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Joe Masseria's thug, played by co-star James Ciccone, is a minor character in the third season episode "Blue Bell Boy". He works for New York crime boss Joe Masseria.


Season 3[]

He accompanies Masseria during a meeting with Lucky Luciano. Masseria demands a 30% share of Luciano's heroin distribution profits in exchange for allowing Luciano to operate in his territory. He supports Masseria's claim that Jewish gangsters are all business because they possess no heart. Luciano asks if he is the one who got away from the earlier altercation with Lansky and Benny Siegel. He says that the next time things will be different. Luciano suggests that this means that the next time he will not get away and that he is fine with that. Masseria warns Luciano against trusting his Jewish partners because they are not his people. ("Blue Bell Boy")


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Season three appearances
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