jimmy says that if they are interested in Nucky’s sex life then they should question him. Van Alden stands up and begins to ask about the hijacked shipment of alcohol that Nucky sold to Rothstein. Jimmy reminds him of his alibi. Van Alden asks how Jimmy knows “Al from Chicago” and Jimmy denies knowing anyone called Al. Jimmy says that Van Alden is mixed up. Van Alden stalks away from the desk and then turns back to Jimmy, pointing at him. He asks if Nucky had Hans murdered because he is in love with Margaret. Jimmy snorts derisively and Van Alden rushes forward and grabs him by the lapels. Van Alden asks how many of the men in the woods Jimmy killed and Jimmy repeats his alibi. Van Alden says that he thought that Jimmy might find satisfaction in living long enough to see Tommy grow up. Jimmy looks puzzled and asserts that they have no evidence. Van Alden states otherwise, glances at Sebso and then pushes Jimmy back into his seat.

Sebso shows Jimmy back to his cell. The move is timed to coincide with Billy Winslow being moved by a guard so that they pass in the corridor. Billy claims that he was going to be sent up the river to Rahway and Jimmy wonders what he has said. Sebso shoves Jimmy into a cell and locks the gate behind him. Worried, Jimmy kicks the wall.

Sebso shows Nucky into Jimmy’s cell. Nucky thanks him and pats him on the shoulder. Sebso says that they have ten minutes. Jimmy asks if Nucky has spoken to Angela and Nucky confirms that she is aware. Jimmy divulges that Rothstein is backing the D’Alessios surprising Nucky. Jimmy adds that he got the information from Luciano. Jimmy asks if Nucky can bail him out and Nucky tells him that there is no bail on five counts of murder. Jimmy asks for a lawyer and Nucky says that it would be pointless. Jimmy asks Nucky to call his father for help and Nucky wonders if Jimmy is really that nervous. Jimmy confesses that he has seen Winslow and that Winslow’s testimony can put him at the scene of the crime. Nucky says that he knows and Jimmy wonders if he is just supposed to rot in prison, reminding Nucky of his promise to handle the fallout from the hijacking. Nucky says that he is but that the legal system is not the solution.

Nucky has Sebso murder Winslow to prevent him testifying against Jimmy. The D'Alessio brothers attempt to kill Nucky on the boardwalk but Eddie saves his life.

The Emerald City[]

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Angela Darmody works on a painting of a mother and son at the beach in her apartment. Jimmy watches her and asks her not to stop. She offers him coffee but he lights a cigarette instead. She tells him that his mother, Gillian, has taken their son Tommy out to Childs for an ice cream. He says that Tommy is a good boy and walks behind her to look at the painting. He compliments her work and says that he enjoyed another painting she finished recently. She smiles and says that she did not think he noticed. He confides that when he was fighting in World War I he quickly forgot that there was anything beautiful in the civilized world. He holds her close from behind. He helps her to mix a color on her palette, mimicking the skin tone she was using. She turns around to kiss him and then drops her brush and palette as their passion mounts. She sits on a table and raises her dress before undressing him. He pushes her back onto the table and they have sex.

Nucky discusses Harrow's appearance with Jimmy in his suite at the Ritz Carlton. He complains that Harrow is grotesque. Jimmy offers that Harrow told him that it looked much worse before the surgery. Nucky tells Jimmy to instruct Harrow to keep his mask on while he is inside his house.

Eddie knocks on the door and announces the arrival of Mickey Doyle. Nucky is shocked and Eddie suggests that he could frisk him. Nucky jokes that Eddie thinks he is Tom Mix (a Western film star). He nods at Jimmy and tells him to do it. Nucky pours himself a coffee as Jimmy complies. Finding Mickey unarmed, Jimmy shoves him forward into the room. Mickey tries a casual greeting and Nucky ignores his pleasantries to ask what he wants. Mickey notes the tone and pleads that he has come to Nucky with his hat in hand, he pauses for a moment before remembering to take off his Derby.


Mickey is not welcomed back at the Ritz.

Mickey says that he has come to apologize and explains that he was rattled when Nucky took away his operation. Nucky says that Mickey should have picked himself up by his boot straps. Mickey reminds Nucky that he had partners. Nucky wonders what he is getting at and Mickey elucidates that he was working with the D'Alessio brothers. Nucky hesitates before asking if he means the Philadelphia crime family. Mickey confirms and look around at Jimmy who stares incredulously back at him. Nucky grabs Mickey by the lapels and shoves him against the wall. He chokes him and threatens to throw him out the window. Mickey says that he is sorry and did not know what they were planning. Jimmy puts his pistol to Mickey's head and says that he is not half as sorry as he is going to be.

