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Kitty, played by Faith Sandberg, is a prostitute at the Four Deuces brothel in Chicago, Illinois.



Kitty is friends with fellow prostitute Pearl.

Season 1[]

Four Deuces prostitute Pearl shoots herself in her room after being maimed by Liam. Kitty goes into her room and screams uncontrollably as Pearl's lover Jimmy Darmody holds her body. ("Nights in Ballygran")

Jimmy plays five finger filet with his trench knife in the bar while Kitty and other prostitutes watch. Later Kitty goes to see Jimmy in Pearl's old room and offers him her company. He declines and she gives him a copy of “Free Air” by Sinclair Lewis that Pearl left in her room. She asks Jimmy to come downstairs with her and he says that he will later. ("Family Limitation")

Jimmy convinces Kitty to aid him in a scheme to get revenge on Liam and his boss Charlie Sheridan. He has her pose as a coat check girl while meeting Sheridan at a hotel. She smuggles a pistol and a shotgun into the coat room during the meeting and gives them to Jimmy and Al Capone as they leave. They murder Sheridan and three of his men as Kitty hides behind the counter. ("Family Limitation")

That night Johnny Torrio throws a party in the bar to celebrate. Kitty keeps Capone company at the party. ("Family Limitation")

Jimmy later arranges for Liam to be killed too. ("Home")


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