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This Card Game in New York City was operated by Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano. It served as their base of operations during their time as members of Arnold Rothstein's gang.


Season 3[]

in 1921, Luciano and Lansky came under conflict with the powerful Joe Masseria, as they were running their card game in his territory. He sent his two nephews to the game, whom told Lansky he had to pay tribute money to their uncle. Both of his nephews were both killed by Jimmy Darmody that night, but Masseria thought Luciano and Lansky killed them.

After negotiating with their boss Arnold Rothstein, Masseria agrees compensation for his nephews families, as well as them for now kicking up 10% to him.

That year, Luciano and Lansky set up their own heroin importing operation, using the card game as their headquarters. They hired their childhood friend Benjamin Siegel to work as their delivery boy.