Mickey says that he can help them by giving them information about the D'Alessios. Nucky tightens his grip on Mickey's throat for a moment before releasing him. Nucky tells Jimmy to get their new informant a drink. Jimmy threatens to piss in it. Nucky shoves Mickey towards the chairs as Jimmy spits in a glass before filling it with whiskey. Mickey hangs his hat on a small statue and Nucky removes it and throws it back at him. He places the hat on the couch next to him as Jimmy drops the drink into his lap. Mickey catches it but cannot prevent half of it from spilling onto him.

Mickey reveals that they arrived in Atlantic City months earlier looking for the money they invested in his business. He says that they decided to target Chalky White. Nucky confirms that they were responsible for lynching Chalky's driver. Mickey adds that they also robbed George O'Neill, calling him the fat ward boss. He admits that they robbed Lolly's Casino. Nucky angrily asserts that they shot his brother, Eli, and shot at him. Mickey says that he knows and fears that he is next. Jimmy asks how Mickey knows and he says that they are always talking about him in Italian and laughing at him.

Jimmy asks how Luciano fits in. Mickey impetuously asks if Jimmy's mother did not tell him. Jimmy warns him to watch his step. Mickey confides that Luciano is working with Lansky and they approached Chalky to test his loyalty and find out how many bottles he is moving. Jimmy wonders why they would be interested and Mickey says the information is being passed back to Rothstein, who wants to take over the liquor business in Atlantic City. Nucky jokes that ruining baseball is not enough for Rothstein.

Nucky orders Jimmy to call Chalky. Mickey asks why but is met with only silence. Jimmy announces that Eddie is on the line. Annoyed, Nucky calls him in and tells him to hang up the phone. Eddie explains that he has just taken a call from Trenton to say that women have won the right to vote. Nucky raises his eyebrows momentarily, then leans back with a sigh.

Dittrich through window

Jimmy throws Robert Dittrich through a window.

Jimmy takes his family out on the boardwalk. He shows Tommy the incubator exhibition and jokes that they found him there. Tommy realizes that Jimmy is kidding him and laughs with his father. Tommy then dashes down the boardwalk to Dittrich's photography. He points at a photograph of Robert and Mary displayed in the window, saying that it is of "mommy's kissing friend". Jimmy assumes that Tommy means Robert and storms into the store. He interrupts Robert photographing Wendell, a young boy, by punching his camera lens. Robert collapses against the wall. Jimmy pulls him upright and punches him repeatedly, asking if he still wants to have his mettle tested. Jimmy throws him through the glass door of the shop. Mary tries to stop him and Jimmy warns her to stay back. Jimmy kicks Robert as he lays on the ground. Angela begs him to stop and he announces to the bystanders that Robert slept with Angela while he was away in the war. He picks up the camera's tripod and mercilessly beats Robert.

Nucky meets with Chalky at his suite, keeping Mickey present. He explains that the man that approached Chalky was really Arnold Rothstein's associate Meyer Lansky and that he is working with the D'Alessio brothers. Chalky asks if they were responsible for shooting Nucky and Nucky confirms his assumption. Eddie corrects Chalky that while the D'Alessio's shot at Nucky they were not successful, still proud of his heroic intervention. Nucky asks why he is still there and Eddie takes leave of them.

Jimmy arrives at Nucky's suite and apologizes for his lateness. Nucky notices his bandaged hand and Jimmy claims to have shut it an ice box. Mickey giggles drawing a sharp stare from Jimmy. Nucky explains that he wants Mickey to set up a meeting between Chalky and Lansky. He tells Chalky to pretend to accept Lansky's offer. Jimmy suggests that Chalky feign unhappiness with Nucky's leadership. Mickey jokes that it should not be hard to believe and Nucky angrily reminds him that he is lucky to be alive. Jimmy advises Chalky to promise as much liquor as that they want in order to get several of them in the same place. Chalky asks what will happen with Rothstein. Nucky says that he plans to make him the richest corpse in New York.


Chalky kills Matteo D'Alessio.

