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Johansen's death.

Mr. Johansen, played by Robert C. Kirk, is a Good Samaritan motorist. He is murdered by Gyp Rosetti when he stops to help him after innocuously insulting Rosetti's intelligence.


Season 3[]

Johansen finds Gyp Rosetti's convoy broken down near Tabor Heights, New Jersey and stops to help. He finds Rosetti's men vainly struggling to extract a rusted nail from one of the car's tires and tells that he can do it with the "3 in 1" in his car. Rosetti says that he doesn't know what 3 in 1 is and Johansen inadvertently insults the very sensitive gangster's intelligence when he replies "It's oil. What else could it be?". After helping with the nail, Johansen insults Gyp's intelligence a second time when the gangster asks about the name of Johansen's dog, and he replies that it is Regina and that it means "Queen" - despite Rosetti having just told him that he grew up in Sicily and thus would be aware of the meaning since "Queen" is "Regina" in Italian. The enraged Rosetti then beats Johansen to death with a tire iron. ("Resolution")


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