During the later meeting, however, Chalky takes Matteo D'Alessio, Lucien D'Alessio and Meyer Lansky prisoner, after the first involuntary reveals that it was them who lynched his driver. Jimmy brings Nucky to Chalky's warehouse during the night. Lansky asks to speak to Nucky, and suggests that if Nucky releases him he could work out an accommodation with Rothstein. Nucky is disinterested, saying that Rothstein has made his bed. Jimmy adds that they can now die in it. Lucien laughs and murmurs to Matteo that it is tough talk considering Rothstein is not even present. Jimmy asks Lucien to repeat what he said. Lucien takes the opportunity to suggest that Jimmy, Nucky and Chalky all go and "fuck each other". Jimmy draws his handgun and racks the slide. Lucien calls Jimmy a tough guy and asks if he is going to shoot him for mouthing off. Jimmy says that he wasn't going to but Lucien has talked him into it. He shoots him in the forehead. Matteo is covered in blood sprayed from the wound and begins to cry. Nucky looks at Jimmy, irked. He asks if there is anyone else. The others are quiet. One of Chalky's men asks what to do with the body and Chalky tells them to leave it at the dump. Matteo threatens Chalky with lynching, just like they did to his driver. Chalky grabs him by the throat and throttles him to death. Lansky remains silent throughout. Nucky unties him and tells him to go back to Rothstein and tell him what he saw.

Paris Green[]

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Angela and Jimmy Darmody share a stilted conversation across their dining table. Jimmy notes that she is distracted and asks what she is thinking about. She refuses to engage with him. The phone rings and Jimmy answers. He tells Angela that his mother Gillian Darmody wants him to see his estranged father Louis Kaestner because he is dying.

The Commodore lies in bed with the corpse of his dog in an open casket across the room. Louanne fetches Jimmy and The Commodore dismisses her. She goes to take a plate of biscuits away but he tells her to leave them. Kaestner pours Jimmy a drink and invites him to try a biscuit. He takes in Jimmy's suit and calls him a proper gentleman. Jimmy retorts that his mother raised him well. Jimmy notices the coffin and Kaestner explains that the dog died the previous night. He says that it was whimpering, vomiting and could not get comfortable. He chokes back tears as he laments not being able to do anything about it. Jimmy is dismissive; "it's a fucking dog." Kaestner calls Jimmy a "stoney little bastard" and Jimmy counters that he is what time and circumstance have made him. Kaestner says that Jimmy's mother keeps him informed. Jimmy sarcastically guesses that they have pleasant conversations. Kaestner says that Jimmy must have a concept of the ways that people can be close. Jimmy says that he has a pretty good idea and points out that Kaestner was 54 while Gillian was just 13 when they met. Kaestner says that Jimmy would have done the same thing. Jimmy asserts that his father does not know him very well. Kaestner says that he knows him backwards and forwards and that he is just like he was; he wants anything he can get his hands on and nothing will stop him from getting it.

Jimmy drains his glass and puts it down, asking if the meeting is over as he makes to leave. Kaestner announces that he is dying. Jimmy says that he will call a priest. Kaestner asks if Jimmy knows what the town was like before he came to it. He elucidates that it was a swamp that he drained and built the city in its place. Jimmy jokes that it was him and his giant blue ox, referencing the Paul Bunyan legend. Kaestner tells Jimmy not to sass him and that he was trying to tell him something. Jimmy urges him to get to his point. Kaestner says that the wrong man is running the town. Jimmy walks off and Kaestner asks where he is going. Jimmy says that he does not feel well. Jimmy goes to the bathroom to splash water on his face. As he looks at himself in the mirror he suddenly vomits.

Jimmy goes to see his mother at her apartment. She asks how The Commodore looked during his visit and Jimmy says that he looks like he is dying. Jimmy asks about The Commodore's claims that he has been seeing Gillian. She says that they have Jimmy in common and that The Commodore was very concerned when Jimmy enlisted, having lost a brother in the Battle of Vicksburg. Jimmy says that he needn't have worried and Gillian expands that she told him that Jimmy would come back, because Lady Jean told her so. Jimmy is concerned about his mother's faith in the boardwalk fortune teller. Gillian counters that her prediction was right. Gillian says that she has rhubarb pie. Jimmy regretfully states that Gillian was just thirteen and alone when she had him. Gillian says that she was not completely alone and that Nucky was a big help to them. Jimmy asks why Nucky helped her and she replies that he was the sheriff and worked for The Commodore. She pulls out a photograph of the May Day Parade in 1897 where The Commodore first saw her as one of King Neptune's Consorts. She explains that it was Nucky who brought her to see The Commodore after he noticed her at the event. Jimmy says that Nucky is a pimp. Gillian counters that he was an ambitious young man who wanted to get ahead. She rationalizes that he had a wife and wanted to start a family. She asks Jimmy if he remembers Mabel Thompson and notes that her death was a tragedy. She tells Jimmy that Nucky has been kind to both of them, in his way. She strokes his hair and posits that the whole affair has always bothered Nucky. She asks Jimmy if he remembers how long his hair was. She then tells him that she has agreed to meet Dr Carl Surran at The Commodore's house, admonishing that no-one deserves to die alone.


Jimmy tries to calm The Commodore.

Dr Surran assesses The Commodore at his home. Gillian tries to feed him soup but he refuses. Surran notes jaundice and confirms anuria before diagnosing multi-organ failure. Surran decides to run some tests. Gillian asks if that is really necessary and The Commodore asks to be left alone to die. Louanne adds that The Commodore does not like to be fussed with. Surran announces that he needs a hair sample and The Commodore panics, scared that Surran is trying to kill him. Jimmy intervenes and calms him down. Surran cuts a small piece of his hair and leaves. The Commodore tells Jimmy that he is a good son. Jimmy looks at his mother and asks if she has eaten anything. She says that someone needs to stay with The Commodore. Jimmy offers to stay for the night. She leaves Jimmy alone with his father.

Later, Louanne announces that Richard has come to see Jimmy. Richard asks about The Commodore and Jimmy says that he is on his way out. Richard offers his condolences and Jimmy says that he does not know what he is doing there. Richard says that he is there for his mother and is doing his duty. Richard reports news from Chalky; they have found the D'Alessio brothers' family in Philadelphia including their mother, sisters and their brother Adrian, a dentist. Richard suggests that he go to Philadelphia and kill their family to draw them out of hiding. Jimmy is hesitant and then notices Surran arriving. He tells Richard that they will talk it over later.

Surran reports that he has information. He asks if Jimmy is the next of kin. Jimmy says that he is sure that he is not in the will. Surran asks who stands to gain from The Commodore's death. Jimmy wonders what he is talking about. Surran elucidates that the tests show that he is being poisoned with arsenic.

Meanwhile, Angela packs for her escape with Mary while trying to explain the trip to Tommy as a sailing holiday to Paris. Tommy is dubious about leaving his father and grandmother. Angela says that they do not like Paris. She leaves a note for Jimmy on the bed before departing.

Jimmy goes to see Gillian at her apartment. She asks about The Commodore and Jimmy reports that he has survived another night. Gillian says that she is surprised and offers him coffee. Jimmy asks if she knows how much money The Commodore has. She says that she is uncertain but that he does not seem as though he is wanting. Jimmy asks if they have discussed what would happen to The Commodore's estate. Gillian says that she is not sure what he is getting at. Jimmy tells her that whatever she wants to do is fine with him, then reveals that The Commodore is being poisoned. He explains that he was sick after eating a cookie at his house and then found a pot of arsenic hidden in his kitchen rubbish pail.

In the night, Angela returns to the apartment she shares with Jimmy, having been ditched by Mary for her husband in the last minute. She tells Tommy that she is going to take him to bed and he complains that he is not tired. She takes her suitcase into her bedroom and finds the note she left for Jimmy already gone. Jimmy announces his presence, shocking her. Jimmy takes the case from her and puts it under the bed. She asks about his father and he says he is a little better. Jimmy says that he knows what they have been up to. Angela is terrified. Tommy is disbelieving and Jimmy says they have been to Abe Klein's pharmacy. Tommy wonders how he knew and he says that Tommy has chocolate phosphate around his mouth. Jimmy urges Tommy to go to bed. He asks if he had fun staying up late and says that in a few years they will be keeping all hours together, just the boys. He says that Angela will tuck him in and closes the door. She lets out a sob.

A Return to Normalcy[]

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Dr. Carl Surran chairs a meeting at Commodore Louis Kaestner's home to confront Louanne about the Commodore's arsenic poisoning. Jimmy, Gillian, Nucky and Sheriff Halloran are also in attendance. Surran explains that when the arsenic is put in the victims food they can be unaware of being poisoned. Gillian says that The Commodore had been complaining of an upset stomach since Christmas. Surran expands that the poisoning would been going on for some time to reach the levels detected in The Commodore's system. He reveals that he has found toxic levels in stew, tea biscuits and even the toothpaste. Halloran asks Louanne to explain the findings. She says that it must have fallen in by accident. Halloran challenges that her food remained uncontaminated. The Commodore accuses her of killing Jerry. Jimmy interjects that he ate one of the cookies. Halloran asks who Jerry is. Surran explains that he is referring to his dog, and Nucky adds that Jerry used to eat his leftovers. Louanne notes that The Commodore always treated the dog better than her. The Commodore says that Jerry was the best friend he had, and calls Louanne a "goddamn ignorant bitch." He harangues her about everything he did for her, shouting that she is a murderer. Surran asks about her motive. She says that if she had used a shotgun she would have had to clean up the mess herself and had taken all she could of The Commodore's abuse. The Commodore asks Halloran if he is going to arrest Louanne. Nucky interrupts to say that he is not, to The Commodore's dismay.

Jimmy comes home to find Angela preparing for Halloween. He asks Tommy what he is dressed as. Tommy does not answer until Jimmy prompts him. Tommy tells him that he is a pirate. Angela asks Tommy to put his shoes on ready for the Halloween party and he runs off to his room. Angela asks if Jimmy is coming home for dinner. He does not answer. She asks how long they are going to maintain the tension between them, citing his silences and dirty looks. Jimmy says that if he was a different kind of man then it would be more than looks. Angela asks if Jimmy wants them to leave. Jimmy objects to her use of "us", asserting that Tommy is his son too. Jimmy asks what is wrong with his son, concerned that he is disrespectful. Angela says that Tommy is terrified of Jimmy, adding that they both are. Jimmy angrily asks what she is talking about. She reveals that he is still having nightmares and screaming in his sleep. She says that Jimmy grabbed her, shook her, and shouted at her in German. She says that she is concerned that he will hurt them. He says that he will always protect them. He asks her to sit down with him. He confesses that he did not write to her when he was in France because he did not think he was coming back. He says that there are things inside of him that he brought home from the war. He tells her that he spent nights in the trenches where he dreamed of coming back to her and Tommy. He says that they both did things while they were apart. He asks if Angela was in love with Mary. She says that she was lonely. He asks if they can start afresh and recapture the early days of their relationship. She asks if he can do that. He says that he thinks he can and asks about her. She agrees to try. He kisses her and she moves closer to him, sitting on his lap and embracing him.


Jimmy attends the meeting where Torrio brokers peace between Nucky and Rothstein.

Eddie drives Nucky and Jimmy out to a coastal highway. Torrio, Capone, Rothstein, Luciano and Lansky are waiting for them. Jimmy approaches with his gun in hand. Torrio greets him, placing a calming hand on his forearm. Nucky asks what is going on, complaining that he does not like being sandbagged. Torrio urges patience, saying that it costs nothing to listen. Nucky turns his attention to Rothstein and tells them to start talking, and after a while, he demands $1 million and the location of the remaining D'Alessio brothers in exchange for burying the hatchet, or he'll use his political contacts in Chicago to hurt Rothstein instead of helping him.

Rothstein sets out the terms. Their war is over and any bad blood and past transgressions are nullified. Luciano shifts his feet, warily looking at Jimmy. Rothstein says that the cash will be delivered in the morning while Luciano has the information. Rothstein shakes Nucky's hand, wishing him good luck. He says that he hopes that they haven't seen the last of each other and asks them to excuse him as he has a train to Chicago. He pats Torrio's shoulder as he departs. Capone and Jimmy take the information from Luciano. Nucky orders Eddie to call Eli and arrange an emergency press conference at County Hall at three o'clock. The gangsters part ways.

Nucky gives a conference in favor of Republican candidate Edward Bader as Jimmy, Capone and Richard Harrow kill the D'Alessios. Jimmy finds Leo D'Alessio getting a wet shave in a barber shop. He slices his throat with his trench knife, wipes the blade on the towel around his neck and walks out. The sound of a train is heard in the distance. He pauses in the doorway to resheath the knife.

Jimmy comes home to find Tommy playing with a truck. Angela emerges from the bed room. Jimmy is surprised to see that she has cut her hair short. She tells him that his father called, asking to see him. He strokes her hair before heading out again.

Nucky hosts a party for the Republican party in his suite as they await the election results. Ward Boss Jim Neary urges Jimmy to go easy on his drinking. Jimmy waves him off. After a while, Jimmy stands up and approaches Nucky. Paddy Ryan greets him. Jimmy remembers that Paddy got the job he was once hoping for as Chief Clerk of the Fourth Ward. Ryan asks how he has been and Jimmy says that he is "aces", clinking his glass against Ryan's. Jimmy asks about life in politics and Paddy says that Nucky is taking good care of him. Jimmy says that Nucky must have pimped Paddy's mother out as well. Ryan asks him to repeat the remark. Nucky overhears and pulls him out to the lobby.

NuckyJimmy Slider

Jimmy argues with Nucky.

Nucky releases Jimmy once they are out of the room, asking what is wrong with him. Jimmy downs his drink and squares off to Nucky. He says that Nucky is his hero. Nucky asks what he is talking about. Jimmy says that he admires the way Nucky works; clean, fast, and totally devoid of emotion. Nucky explains that Halloran, who he has had dismissed in favor of Eli, wasn't working out. Jimmy asserts that Nucky will use anyone, including thirteen year old girls. Nucky rationalizes that Gillian was an orphan living in a home for wayward girls and that The Commodore took good care of her. Jimmy compares it to the way Nucky took care of him. Nucky challenges that he did take care of Jimmy, asking if he ever wanted for anything or missed a meal. Jimmy asks if Nucky was acting out of guilt. Nucky says that Jimmy is a grown man now and asks what difference it makes if it was guilt or duty. Jimmy says that he thought Nucky loved him. Nucky pauses and then tells Jimmy that he is not his father. Jimmy says that he needs to go and take it up with him, turning to leave. Nucky grabs him by the arm and asks him to go home to Angela and sleep it off. Jimmy tells Nucky to stop acting like he cares and unsteadily walks out.

Jimmy watches Gillian serving milk to The Commodore. He says that they are suddenly a happy family. Gillian tells him not to be so fretful all the time before leaving. The Commodore holds out his glass and asks Jimmy to pour in some whiskey. Jimmy complies and thoughtfully notes that it is the first time they have had a drink together. The Commodore jokes that Jimmy should not tell his mother. The Commodore laments that Luanne tried to kill him and Nucky just let her go. Jimmy says that Nucky has an odd sense of justice. The Commodore says that Jimmy should not talk to him about justice. He recalls his own prosecution at the hands of Woodrow Wilson, then an ambitious State Governor looking to run for President. Jimmy asserts that Wilson is the reason The Commodore went to jail. The Commodore counters that Nucky was responsible, explaining that they made a deal with the prosecutor that one of them would go to prison on the election rigging charges so that Wilson would get his headlines and the other could keep running things. Jimmy wonders why it was The Commodore and not Nucky who took the fall. The Commodore explains that Nucky was an untarnished "golden boy" figure in local politics at the time so it made sense. The Commodore confides his resentment for what he perceives as Nucky for forgetting about him during the five years he was in prison. He resents Nucky's diamond stick pin and mannered speech, commenting that he first knew him as the "spawn of a drunken piney".

Commodore-Jimmy-Eli ARTN

The Commodore, Jimmy and Eli first discuss their plan to take down Nucky.

He holds out his glass for another dram and Jimmy refills it. Jimmy says that he hated coming to visit The Commodore as a boy. He admits that he was afraid of the stuffed animals. He says that Nucky urged him to come to be strong for his mother. The Commodore calls Nucky manipulative. The Commodore tells Jimmy that he knows that Nucky brought him back from Chicago to do the dirty work that Nucky cannot stomach. He wonders what Nucky is paying Jimmy for his services. Jimmy insists that he made a good deal. The Commodore challenges that Nucky made him think it was a good deal because that is the way he operates. He says that he thought he had made a good deal too before going to prison. Jimmy observes that The Commodore knows Nucky well. He answers that Nucky was like a son to him but Jimmy is his flesh and blood. Jimmy responds "so". The Commodore says that Jimmy is going to take back Atlantic City for the both of them. Jimmy wonders how that is supposed to work. The Commodore tells him to look around and that he did not accumulate his wealth by being stupid. The Commodore's new butler, Langston enters and announces Eli Thompson. Jimmy is surprised to see him there. Eli asks The Commodore if he has told Jimmy what they discussed.

The season ends as Jimmy, The Commodore and Eli plot their coup against Nucky. After they finish, Jimmy takes a walk near dawn.

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